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Red flowers it is... with some bling!

I always swore I wasn't having a red wedding (because all Christmas time weddings are red) and I swore I wasn't having roses (come on, their pretty, but everyone has roses!) And here I am, picking red roses as my bouquet. But I think with the aqua it is a different twist, and look at these crystals!! It's just such a rich look, I didn't think anything else would look so beautiful and elegant. I looooove this bouquet. My girls will have smaller bouquets, pretty much like mine. Except mine will have a white ribbon with an aqua brooch attached, and there's will have aqua ribbon with a clear crystal brooch. Love it!
ameinred's Red wedding
 |  Carmen, Campeche, Mexico  |  09/15/2008  | 
I looooove it!!!
's  wedding
 |  Sharpsburg, GA, USA  |  09/15/2008  | 
I have seen the black magic rose and aqua combo on tv - it is very striking!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  09/15/2008  | 
I think the red roses with your red and blue theme will be so striking for your winter wedding.
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Hey ladies. So today I received my flowers!!!! I was a little scared because of someone telling m...
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