5 Great Retirement Gifts for 2018

5 Classic & Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for 2018 

It can be a tough time losing one of your favorite co-workers as the result of their retirement. Whether you have to say goodbye to a star employee who has been with you from the start, or a trusted colleague with whom you have developed a genuine friendship, it’s never easy to part ways.

However, spectacular retirement party gifts may be just what you need to show your co-worker or loved one how much you care for them, and how happy you are to see them enjoy the freedom that comes with retirement.

Of course, while many of us are counting down the days until we can finally retire, we also know that it can be a hard process to say farewell and means a major adjustment to a totally new lifestyle. When you buy a retirement gift, it can be more than a great way to congratulate a co-worker for their incredibly successful career. The best retirement party ideas should also act as a compassionate reminder that they can still depend on you to help in any way to make retirement the best possible experience.

You may have the perfect retirement speech ready, but finding the most thoughtful retirement gifts can be a challenge, especially for co-workers who you may not know very well on a personal basis. Luckily, there are plenty of smart and affordable options available, from cheeky barware to clever and practical gadgets that honor heroic military service.

Personalized Flask

Steel Personalized Flask

Any great retirement party should have particularly lax rules when it comes to having a drink, but even if you have a particularly restrictive boss, you can still help your friend celebrate.

After all, what better way to say “congratulations on never being prohibited from day drinking again

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