Everything You Need To Know About Groomsmen Gifts

Every year, over two million couples are married in the US — quite a large number.

While not every party has a large contingent of groomsmen, most grooms have someone stand up with them.

Whether you’re hosting a large, traditional wedding with hundreds of guests or a smaller gathering with only family and close friends, it’s important to recognize some of the traditions associated with groomsmen and their gifts.

In every wedding, the best man and groomsmen have important roles to play. They are there to extend their support to the groom and the soon-to-be couple.

Best Man duties include helping with some aspects of wedding planning, throwing a bachelor (or couple’s) party, keeping track of the rings on the big day, assisting the groom with getting dressed, ushering guests into the church, and being public witnesses to the pledge of marriage.

Groomsmen and Groom


Traditions of Groomsmen

Historically on the wedding day itself, groomsmen were not only on hand to dress the groom, but also to be ready to defend him against anyone who might show up to steal his bride. They dressed in the same attire to confuse any evil spirits who might want to put a curse on the couple.

Groom and Groomsmen

Then after the wedding, the groomsmen would physically place the groom and his new wife (with the help of the bridal attendants) in their honeymoon bed.

Thankfully, that isn’t a tradition that continues.

However, you can see that the relationship between a groom and his groomsmen is significant. Because of this, it’s customary to give gifts to groomsmen as a sign of appreciation and thanks for their support.

The Tradition of Groomsmen Gifts

The idea of groomsmen gifts took off during the mid-20th century when the groom would thank the groomsmen with gifts after the wedding. This became a routine and has been customary ever since. When to give groomsmen gifts? – read our article.

The only difference is that the current groomsmen gifts are quite different from years ago and typically given prior to the wedding either during the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner or on the morning of the wedding day.

What Are Groomsmen Gifts?

Groomsmen gifts are a way of showing your groomsmen your appreciation for their participation in the ceremony.

After all, you are asking for a big commitment of their time and finances. They’re likely paying for their tux or suit and paying for travel in addition to footing the bill for your bachelor party.

Gifting groomsmen is a sign of showing your admiration for the hard work and efforts put in by the groomsmen. It’s very important that you select your groomsmen gifts with care so they remember them for a lifetime.

The friends and family you select to stand up with you will appreciate this gesture and will be grateful to you for recognizing their contribution to your day.

Ideally, you should present your full wedding party with gifts. This includes the ring bearer and any ushers you invite to participate as well.

Your best man, with his distinctive role in your wedding, likely deserves something a cut above the gifts given to your groomsmen.

The best man has extra responsibilities, such as the sometimes-stressful reception toast, that warrants some added thought and effort.

Gifting groomsmen and your best man with keepsakes is a token of thanks. It’s also an exhibition of the importance of their participation in the occasion.

Why Are Groomsman Gifts Given?

Grooms give gifts as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude because the groomsmen offered to stand with them in support of and in witness to their union.

Initially, wedding attendants gave gifts to the bride before the wedding. They “showered

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