Jul 20, 2010

One of the first things I'm doing is asking my Bridesmaids to be in my wedding. I am asking my sister and my 3 best friends from high school. I am not planning on having a maid of honor since I couldnt possibly choose just one of them over the others. Instead I am going to ask that one make the speech, one throw the shower, etc....kinda split up the duties.

This weekend while browsing the clearance rack at TJ Maxx I found a 4 pack of nice wine glasses for $4. I bought them and went next door to Hobby Lobby and bought paint and stencils. Well, I got the wrong paint and so had to go to Michaels and get Acrylic paint and the stencils didnt work so I had to freehand, but in the end I think they turned out cute for someone as unartistic as I am.

I then got pink cardstock and printed on the cards:

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

and I listed all the reason I want them in my wedding, some serious and some silly :)

I plan on tying a bunch of pink and white balloons to the glasses and attaching the cards and leaving them on there doorsteps in the middle of the night for them to discover on there way to work.
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alicia2011's Blue wedding
Madison, WI, USA
Very cute idea! The classes turned out great by the way :)
mstpayn3's Purple wedding
Upper marlboro, MD, USA
aww that's cute! I wish my BMs lived close enough for me to do something like that, but I still did something creative enough to make an impact from a distance (I posted on my page). Hope they love it and dont accidentally step on them lol May have to put them distant enough for a swinging door yet close enough to notice. Good idea & good luck! :-)
maripoza's Orange wedding
Whittier, CA, USA
cute, fun and creative! I'm sure they'll love them!

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