Oct 10, 2008

I know we won't be able to make this decision for a while still, but where should we go in July?? I've thought about Quebec City because it's close by and really really romantic (although I've never been there).

My fiance has traveled all over the world and a part of me wanted us to go somewhere he HASN'T been yet. I originally thought it'd be great to go to Australia but it'll be winter there.... *sigh*

Right now, I want to keep ALL options open!!!!! (But we want to be able to leave right after the wedding!!!!)

& good luck to all FB's out there!! ;)
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Pink Honeymoon Where should we go in JULY??!!!!
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
Beltsville, MD, USA
I'm getting married a week after you and we are leaving from baltimore and going to bermuda! :) I'm excited about it. BUT if you have enough money our travel agent told us that we might run into hurricanes because it's hurricane season! But it's the beginning so it will probably be just fine. And since we are not going to florida or anything, we can just re-route if there is one......but she told us if we could, hurricanes would not affect our honeymoon if we went to Hawaii! So maybe you want to go there? :)

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