May 13, 2009

So, I went to this wedding once, where they had cute baskets done up in the ladies restroom...there were lots of little personal care goodies in there...for example--> hairspray, bobby pins, breath mints, tissues, panty hose, tampons, hand sanitizer...the list goes on! Found a great site that has all of these products at reasonable prices:
I am going to do up a basket for the mens' room as well with things like shoe polish, breathmints, little cologne samplers, well! I think it's the little things that make a wedding unforgettable.

"Try to think of some details others would miss. Imagine experiencing your wedding as a guest. Think of needs you've had or things that have impressed you at other weddings and you'll be on your way:

*Baskets of toiletries in restrooms.
*Printable wedding programs bearing a logo you make on your computer or with self inking stamps.
*Drinks for guests as they enter your reception.

These are all easily done inexpensive wedding ideas that cover details most people would overlook."

*I stole the last couple pics from Marta12's page. Saw that some other brides are also doing this great idea!*

Poem #1
Here is a basket for all of our guests,
To make sure everyone feels their best!
The hairspray will help hold your hair in place,
The bobby pins to keep your hair out of your face.
If you break a nail, don't worry! There's a file and some glue,
It can also fix a broken heel on a shoe!
The polish will stop that darn run in your hose,
Use the tissues to stop a runny nose!
We hope that you'll find what you're looking for.
Take a mint and now go hit the dance floor!

Poem #2
So happy you're here to share in our special day!!!
But should something happen to go astray,
Please help yourself to the contents within,
Hair gel, lotion, gum and even aspirin,
Use only what you need and leave the rest,
It may be useful to another guest.
So repair the damage that may have been done,
Then hurry on back and join the fun!!!
~Compliments of the Newlyweds~
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bathroom tray
poem example
toiletries baskets - purchased
kleenex in baskets
mason jar arrangement - restrooms
's  wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hi there! Thanks for the great ideas! I thought your readers might also appreciate this shop; it creates custom toiletry baskets for weddings and events:

Cheers :)


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