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Weddings come steeped in decades of tradition, some of which are, unfortunately, far more expensive than others.

Preparing for your big day should be an exciting time, but everything from venue fees to florist bills adds up.

It can be easy for your financial situation to put everything on a downer in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

This, after already spending so much on an expensive engagement ring.

One expected wedding cost that is unnecessary is the gold wedding band. Of course, you may have already saved up three months’ salary for the engagement ring of the century.

(How else could you possibly ensure that the girl of your dreams would say yes?)

But why do you need to pay through the nose for your own solid gold or tungsten or paladium wedding band?

This might seem like a bit of a wasteful investment, especially if you aren’t the type who cares about fancy jewelry.

This is where silicone wedding bands come into play.

Keep scrolling to read about the upsides of silicone rings, or click one of these links to jump ahead to each brand:

Groove Life   ·   Enso   ·   Qalo   ·   Saferingz   ·   Knot Theory


First Things First: Aren’t These Just Cheap Rubber Wedding Bands?

In a word, no.

Silicone rings are far nicer and more durable that you might think if you haven’t handled one.

These are nowhere near being cheap rubber wedding rings made from the same stuff as a rubber band.

While silicone has the look and feel of rubber, it is not 100% natural like rubber is — but that’s a good thing.

Silicone’s primary ingredient is silica (sand) but the addition of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other fillers produces a durable elastomer.

Unlike rubber, silicone is very resistant to extreme heat, cold, abrasion, and UV exposure, and it’s quick to return to its normal size when stretched or compressed.

Silicone does not react with most chemicals, and it’s 100% food safe — safe enough that it often appears in medical devices and implants.

Are Silicone Wedding Bands Right For Me?

Silicone wedding bands have exploded in popularity in recent years, in part because of the economic benefits.

The average groom wants a band that’s a symbol of love. And one that commemorates an unforgettable day — not a piece of jewelry that breaks the bank.

And it’s not just grooms who are opting for silicone wedding rings. All of the brands below offer multiple options for women’s rings as well, to include unique colors, textures, and stackable styles for brides who want a silicone engagement ring in addition to their wedding ring.

Silicone Wedding Bands for Women

But the appeal of silicone bands goes beyond cost efficiency.


This one is a no-brainer.

As they’re not made of precious metals, they’re much more affordable than gold, platinum, paladium, and the like.

Countless Options for Design and Color

Browse the websites for any of the brands listed below and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

You can choose from no end of options for color (or colors), textures, and printed-on designs.

You’ll find far more variety than you would with metal rings, to include camouflage patterns and officially licensed college rings from brands like Groove Life.

Much Safer than Traditional Metal Bands

Silicone wedding bands are far superior to their gold, silver, platinum, tungsten, or palladium counterparts when it comes to safety.

If you work in a demanding profession or regularly wear gloves, silicone is your best bet over metal. Same deal if you want to keep your ring on during sports, manual labor, or outdoor activities.

Any chance that you might break your finger or catch your hand on something in your daily activities?

A metal band + a rapidly swelling finger is bad news, as is a snag that results in a skinned (or accidentally amputated) finger.

If you’ve never heard of ring avulsion, you can read it to get a thorough rundown of it. Needless to say, it’s pretty nasty stuff, and you may remember that Jimmy Fallon nearly lost a finger to it after an accident in 2015.

From heavy machine operators to emergency room nurses, workers of all kinds prefer bands that fit snugly to prevent snagging.

Or they want bands that come off easily when the situation calls for it.

That’s a big contrast to gold bands, which mold to your fingers and can be impossible to take off — particularly if you suffer a finger injury or swelling.

We may not notice it, but our fingers swell and shrink quite easily, especially in certain weather conditions.

No worries, as long as you’re wearing a silicone ring which can stretch and contract to maintain a secure fit.

Even women are starting to see the benefit of silicone for their own engagement and wedding. Their scratch-resistance and durability compared to gold are big selling points. Especially popular are silicone wedding rings for nurses.

If you do not want to sacrifice style simply because you prefer a safe alternative to the traditional gold band, read on.

Here are five brands that produce high-quality, long-lasting wedding bands that are as practical as they are gorgeous.

1. Groove Life Silicone Band

Best Silicone Rings from GrooveLife

Marketed as the “world’s most breathable ring,

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