May 8, 2009

A Pair of Nike Shoes
Xiao Xiao was a Sophomoreer in the university and longing for Nike shoes. When he saw his classmates wearing many models of Nike shoes such as NIKE Blazer shoes, Nike Rift, Nike Basketball, and Nike Dunk shoes. He envied them because they looked so handsome and cool with the splendid shoes.However Xiao Xiao was born in a poor family. His father died and mother was laid-off with about 200 yuan living benefit per month. His mother also did some odd jobs to earn money to support the whole family.Beside, his sister was also reading in the middle school. So such name brand shoes became an extravagant and unrealizeable dream for Xiao Xiao. For other well-off classmates,it was unbelievable to maintain one month with only 150 yuan. While Xiao Xiao felt satisfied with this situation.
Whenever the mother went to Xiao Xiao’s university, she was always clean and appropriately dressed. Although her clothes were old and worn, she always ironed flatly without a fold. Mother used to say, "I should be clean and tidy so my son will not lose face in front of his classmates."
When Xiao Xiao returned home,his mother always cooked many delicious food.
One time,the mother came to Xiao Xiao’s university. The patient mother noticed that Xiao Xiao always paid attention to other classmates’ feet from time to time when they were talking.
Then the mother said, "The sports shoes that your classmates worn look nice. What’s the brand?"
Xiao Xiao said, "Nike shoes. It is expensive."
Mother asked, "How much is a pair of them?"
Xiao Xiao answered, "More than 200 yuan. Mom, I do not need them. My white shoes are fine."
Mother said, "you are a sensible child. I have money and will buy a pair for you next time."Actually the mother had never let his son down.
Soon after the mother left,she asked someone to bring a pair of Nike shoes to Xiao Xiao.Xiao Xiao didn’t feel pleased with the shoes but painful because he thought of his mother’s gray hair. In Xiao Xiao’s memory, his mother was a very beautiful woman when he was a child. However,the burden of life made her look like an old lady even she was less than 50. He made his decision that he must study hard to repay his mother so that his mother could live a better life.
It was winter vacation.Xiao Xiao went home by train. 3 hours later, the train arrived with the night. It snowed hard in his hometown and the road was very slippery.Xiao Xiao bought a pure wool scarf for his mother in the store of the train station with the money that was saved from his food.When Xiao Xiao thought about the scarf on his mother’s neck,he felt hurt because it was bought when her mother got married with his father. It was worn and didn’t keep warm any more,but she patched on it and still worn it until now.
On the way not far from his home,Xiao Xiao saw a crowd of people were looking around together.A fat man said,“this old lady must be crazy about money.She has worked for all daytime and now she is coming out to scavenge garbage. "a thin man sighed," You did not understand her situation. She is a very poor old woman. Her husband has passed away for many years and she has been unemployed, but have to support two children to go to school.That’s why she works so hard. "Xiao Xiao rushed in front of the crowd and was shocked by what he saw. one white-headed old lady wearing a worn-out wadded jacket fell beside a dustbin.Her hands were still holding tightly a plastic bag filled with paper scraps, cans and tatter. Some kindhearted women tried to support the old lady..Xiao Xiao suddenly cried out,threw down his luggage,rushed to his mother and kneed down in front her. He cried, "Mom, are you hurt? Let me carry you home! "Xiao Xiao handed up his mother, and gently tap the rubbish and snow on the back of his mother. Then he took out the new pure wool scarf from his bag and wore it around his mother’s neck. His mother said," My child,why don’t you let me know before you come back? I would like to meet you at the train station. "The onlookers quietly walked away, some with the sigh, and some in tears.
This was the first time that Xiao Xiao carried his mother. he felt his mother was very thin and light.How could such a thin body to support this whole family? Xiao Xiao was thinking and crying without any sound. His mother said on his back, "My son, I can walk. Let me down,ok?" "No!"Xiao Xiao refused firmly.The sky had been totally dark and the lights in the distance were flashing. Home was just in front of them.
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