UPDATE: Everyone is calling and saying how wonderful the invitations are and they just loved them! So all my hard work paid off :).

I sent a post on them already but I had not finished them and I wanted you'll to see.

I had a group of my friends and family come over and help me put them together. I had everything cut and ready to go. Which they knocked out a lot of the hard part but I still had to do the things I have a hard time trusting other people to do. But I love everyone that help it was a BIG HELP.

For the envelopes instead of putting the liner in the inside I put it on the outside. I did that because I did not measure the main part of the invitation which made it a little bigger than the envelopes but after I did the brown on the outside I really like it.

I will post later the measurements for doing your own pocket folds later I forgot them so I have to re-measured one. :)

I knew that I wanted the place card holds to be round and the cards slide in on both sides but did not want to spend a lot of money doing it. I brought some mailing tubs online but they are very hard to cut so Rhonda our Budget Queen had a post about her DIY toilet paper napkin ring holders. So I went in the bathroom and got the roll and wrapped it with the same paper I used for my tears of joy (soft paper)
added a brown ribbon and a rhinestone. Thanks Rhonda.


With the 8x4in leftover card stock paper I had from cutting the invites I decided to make programs. I did three layers of linen paper and put my stamp on the side I will post the finished product later.


This is the one I liked to most and it did not take not time.
I had brought CD covers 120 for 40.00 dollars. When everyone came over to help I had two of the bridesmaids do the stamps for the CD covers (wrong thing to do) Love you guys! :) so a lot of them did not dry and they got messed up. I did not want to buy any more. What do you do. MAKE YOUR OWN AND FIT THE OTHER ONES. for the DIY one I took and 81/2x11in brown shimmery text paper into a 51/2x11in, folded 2inches up and used an adhesive roll for the sides (that thing has been my best friend) and put ribbon and a label (Which I have to change because my FH is tripping off my name being first on the favors. LOL) in the inside I used a white linen card stock for were the CD song list will go. and I small booklet about us will go with the CD.
The messed up ones I put the same brown paper on the front kept the pink liner around it.

One thing to remember for people who haven’t started projects KEEP YOUR LIFTOVER PAPER. If you cut 2inches off the botton of your paper you can us that for wraps, monogram cards, place cards, etc. SO never think you can't use it.
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Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!
place cards
Pink DIY Wedding My DIY Projects!