May 19, 2009

Do you ladies have a detailed schedule of how your day should go?

I'm really big on being organized and on time, however, I don't want to come across as someone who is a control freak if I have a schedule that I want EVERYONE who is helping with the wedding to stick to.

I'm having hard time remembering every little detail, too. I have so much going on right now so I'm stressing. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something!!!! Ack!

This is what my day is looking like so far:

7:00am - Wake up and have breakfast
8:00am - Family & friends arrive to help with getting ready
9:00am – Hairstylist & Makeup Artist arrives
10 – 12pm Girls get hair & make-up done
11:00am - Helper takes flowers to boys and then hall
11:30am - Flowers arrive at house
12:00pm - Girls get dressed
1:00pm - Trina gets dressed
1:30pm – Limo picks up the boys at Trina & Eric’s House
2:00pm – Helpers & The Boys set up chairs/decorations/flowers at museum
2:30pm - Family & friends leave to the museum
2:30pm – Photographer Arrives at Ceremony
2:40pm - Limo arrives to pick up bridal party at Michelle & Terry’s House
2:50pm – Girls Arrive at Museum
3:00pm - Ceremony begins
3:30pm - Ceremony ends
3:30 – 4pm - Stand in receiving line, greet friends & family
4:00pm – Cake arrives at Hall
4 – 4:30pm - Family photo shoot begins
4:30 – 5:40pm - Formal photos with bride/groom & bridal party begins
5:00pm - At the Hall - Cocktails
5:45pm - Limo takes bridal party to hall
5:45pm - Bridal party & Bride/Groom introduced
6:00pm - Grace is said before dinner
6:10pm - Head table served for dinner
6:15pm - Buffet dinner is served, guests tables called
6:30 – 7:30pm - Speeches during/after dinner (Maid of Honour, Best Man, Brides Parents, Grooms Parents, Bride & Groom)
8:00pm - Cake cutting
8:30pm – Helpers collect gifts and take back to Trina and Eric’s House
8:45pm - Dance starts – Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Bridal Party Dances
9 – 9:45pm - Dancing, mingling, visiting
9:45pm - Bouquet/Garter tosses
11:30pm - Midnight Luncheon served
1:00am – Last Call for Alcohol
1:00am – Cab arrives to pick up Eric & Trina to take to Hotel
2:00am – Guests leave
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bugchick0's Purple wedding
Newport news, VA, USA
Wow you are having a really long reception! Mine is only 4 hours long.  I don't think you're a control freak for having an itinerary, it's important that everyone knows what to be doing and when, that way nothing gets overlooked!  I need to come up with mine!
megan711's Pink wedding
Jefferson city, MO, USA
I love organization!!  Just remember... not everything may go as planning on your schedule, but there's no reason to not have a detailed schedule of the day!!
's  wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Every event planner has a production schedule. which has times, who's responsibility it is, what the task is. It includes everything including when vendors arrive, when set-up is done ect. so you are very on track.

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