Here’s My Story

Avery Hammond

My name is Avery Hammond, and I think we’re still using a lot of archaic practices.

One of which are wedding bands.

Don’t get offended—I think it’s awesome to get married.

I did when I was nineteen. However, I quickly outgrew the gold band… literally.

My hands got too fat, and while I’ve walked off the weight, I had to get the ring cut off at one point.

It left a scar. Now it may not be a dramatic scar, but it’s an imprint that’s just on my left ring finger, and I didn’t care for that one bit.

So I traded it in for a silicone band, and convinced my wife to do the same.

She’s a nurse, and I mentioned all the ways that her metal band could get in the way.

She came around, and now we’re both sporting matching silicone bands.

Metal is nice, but it’s expensive, and unnecessarily so—you can get by without blowing your wad on a four-figure set of bands.

Your decorative, aesthetic rings don’t need to be hundreds of dollars.

Silicone is the future of rings, and I intend to prove it.

From reviewing the top silicone ring brands to explaining all the ways they are useful, I’ll make a believer out of you, too.