See The 5 Best Bottle Opener Keychains For 2020

How is it that you never need a bottle opener until you’re standing there, beer in hand, frantically looking for a table to bang the cap against?

Yeah, don’t be that guy. Thankfully, we live in a time where finding the perfect bottle opener keychain is an easy task.

But you also don’t want to just have a boring stainless steel bottle opener either, the generic ones that look like what your grandpa uses to open crab legs at a seafood restaurant.

Lots of cool ones exist — eye-catching, funny, conversation-starting bottle opener keychains, classic promotional items, and even a bullet bottle opener.

Whether it’s for a night at the lake, for your groomsmen, for a friend, or a stocking stuffer, we’ve picked out the perfect gift ideas for you.


7.62mm Keychain Bottle Opener

 7.62mm Bottle Opener Keychain

We’re just gonna take a shot in the dark: you’re gonna love this bottle opener.

When it comes to bullet bottle openers, it’s got to be the authentic spent brass .308 caliber brass casing, once fired from a real gun.

Legend says that each bottle opener was fired once, cleaned, and cut to use for all military, hunting, and shooting enthusiasts out there.

Best of all, this little keychain fits conveniently on even the most loaded ring of keys. It weighs just 1oz, measures 3″ in length, and is just half an inch in diameter. While it’s sure to draw eyes, it won’t be an inconvenience.

(That is, unless you try to take in on a plane. The manufacturer recommends you leave this item at home as, even though it’s a bottle opener, it can still be considered a weapon by TSA regulations. You probably won’t need to open a cold one while detained in an airport).

Best of all, you can throw some custom engraving on this bullet — up to 20 characters in one of 8 fonts will add a nice touch for gift-giving. Just bite the bullet and get a 7.62mm bottle opener.

And if something larger is a little more your style, check out their Big Brother — the .50 Caliber Bottle Opener.

Corona Boxing Glove Bottle Opener

 Boxing Glove Corona Bottle Opener on a Keychain

Want a bottle opener that packs a punch? This one’s a knockout!

Behold, the officially licensed Corona bottle opener! It’s a regular bottle opener covered in a tiny boxing glove, giving you total functionality with extra pizzazz. This one will surely be a conversation starter at your next beach (or makeshift beach) party.

It’s not only a bottle opener—you can also open aluminum cans as well. Now you no longer need to pry the little tab open with your fingernails anymore—Corona’s got you covered.

It’s cheap, too, so it makes a great gift or buy a few for yourself. No need beat yourself up over it.

Hephis Skull Bottle Opener

 Hephis Skull Keychain Bottle Opener

Now, this Hephis bottle opener is sure to get some attention. For starters, it looks sick. People are gonna wonder just where the heck you got this little Grecian artifact from.

It’s a stylish bottle opener from a company that has your best interest in mind. This tool is made from eco-friendly zinc alloy, ensuring durability and rust resistance. The black matte coating prevents fingerprints too. You can even use the guy’s sharp nose to cut open the tape from packages like cases of beer.

If you don’t like this Hephis bottle opener or somehow manage to break it, contact the manufacturer. You have a lifetime warranty with each bottle opener.

Guinness Cap Bottle Opener

 Guinness Bottlecap Beer Opener

Imagine how cool you’ll look popping a Guinness beer cap with a Guinness beer cap. Granted, this stainless steel bottle opener cleverly hides its bottle opening mechanisms in the cap’s underbelly, but a casual observer won’t know that. They’ll only know you’ve got mad bottle opening skills.

As far as promotional bottle openers go, this Guinness cap bottle opener will easily fit onto your existing key ring, taking up minimal space while losing no functionality. Its metal has a nice high-quality feel, so you know it’s built to last.

Even if you’re not a fan of Guinness, you can still use this Guinness beer cap bottle opener to open your favorite beer—it is far from being one of your average promotional products.

BeerShark Beer Tool

 Shark Bottle Opener

This isn’t just a bottle opener, oh no. It’s a beer drinker’s dream.

This little shark is small enough to fit on a keychain but strong enough to puncture a beer can perfectly for shotgunning. No need to drunkenly look for a knife anymore.

Not only that, but you can use it to pop open tabs and bottle caps, one-handed. How cool is that? No matter how much you use it, the supreme quality metal won’t get scratched by surrounding keys or inebriated antics. The BeerShark is an investment in future beer drinking.

Bonus: Bayram Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

While this Thor-themed bottle opener can fit on a keychain, you’d have to be Thor himself to lug it around constantly. It’s quite hefty, measuring about 6″ in length.

It might be best to leave this little hammer at home, but imagine how cool it will be to open your evening beer with freaking Mjolnir.

The lever-opening mechanism makes opening beer much easier, great for bar settings or other events with tons of unopened beer.

It’s the perfect gift for a Marvel fan or Thor enthusiast. While this bottle opener probably won’t draw lightning, it’s sure to draw a conversation.

No matter how you decide to use this Thor Hammer bottle opener, though, you’ll have the power of Asgard on your side.

The Verdict on Keychain Bottle Openers

All these bottle openers have the functionality of your run-of-the-mill bottle openers. Yeah, they’ll get the job done.

But you want a bottle opener with character, something that shows a bit of your personality. That’s something a basic bottle opener won’t do unless you’re a boring guy or gift giver.

That’s not you. So, use the 7.62mm bullet or Corona boxing glove to show people how tough you are, the Guinness bottle cap to show your love of Guinness, the Hephis for your love of Sparta. And the Beershark to prove how much you love shotgunning beers.

Best of all, each of these bottle openers (sans Mjolnir) fits on a keychain, helping you drink wherever you go. Your next adventure is just an open beer away.

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