White Flower Girl Finding a Dress...
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Flower Girl
Finding a Dress...

Wow, finding a flower girl dress has proven to be difficult as well. They are all starting to look so much alike, with minor differences. My flower girl is our daughter, which means she has to be as cute as possible. Cecelia is a little fashionista all the time, so I feel I really have to step it up to find a cute dress that will be totally her.

My dress is white, my bridesmaids are also wearing white dresses with aqua sashes and red flowers. My guys are wearing black suits, black shirts, white or aqua ties, and aqua or red pocket squares. I want a dress that is ankle length, but so many seem to be knee length!

The first dress is white, ankle length... pretty but kinda boring.
Second: I would love this dress if it was ankle length, with a white sash and a red flower. It is chiffon, which my bridesmaids dresses are as well.
Third: Pretty... I would change the sash and the flower to some combo of aqua and red.
Four: I can't decide if I like this dress... I would change the ribbon color, but I don't know if it looks a little too old for a three year old.
Five: Very very cute, but again, knee length. And I'm not sold on the sleeves. Maybe it looks like an Easter Dress more than a flower girl dress?
Six: Will tie the white of the girls and the black of the guys together nicely... but will have no color.

Please send me some opinions! They would be greatly appreciated!
's  wedding
 |   |  10/06/2008  | 
I love love loveeeeee the second on in. I love the color I love the style and I think Cecelia will look stunning in it!!!
's  wedding
 |   |  10/06/2008  | 
and by "second on it" I really meant "second one in" lol
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  10/06/2008  | 
Have a look at the mori lee and raylia flowergirl dresses on www.bestbridalprices.com they have gorgeous dresses on there I picked about 4 and finally made a decision between those then
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  10/06/2008  | 
I should have pictures of these on page 7 if you want to have a look
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