Jan 30, 2012

I found this on a local printer's blog and thought it was pretty good.
Just wanted to share! I haven't been on here in a while!


Here is a great flow chart to decide whom to invite to your wedding. Check it out! It sounds harsh to cut from your guest list sometimes, this could help! You do have to make sure you aren't stepping on toes or burning bridges.

Remember it IS your wedding - you want it to be wonderful, un-awkward, & for everyone to have a good time! :) Don't worry though. The people who would get mad cause they aren't invited to your "small wedding" or they don't understand why they weren't invited... is the kind of bitterness you don't want at your wedding anyhow!
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Whom To invite
wendelina0866's Black wedding
Saint cloud, MN, USA
I love this chart !
phillysgirl5's Pink wedding
Houston, TX, USA
That's a great chart!! Should help alot of girls! Thanks for posting. :)
live2sing's Blue wedding
Goderich, ON, Canada
That was actually pretty helpful!! Thanks for posting!
princesni's Pink wedding
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
hahahahaha that was fun1 definitely a fav!!! hahaha
christy1's Purple wedding
very helpful indeed :)
sweetestaboo's Pink wedding
This is awesome, i was struggling with this! I have a 200 person guest list that i need to bring down to 150 for budget reasons, so thanks a bunch! Very Helpful!

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