Blue Weddings Part 2

Weddings Part 2

The second wedding I attended was a family wedding. The groom, my cousin, was getting married and my attendance was almost mandatory. I never received an invitation. A family invitation was sent to my parent’s residence and I could invite a guest. For some idiotic reason I decided I was going to invite the guy I was seeing at the time. A wedding, the perfect opportunity to introduce my guy (a guy whom I will probably never see again) to my immediate family, what was I thinking? Well turns out the stars where in my favor, because two days before the wedding he couldn’t come. Instead o inviting one of my sorority sisters or college friends, I just decided to show up stag. The day of the wedding I rode down to my parent’s house to ride with them. My mother was asking about my date and I told her he couldn’t attend, she started to get worried because my sister’s date couldn’t attend as well and now we would have two empty seats at our table. The ceremony and reception was beautiful, and I especially loved the food. I felt extremely bad that I didn’t bring a date and money was wasted. Looking back on that day, what I learned was if you RSVP for a guest, bring a guest, this could be anybody. I ‘m sure the bride and groom would appreciate you bringing a complete stranger than to show up stag, when they already paid for a plate. Have you or your guest never show up to a wedding you RSVP for?
mayelah's Blue wedding
 |  Aguascalientes, 01, Mexico  |  12/16/2010  | 
I think sometimes guests are not aware that rsvp are so important, it's a shame that anyone enjoys what you have already paid for, if it's one or two guests is understandable  but imagine if suddenly 10 people didn't show up. I have never seen that situation but I am sure there's always one r two in every wedding.
waj2012's Blue wedding
 |  Apo, AE, USA  |  12/16/2010  | 
I also think it depends on the size. We are having a small intimate wedding and if 1-3 guests don't show up after they RSVP, I will be upset. Those seats could have been someone else’s. 10 people not showing up, I think I would lose it.
ammyrsa's Yellow wedding
 |  Durban, 02, South africa  |  12/22/2010  | 
So true, so important!
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