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Wedding Night
Wedding Night
I am a Mrs.!!!
Hello WBC family!! I am still in total bliss and shock! God truly smiled on us because I do not have one complaint. Everything from the weather and sunshine to the compliments from the guests- whew!! I will post pics soon!!!!! Love, The Mrs.
12 Reasons Roses
12 Reasons Roses
Bridal Shower!!
AMAZING!! But here was the BEST part!
Ok! My bridal shower was this past weekend, September 29th to be exact. It was a surprise shower for me in the sense that I knew the day and time but not the place, guest attending or details! I was blindfolded from the moment I was picked up until I arrived there. When I tell you it was the time of my life! It was just so touching and elegant! My mom even hired a professional photographer so I will have pics up as soon as I get them!

I just had to share this picture (sorry it was crooked). So my bff, one of the hostess, put me on the spot. I had to complete "How Well Do You Know the Groom" quiz. The very last question was for me to write out 12 reasons why I love the Groom. On about reason #3 my bff says "You can do that later. The Groom sent these Roses and listed the 12 reasons why he loves you" She proceeded to read the reasons as follows:

1. Goofy
2. Witty
3. Very Intellectual
4. Sexy
5. Fun
6. Patient
7. Nuturing
8. Knows and loves the Lord
9. Sweet
10. Caring
12. Most of all...she believes in me

You talk about me BALLING out of control!! I couldn't even help it. Everyone in there was crying!!

Again, more pics to come!
I said yes
I said yes
30 Days To Go!!!
30 Days To Go!! & My Favorite Engagement Pic of Us
I am elated!! I seriously can not believe the time has FLOWN by like it has. I did not meet my goal for weightloss (wanted 30 lbs; lost 16) however, I am determined these last 4 weeks to lose 10! I know I can!! My fiance and I were talking last night in amazement that we are now at this point. God is so good! We have had a smooth journey thus far; slight bumps in roads with bridal party but nothing at all to complain about. I REFUSE to complain. It is not that serious. Things will happen- I am just keeping my eye on the PRIZE!!

10-20-12!! HERE WE COME!!! W/God's grace and mercy!!!
Venting Image
Venting Image
Ask a Question
Bridal Shower Invite Woes!
OK- So my bff sent out my bridal shower invites yesterday. My shower is 9-29-12. I know the date and time but not the location, theme etc.. So a mutual friend, who is also in the wedding, sends an email asking if I invited someone that is more of a friend to her than to me (are you following me?) My response was no, because we are not close like that but I did invite her to the wedding. The friend calls my phone and basically tried to go off on me saying that was rude because the other friend was standing right there and read the email. To me...I was not the one that was rude. It was rude for her to ask me that question knowing someone was in her office and could see the email. Also...she said "She is good enough to come to the wedding but not the bridal shower?" Ummmm..YES because a bridal shower is for close family and friends. Also this same person told me she wanted to come to my wedding when I bumped into her. Had that never occurred, she would not have ever been invited.

I am so frustrated because this turned into some small drama that didn't have to happen if my friend who is also a bridesmaid would not have ASKED ME THAT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER GIRL.

Am I right or wrong???????????????
My Invitation
My Invitation
Invitations are DONE!!
Mailed today! 51 days to Go
Ok, so I know that picture isn't the best but it is the outside of the envelope! I LOVE absolutely LOVE my invitations. They are flat invitations with Purple/white plumes!! Including a security tent on the inside flap with our names. GOTTA LOVE VISTAPRINT. I took full advantage of their 50% off of bridal sale and saved myself a whopping $700!! The reply and reception cards are just as cute. For 100 guests, we paid WITH TAX AND SHIPPING $102.36!! (sub-total was around $88).

They look so professional and elegant. Great quality glossy stock too!

I am HAPPPY!!! Everyone should receive theirs before the Labor Day Holiday!!
Tears of Joy- FINAL PACKS
Tears of Joy- FINAL PACKS
DIY Wedding
My Tears of Joy Packets!
I am so happy. I took my time, researched and researched until I thought I knew what I wanted. I was about to pay someone on Etsy $250 but is NOT that serious. These are just a cute little addition to the ceremony. Some people may not even use them! But I ended up finding MY COLORS on and then designed the lables on Vistaprint. I think these are so stinkin cute! Do you gals agree???

100 days left
100 days left
100 Days Left!
100 Days to Go!!
So excited!!! This has been such a SMOOTH and easy ride....I pray it continues!!!!!! Oh- I forgot to share our engagement photos! Those are coming next!!

God is good- my dad was released for the hospital two days October, he should be in tip top shape to perform our ceremony and sing!! I could'nt be more happy- then, we are in the process of finding a rent home to get into quickly until we decide where we really want to live.....that process is going great too and I know God will show us favor and give us the desires of our hearts!!

Today, is definitely a good day!!!
Purple Ask a Question Where my prayer warriors??
Ask a Question
Where my prayer warriors??
Hello Ladies,

I need your prayers in a mighty way. My dad ( who is also a Pastor and is officiating my wedding) was rushed to hospital on Father's Day and will remain after July 4th. My dad was not able to keep food down for a week or so but thought he had food poisioning. Turns out there is a lemon size mass blocking small intestine/gall bladder area. The mass is in a tough spot. At first doctor's said it was 95% cancerous. Now they are saying it was caught before it could turn cancerous ( praise God!). This is where I need your prayers. The surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday...but is risky because he is a transplant patient, which adds risk. He received a kidney transplant four years ago, which was very successful, we have not had one problem. I guess I am asking for your prayers because this is my daddy and I have dreamed of him performing my wedding ceremony for months now. I never imagined this wrench in the process. I need to be strong in my faith that everything will be alright...but my flesh is weak.....I know God is a healer...I must believe it too!
Purple Ask a Question 199 Days to Go- NEED HELP TO LOSE WEIGHT!
Purple Ask a Question 199 Days to Go- NEED HELP TO LOSE WEIGHT!Purple Ask a Question 199 Days to Go- NEED HELP TO LOSE WEIGHT!
Ask a Question
Ok!! So I am super excited we are now at the 6 month mark- however, I am stressing because I need to lose a good 30-35 lbs!!
What should I do? What REALLY works?

I had my bridal party meeting this past weekend (see pic) and it was great! The girls really enjoyed the brunch and we had so much fun! I wrote out individual sentiments to each as well as gave them the purple rose floating soaps (see pic). It turned out really nice! So now we are all in official WEDDING MODE and the BRIDE HAS TO BE ON POINT!!

Any suggestions my WBC girlies????
Purple  Bridal Party Meeting
Bridal Party Meeting
I am so late but this pic was from my "BestWomen Intial Tidbits Meeting"....

3 years since wedding
Oct 20, 2012
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Edmond, OK
Will be in the fall.....want simple yet memorable! I do not want to get too wrapped up into the little details. Our colors have changed but I believe my final color choices are gunmetal, deep royal purple and platinum. I think....I know I want gunmetal to be the base! I just want this to be a beginning to an amazing journey. So ready to say "I do".
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