13 Awesome Groomsmen Gift Ideas You Haven’t Considered

Cool Groomsmen Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of

You’re excited about your wedding. Getting married is great but this is also a chance for you to reunite with your long-time friends slash groomsmen. Your excitement is tempered by the fear of your groomsmen gifts falling short or missing the mark completely. This is a common fear and if not dealt with could lead to you buying a lame gift that nobody uses. Lame gifts are a direct reflection of the people who buy them so don’t be that groom. Take a look at our list of thirteen groomsmen gifts you haven’t considered and don’t forget Groomsmen Central when you and your bride are writing Thank You cards.

Who says your groomsmen gift has to be something tangible? Nobody, so why feel compelled to give something they can hold. Why not give them an experience instead?

Groomsmen Gift Experiences

Sporting events make for great times if your guys are into sports. Professional sports like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL are all great options that come with a hefty price tag and you need to live in a city with a professional team. If funds are an issue or you don’t live in a city with a professional team then try the minor leagues. Minor league baseball and hockey are often just as fun as the big leagues at a fraction of the cost. Not only does it cost less but you are likely to have better seats because the teams play in smaller stadiums.

Staying with the sports theme but taking a little more active role, a round of golf is a great way to spend time together, make memories, and have fun. Shared activities like golf are conducive to sparking conversations between members of your wedding party that may not know each other or give people the chance to reminisce about times long gone.

Most cities now offer some form of a pub crawl or have micro-breweries that offer tours. These are perfect opportunities to sit down with your wedding party and enjoy a cold one. A beer festival is also a possibility if planned out far enough in advance.

Camping trips are a great way to take a break from the every day with your wedding party. Pitching tents and reconnecting with wilderness and your friends can be a memorable experience. If your groomsmen have higher standards than camping can provide consider stepping up your game to glorified camping or glamping. Rent a nice cabin and experience nature without giving up the conveniences of modern life.

Everyone likes to be treated well and your groomsmen are no different. The bride’s wedding party could definitely go for a spa day so why not the men? Your groomsmen may object to the idea of going to a spa with other guys but everyone could use a facial and a massage. Both will have your groomsmen relaxed and looking good for your wedding. Not to mention, going to a spa with other guys could be a bonding experience.

Maybe the experience shouldn’t include you at all. If all of your groomsmen are married or have serious significant others why not give them a date night at a nice restaurant. Not a bad idea to get on the good side of everyone’s significant other and they will definitely hold you in a different light after providing them with a night on the town.

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Experiences are great but you want something for your groomsmen to look at and think of your wedding. It’s understandable. People like stuff but don’t get your groomsmen just anything. Get them a cool groomsmen gift that they will not only keep but show others with a sense of pride.

There are several awesome options for the groomsman that is a sports fan. Baseball fans would love their own personalized Louisville Slugger bat. You can select the color and type of wood and select from different signature options. Big Game Football can make personalized game balls for each of your groomsmen. They can feature the logo of their college football team or a custom logo. These make really cool display items that are definitely conversation starters.

The beauty of a personalized baseball bat or football won’t resonate with everyone. In that case, you can get your groomsmen their own personalized pilsner glass. Every time they take a drink of their favorite beer from their new favorite drinking glass they will think of you.

Being a little more aggressive with groomsmen gifts and if your wedding party are the outdoorsy type then a personalized rescue pocket knife is a great way to go and something they will never leave home without.

If your groomsmen prefer a clean shave over a long beard then a shaving kit with shave brush and soap make a great gift and something he will appreciate every morning. Depending on the groomsman, this is something they would really like to have but never buy for themselves. Step up with a luxury shaving kit and they will definitely be grateful to have been part of your wedding.

Many guys do play golf for the social and competitive aspects of the game. If your groomsmen are known to hit the links then a personalized golf ball marker makes for a hole in one idea.

Perhaps your groomsmen are into superheroes instead of sports. Marvel and DC Comics have their own sets of cufflinks. Depending on the wedding attire you chose these cufflinks can even be used for your wedding. It’s especially great if everyone has a different favorite superhero but if not, you can get all the same cufflink so nobody is jealous they aren’t Batman.

Final Thoughts on Groomsmen Gifts

You obviously take gift giving seriously, especially when it comes to your groomsmen and that is half the battle. Any of the gifts listed above would make for a cool and unique groomsmen gift but you are the person who knows best. Pick something you think they will like and enjoy and then give it to them with the same conviction you had when you asked your fiancee to marry you. 

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