Best Tech Gifts in 2019

The men by your side on one of the most important days of their life deserves to know that you appreciate them. Whether the perfect gift is for your groomsmen or best man, your thanks and appreciation can be shown through the gift you give.

Not only are these men by your side through the wedding and the reception, they’ve thrown you a bachelor party and they’ve helped you with the details that count, helping you through this special occasion.

If they’re a tech geek, we’ve got the ultimate guide to the coolest tech gadgets, personalized gifts, and electronic gifts of 2019.


The Music Lover

Skullcandy Hesh Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

 Wireless Headphones

Every music lover needs a quality pair of headphones. The Skullcandy Hesh Bluetooth and Wireless headphones offer high quality at a decent price. Whether your groomsman needs a solid and sturdy pair of headphones for the gym or just to rock out at home in style, Skullcandy is a top brand.

These headphones are wireless and once charged they can last up to 12 hours for his listening pleasure. They use a leather seal for noise isolation and comfort. These headphones also include an onboard mic for calls or even changing songs. To top it off, they’re compatible with any Bluetooth device.

Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart Speaker

 Echo Dot 2nd Generation

If your best man likes his music loud, check out the perfect Bluetooth speaker. The Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa is a speaker he will use for more than just music.

This speaker can be turned on with just his voice from across the room. Not only can it play his favorite tunes but the Echo Dot is highly versatile. He can also use it to make calls, catch up on the news, and it even can be connected to most smart-home devices.

AquaAudio Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Cube

 Aqua Audio Bluetooth Speaker

We’ve all got that one friend that used to be our roomie and he loved his shower tunes. The AquaAudio Bluetooth Speaker Cube will blow his mind during shower time.

This awesome speaker makes it easy to enjoy music without a running shower drowning out the sound. The AquaAudio Cube can connect to any Bluetooth device and is even Siri compatible. It gives strong, loud sound for 10 hours with easy to use buttons. The suction cup is guaranteed to stick to any shower wall and is waterproof.

The Practical One

Apple Series 1 Smartwatch

 Apple Watch

Every man needs a watch. There may not be a better-known brand of smartwatch than Apple. The Apple Series 1 smartwatch defies smartwatch technology and is the best gift you can buy for the guy always on the go and into technology.

The Apple Series 1 smartwatch will make his life easier and more accessible. It can do everything. This watch can monitor his health, run the most popular apps from Apple, play his tunes, and give him the ability to read text messages without having to dig in his pocket for his phone.

Anker Wireless PowerPort Charger

 Wireless Charger

Charging his cell phone no longer has to be a hassle. Having a wireless phone charger will save him from searching everywhere for his charger and finding an outlet in impossible situations.

The Anker Wireless PowerPort charger is a great energy saver for a great price. It’s compatible with the newest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Samsung Note tablets. This awesome charger can charge his phone in 10% less the time that it takes with your average wire charger.

The Gamer

Samsung Virtual Reality Gear

 Samsung VR

Every gamer is dying for a new gameplay, something he has never tried before. Virtual reality is the next step in your groomsman’s gaming adventure. The Samsung Virtual Reality Gear headset can give him that adventure in comfort.

With the Samsung VR Gear headset, he can attach it to any Samsung Galaxy cell phone for immersive gaming. There are over 1,000 games he can play, whether he wants to play as a single player or wants to join in on a multiplayer game. It comes with an easy to use controller to help him with his virtual reality experience.

MegadreamDualShock 4 Charger Docking Station

 Charger Docking Station

Is your best man a dedicated Playstation gamer? There’s nothing more annoying to a gamer than a dying controller in the middle of intense gameplay. The MegadreamDualShock docking station can make sure he has multiple fully charged controllers ready.

The MegaDreamDualShock charger docking station can charge 2 Playstation controllers at one time. The DualShock is every gamer’s trusted charging brand. He can hook up the docking station to a wall outlet or through the USB port on his Playstation. It has LED lights to let him know the charging status of each controller. It’s also a great way to store controllers when he’s not using them, protecting them from damage.

Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Backlit Keyboard

A computer gamer always needs a top-notch keyboard. Logitech’s Backlit Gaming keyboard is the perfect addition to their gameplay. The average keyboard can’t accomplish what a Logitech can.

The Logitech Gaming keyboard was built to be durable and last through hours of intense gameplay. The backlit keys make the keys more accessible and visible so he’ll never hit the wrong button in the middle of a game again. It’s a USB keyboard, so it has plenty of power and speed while he’s gaming.


There are hundreds of new tech gadgets and personalized gifts for your groomsmen or best man out there on the market for 2019 to choose from for your buddy. You know your best man and groomsmen like the back of your hand or you wouldn’t have invited them to be part of your wedding party. Picking out an electronic gift for your best friends doesn’t have to be difficult, you know what they’ll enjoy.

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