Jun 22, 2009

We are so excited to go on our honeymoon!

It is 7 days at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort in the Mayan Riveria just outside of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

We originally booked a trip to Cuba and then suddenly the travel agency called us to let us know it had been cancelled so we had to find something else quick. At first we were both really upset at the bad luck we were having not finding anything and then one day I found this trip and this resort and felt like the original trip being cancelled was a blessing in disguise. This new place is 100 times better. It is a 5 Star Resort compared to a 2 1/2 that we planned on going to do before... It looks newer, cleaner and even more beautiful. And I have been doing some research on the location and some exciting spots to see and we might go to this place called Xel Ha. It's like a tropical paradise. It's a lagoon where you can go swimming with the tropical fish and dolphins, just lay in the water all day long and float down in the lagoon. It looks gorgeous!

If anyone else has been to these areas in Mexico, I'd love to hear some of your experiences? We are just so excited!
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Xel Ha!
Our Resort!
The glorious beach!

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