9 Great Best Man Gifts For 2020

Best Man Gifts 101

When it comes to shopping for best man gifts, you might have a hard time getting started.

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Your groomsmen will always outnumber your best man. As a result, we’ve focused plenty on pitching our products as groomsmen gifts.

Best Man and Groom at Wedding 

However, we’ve noticed a trend in the buying habits of grooms-to-be who end up on our website.

They love picking up some of our bottle openers or custom tumblers for the bulk of their wedding party. But they then want to buy something a little bit nicer for their best man.

(Or for the Father of the Bride if they’re trying to get on his good side).

When you think about it, your Best Man probably deserves a little something extra.

Hopefully he’s been doing his job in the months leading up to the wedding. If he hasn’t? Point him towards this blog post about duties of a best man.

He took on the responsibility of wrangling all your groomsmen. He planned the bachelor party.

And he has no doubt expended some serious brainpower on preparing a powerful best man speech for the big night.

So if you’re in need of some best man gift ideas, read on.

Why Get Your Best Man a Gift?

An upcoming wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride or the groom. Or if it’s not your first wedding.

It’s only right that you get everyone gifts. But the question is, do you get the best man an additional groomsmen gift or a different gift altogether?

Members of the wedding party are usually in charge of one or more tasks in preparation for the wedding. It’s not as simple as finding their suits/dresses and arranging their travel.

With such high pressure placed upon them, it’s only right that you recognize and appreciate everyone for their efforts, especially the best man.

How To Choose Your Best Man 

Selecting your wedding party is not rocket science, but it does require some thought. Naturally, one wants the best man to be a long-time best friend. A guy who knows the groom well and has supported him for many years.

Of course, the groomsmen are also special to the groom, but don’t carry the same responsibilities as the best man. 

The best man traditionally has various responsibilities, including organizing a bachelor party, helping out with other wedding preparations, and making sure that the groom arrives on time to the altar.

So before you pop the “Will You Be My Best Man” question, you want to think hard about it.

Should Your Best Man Gift Be Different Than Groomsmen Gifts?

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to show everyone in your wedding party how much you appreciate their friendship.

Traditionally, the groom takes care of giving gifts to the male members of the wedding party — to include the best man, groomsmen, and ring bearer.

The guy-to-be-wed should also provide a gift to the one officiating the wedding whether it’s a judge, pastor, priest, or another officiant.

But choosing gifts for the groom’s wedding party is no easy task. Many grooms contemplate: should your best man gift be different than the groomsmen gifts?

The best man has more responsibility than the other members of the wedding party. Sometimes, the best man along with the maid of honor will handle the pre-wedding party for all members of the wedding.

This is in addition to the bachelor party planning.

All of these things require effort as well as money.

Given the investments in the form of time, money, and effort that the best man gives to the wedding, then it is fitting to differentiate your gift of appreciation for the best man. He is a valuable part of not just your wedding, but your life as well.

Do You Get the Best Man an Additional Groomsmen Gift?

The male wedding party should receive a gift from the groom, and extra emphasis goes to the best man’s gift. 

But it’s up to the newlyweds to decide between giving an additional gift or just something a little nicer.

Choosing From Best Man Gift Ideas

Yes, you should provide a different or additional gift to the best man. But that doesn’t mean that you need to spend more money than you did on the rest.

In fact, there’s another way of making the gift different from the others.

You can choose a different color, shape, or material for the best man gift while the others get matching gifts.

For example, if you are handing out a fountain pen, you can choose one particular model and get a black one for the best man while the groomsmen get a blue pen.

Keep in mind that going for a more expensive gift for the best man is not a bad idea, either.

After all, he carries more responsibilities than the groomsmen, so a nicer gift is appropriate.

Make sure to carefully choose gifts whether for the groomsmen or the best man. As the groom you know these men well, so getting them a gift they’d like shouldn’t be difficult.

We recommend that the groom does not just buy something that would end up collecting dust on shelves.

Ideally, the gifts are something that your best man and groomsmen will enjoy and use for years to come.

Also, be mindful of the characters or attitudes of the person receiving the gifts. For example, don’t hand out liquor to someone who is a recovering alcoholic.

Groomsmen Gifting 101

Giving gifts to your wedding party is a tradition that you don’t want to overlook. The people who attend and help you with the preparations have invested time, effort, and money for your day to be highly successful.

Hand out your gifts in person and not through the mail, unless the recipient is unable to attend.

Ideally, you should buy your gifts at least a month before the wedding day, and not days before. Waiting until the last minute will limit your options since your time will be at a premium the week prior to your wedding. 

Wedding Party

Wedding Party Gifts

For members of the male wedding party, the following suggestions are appropriate, proving to be popular gifts for the best man and groomsmen alike.

  • Accessories: Men’s accessories like ties, wallets, and belts are always a good choice and very practical. Other accessories to consider are cufflinks and watches, which can both be engraved with the initials or name of the best man.
  • Wine and Spirits: Although it wouldn’t last long, wine and spirits are a nice touch and are appropriate for that friend who likes being the life of the party. 
  • Drinking Accessories: These can be whiskey glasses and custom beer tap handles, anything that the recipient can add to their collection. This is where your knowledge of your party comes in, as you need to know their tastes and interests.
  • Pocket Tools: Appropriate for guests who are part-time weekend warriors or even just enthusiasts of the outdoors. Pocket knives, multi-tools, and fishing lures are some of the more popular items.
  • Cooking Tools and Gadgets: More for the aspiring chef and barbecue aficionado. You can give them cooking tools like grills, aprons, and even smokers depending on their culinary interests.
  • Sports Items: For the sports fan, give them licensed products or memorabilia like signed posters, t-shirts, or caps.

When To Give Best Man Gifts

Timing, they say, is everything. This saying is applicable when giving out the groomsmen gifts as well.

Some couples choose to give out their gifts to the wedding party after the wedding reception. But this isn’t a good idea as many of them will have consumed a considerable amount of alcohol during the reception.

So, when is a good time to give out the gifts to the best man and the groomsmen?

The answer is simple: before the wedding. How long before the wedding is up to you.

You can give out during the wedding rehearsals or even the bachelor party. If handing out the gifts is not feasible at these times, then the groom can give them on the wedding day before the ceremony.

The manner of giving out the gifts can vary. For example, the groom may hand the gifts out individually or as a group during the rehearsal dinner, lunch, or the bachelor party.

Are you getting the best man a more expensive gift than the groomsmen? Then consider handing out the gifts more discreetly and privately.

You don’t want the best man to feel embarrassed by the gesture and to avoid having other groomsmen envious of his gift.

Great Best Man Gift Ideas

So if you’re in need of some gift ideas that check the “extra nice” box, read on.

“Silver Bullet” Best Man Bundle with Cufflinks and Money ClipBest Man Gift Bundle

We sell plenty of our bottle openers as groomsmen gifts by themselves, with and without gift boxes. With our Best Man Bundle we’ve added a few things to make a special set.

Each Best Man Bundle comes standard with custom engraving on both the bottle opener and the gift box. The bundle also includes a .50 Caliber Money Clip and a pair of .50 Caliber Cufflinks in either brass or nickel.

The .50 caliber bottle opener is presented in a custom engraved gift box which can be personalized according to your own preferences. Made out of a custom-engraved and nickel-plated material, the bottle opener is great for your groomsmen, best man, and father of the bride.

Whether you wish to use it as a decorative item or as an everyday bottle opener, the product will surely impress your loved ones. Moreover, both the bottle opener and the box can also be personalized with custom engravings which are done by veteran craftsmen.

The other items included in the packaging, the .50 caliber money clip and a pair of .50 caliber cufflinks add further charm to the style statement of every man.

In order to add a subtle essence of detail and decency, these pair of cufflinks can be worn with both business and informal attire. Featuring a polished exterior, the cufflinks are a great addition to their everyday style. Moreover, the .50 caliber money clip will fit perfectly into the pocket and keep money safe and secure.


  • Best value for the money as this package includes three high-quality items which feature unique design patterns.
  • The .50 caliber bottle opener works great for both decoration and daily-use.
  • Cufflinks are stylish and can be easily paired with all sorts of everyday attire.
  • Money clip protects your cash and are also a nice status symbol.


  • The bullet theme may not appeal to every guy in your wedding party.

For a slightly different version of the same product…

Matte Black Best Man BundleBest Man Gift Bundle -- Bottle Opener and Cufflinks

30mm Custom Tap Handles

Beer enthusiasts can judge a beer’s taste and quality in a single sip. Presentation value also matters — which is where our custom tap handles come in.

Our tap handles are available in various types and sizes but there is certainly no match for the 30mm Custom Tap Handle. At nearly a foot long, it will stand out on any kegerator or home bar.

The matte black tap handle features a real once-fired 30mm casing combined with a replica projectile. Opt for customization and we’ll engrave it with the text of your choice.

They feature standard threading on the base, so attaching to any standard tap is not an issue.

Made in the United States of America by veteran craftsmen, this tap handle lets you pour your beer with a real casing fired from a A-10 Warthog.


  • Matte finishing makes this item non-slip, and the tap handles are designed to fit properly over any standard beer tap.
  • The low weight of the item never affects the performance of the tap and makes it easier to manipulate.
  • The product can be customized.
  • It is not just an ideal gift but can also serve as a collectible since it is made from a bullet fired from an A-10 Warthog.


  • Not every groomsman will have their own kegerator requiring a tap handle…but maybe this gift would spur them to take action.

Six Shooter Whiskey GlassSix Shooter Whiskey Glass and bourbon

Is your Best Man is more of a whiskey, bourbon, or scotch kind of guy? Then he would probably make good use of one of these glasses.

These Six Shooters make the perfect whiskey glasses. Machined from a solid block of aluminum and weighing in at over a pound, you won’t find a manlier highball glass on the market.

Each glass holds 10oz of your favorite spirit or cocktail, the perfect size for some bourbon on the rocks.

We can add 1 or 2 lines of custom engraving running bottom to top on each glass. So you’ll have plenty of room to include name, wedding date, “Best Man” or “Father of the Bride,” or anything along those lines.

SD Bottle Factory Pints and Coasters

San Diego Bottle Factory Coasters and Pints

Does your best man loves craft beer — and does he trend towards a particular brewery or two?

Then you can’t go wrong with a few pint glasses and a set of coasters. We recommend these, made from upcycled bottles, labels, and six-pack boxes of your favorite beer.

These unique barware accessories are handmade in San Diego by Eric Hollister who runs SDBF in his garage.

The pint glasses are made out of 22oz bomber bottles from breweries that screen-print or paint on their logos rather than using stick-on labels. SDBF then cuts them to a height of 6″ tall and sands the lip to a factory-smooth finish.

For the coasters, Eric covers 4″ square travertine tiles with peeled labels or cardboard beer boxes then coats each coaster with a waterproof finish that cleans easily while preserving the graphics for years to come.

Don’t see the beer or brewery that you’re looking for? Contact Eric H. through their site or social media and he can see about doing a custom order for you.

Survival Kit

We could write a full-blown description of our survival kits.

Or I can just point you towards the product demo video which shows all the features and options for these kits.


This unique kit is made from a recycled .50 Caliber ammo can, powder-coated with either a Gloss Black or Matte Black finish.

You can also opt to leave the ammo can with its classic OD green finish.

  • Custom-moulded felt insert
  • Comes with a pair of stainless steel pint glasses, a stainless-steel flask, a funnel, and a .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener
  • Comes standard with custom engraving on every part of the kit — bottle opener, can, pints, and flask


  • Customization makes it a unique, memorable gift
  • Items included in the kit are of excellent quality and all come with engraving


  • Difficult to carry in luggage because of size. You’ll probably want to hand it out well before the wedding.

“Build Your Own” Best Man Gifts

If you want to build your own best man gift, start with one of our custom engraved ammo cans in either OD green or gloss red.

Personalize one or both sides of the can with the best man’s name, initials, and date/location of the wedding. Or add some sort of inside joke or embarrassing quote about him.

Boom, “gift wrapping” solved.

Then load up the can with whatever else he would like from our website — maybe a custom .50 caliber bottle opener and a pair of shot glasses, or a rocks glass and a set of whiskey bullets, or a custom beer tap handle if he’s got a kegerator at home.

Once you’ve received your ammo can you can add anything else he would like that we (a) don’t stock on our site or (b) can’t stock and ship for legal reasons. Some options along those lines would be:

  • A bottle of his favorite liquor or some hard-to-find craft beer
  • Cigars and a lighter
  • Ammunition for a day at the shooting range
  • A personalized pocketknife
  • Some low-cost (but very useful) throw-ins like a credit card bottle opener or pocket multitool
  • Customized glassware along the lines of these rocks glasses or pint glasses for your hometown or college town

Throw in some stuff that’s of significant personal or sentimental value like some photos or a handwritten note.

They will go a long way towards thanking your best man for everything he has done.

Be the Best Gift Giver Ever

Always keep in mind that your best man and groomsmen are there to help you every step of the way.

A bad choice of a gift will do no good in showing the appreciation that you should want to convey.

While weddings can be expensive, always leave some room for your gifts so that your wedding party will feel highly appreciated.

So, do you get the best man an additional groomsmen gift or a different gift? Absolutely if you can do it and stay within your budget. They deserve the extra gift or a special gift since their list of duties and responsibilities aren’t exactly short and easy to accomplish. 

Most of all, be the best gift giver ever. Be there for your best man, the way he did for you before, during and after the wedding.

Does the Best Man Need to Get the Groom a Gift?

While we've talked plenty about finding gifts for your best man we get the above question quite often.

A groom's wedding party, particularly his best man, will have some tasks to complete given his role in the wedding — while those responsibilities aren't a surprise to most, normally first-timers will have questions about them.

Will he be responsible for organizing the bachelor party?

Will he coordinate and work closely with the maid of honor?

And finally — do I owe the groom a gift in addition to my presence at the wedding and my services leading up to the big day?

We'll cover those questions one by one.

The Role of the Best Man

More often than not, the best man is the closest guy to the groom. He could be the brother, cousin, relative or the best friend of the one who is getting married.

It's this tight relationship that was the basis for choosing the best man.

As a person who knows the groom well, the best man has plenty of duties when it comes to helping the groom with the wedding details.

Regardless of the guidance we give you, it's best to talk to the groom about what you are supposed to do during the wedding preparations, especially if you are unsure of your role.

There are no strict rules about what the best man should do. It depends on a variety of factors like tradition, culture, and sometimes even economics.

Pre-Wedding Duties

For example, in some cases, the best man is expected to work closely with the maid of honor to help out with the wedding preparations.

There are times when the best man is expected to host the wedding rehearsal along with either one of the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, or sometimes the bride’s family.

Others prefer to have the best man arrange the bachelor party. This means finding the venue, sending out the invites, and planning the program for the party.

If you can, it's also a good and generous idea to offer to arrange and shoulder the expenses for the bachelor party. You can share the costs with the guests or with the groomsmen.

Wedding Day Duties

If you have the gift of gab, then you can also offer to be the host of the wedding. This would save the couple time and effort in finding someone for the job.

Traditionally, the best man is asked to make a speech during the wedding program or make the toast for the couple. The wedding couple should decide on the program for the big day well ahead of time so the best man will know in advance if he's required to speak.

It's also the job of the best man to dress up for the occasion. Most of the time the groom will select the attire for the best man and the groomsmen.

The groom could decide to shoulder this expense or have each individual person of his wedding party be responsible for paying for their attire.

So, does the best man need to get the groom a gift?

Just like the role of the best man, no rule about gifting the groom is cast in stone. This means that giving the groom a gift is really up to the discretion of the best man.

If you have already shouldered some of the expenses as well as organized at least one of the pre-wedding events, then the best man can opt out of giving a gift to the groom.

There are some customs or traditions that would require the best man to give a gift to the groom. For example, some families have inherited the practice of having the best man give a keepsake for the groom while others only require the person to show up during the wedding.

The best man, like other wedding guests, should give the wedding couple a gift to help them in starting their new life together.

What to Give the Groom?

A gift for the groom needs to either be practical or something he will undoubtedly like. Take some time and put thought into the gift.

Chances are the groom has put considerable thought into his groomsmen gifts. At the very least, he thought enough of you to be his best man -- so you owe him some recognition in return.

As a best man, you know the likes and dislikes of the groom, which would narrow down your choices.

There are a variety of things that can be given as a gift for the one who is getting married, and in many cases our guides to groomsmen gifts will be a good place to start — simply have your selection personalized with the groom's information rather than the standard best man/groomsman details.

The gift can be an item that will be used for the wedding. Perhaps you can get him a pair of shoes from his favorite shoemaker or brand. Or it can be a bottle of his favorite spirits like whiskey, wine, or cognac.

If you are giving the couple a gift instead of handing out an item to the groom, then think of an item that the pair can use as husband and wife.

Check to see if the couple has a bridal registry so that you can choose a gift they selected themselves. If there is none, it would be a thoughtful gesture to ask the couple about what household item you can give them just to be sure that it will be of use to them.

Presence Is More Than Enough

Don't worry if budget is an issue. The groom chose you to be the best man not because of the contents of your wallet but because you have stood by him for many years. Giving a gift is a thoughtful gesture, but in many cases, it's the intangibles that make a difference.

Aside from physical items, helping out with wedding errands can be one of the most thoughtful and useful gestures you can provide.

The best man can be the one to handle and coordinate among the male members of the entourage or can merely ensure that the groom shows up for the wedding.

Of course, being on your best behavior during wedding-related events such as bachelor parties or wedding rehearsals would be the most beautiful gift to the groom and consequently the couple.

This means showing up on time and refusing to get drunk so as not to embarrass the bride and groom.

If you are asked to make a speech or a toast, then take time to organize your thoughts. Remember, material things are good to hand out, but in most cases, the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that come from the heart.