Best Wedding Venues in All 50 States

Best Wedding Venues Near Me: Our Top Choice For Each State

We realize that weddings are made for the bride. From the diamond ring to the beautiful dress to walking down the aisle, it’s easy to see the wedding as an event more for the bride than the groom.

The reception (and even the ceremony) doesn’t have to be that way. Despite the popularity and the seeming proliferation of wineries, you aren’t obligated to celebrate your nuptials in a vineyard. There are other options that are equally beautiful yet more groom-friendly.

The Groomsmen Central list of 50 unique wedding venues in 50 states includes castles, barns, baseball fields, halls of fame, glaciers, and a ghost town.

It also includes an aquarium, museum, and a library so there’s something for every type of groom. Let us take you from sea to shining sea, one cool wedding venue at a time.

Best Alabama Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue Alabama

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The Sterling Castle

Our list is in alphabetical order by state but the Sterling Castle would be at the top our list regardless. What girl didn’t grow up dreaming about being married in a castle? Make that fairytale come true with the awe-inspiring Sterling Castle.

Best Alaska Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue Alaska

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Pearson’s Pond

Wants something different as a wedding venue? Maybe something distinctly Alaska? Then try getting married on a glacier. It’s a real thing and really cool. Your wedding day starts in Juneau with a helicopter ride and suiting up in glacier gear.

Best Arizona Wedding Venue

Grand Canyon Wedding

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Grand Canyon Wedding

People generally think of cactus and the Grand Canyon when they think of Arizona so why not incorporate one of these on your wedding day? Getting married on top of a cactus isn’t really a good idea but you can get married at the Grand Canyon.

In the words of Ron Swanson: “Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon” so you may not have too hard of a time convincing the bride-to-be that the Grand Canyon is an appropriate backdrop for your wedding.

Best Arkansas Wedding Venue

Arkansas Wedding Venue

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Mulberry Mountain

This state is referred to as the Natural State and our choice of wedding venue reflects the natural beauty of Arkansas. It’s definitely a great wedding venue idea for the couple who enjoys the outdoors, offering the happy couple and their guests plenty to do before during and after the ceremony.

Best California Wedding Venue

Los Angeles Wedding Venue

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Dodger Stadium

Let’s get this out of the way before we give our choice for our wedding venue in California. There are plenty of cool and unique wedding venues in the Golden State but we wanted to include one that is distinctly southern California. Giving grooms the opportunity to take batting practice before hitting a home run on their wedding day at Dodger Stadium is something we just couldn’t ignore. Take us out to the ball game!

Best Colorado Wedding Venue

Colorado Wedding Venue


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Ashcroft Ghost Town

Very few wedding venues can offer the intrigue of a ghost town. Your wedding will definitely be an event that nobody forgets and will leave your guests awed and enraptured. If there is an opposite to getting married at a winery or having a reception in a grand ballroom this is it.

Best Connecticut Wedding Venue

Connecticut Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Kevin Kelley Photography

Mystic Seaport

This is actually a few different wedding venues at one location and all uniquely Connecticut. Tall ships, fresh air, and beautiful water views provide the backdrop for your big day. Did we mention the lighthouse?

Best Delaware Wedding Venue

Delaware Wedding Venue

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Hagley Soda House

The Soda House was built in 1888 and while it doesn’t involve sports, hunting, fishing, or a helicopter ride, there was something inherently cool about this wedding venue. There may be no better place on our list for wedding photos than the Hagley Soda House.

Best Florida Wedding Venue

Florida Wedding Venue

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The Don Cesar

“I’m getting married at The Don Cesar.” It just sounds cool, right? Nicknamed the “Pink Palace,” this St. Petersburg wedding venue has welcomed U.S. presidents, and gangsters alike, and was a favorite of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Truly a legendary choice, The Don Cesar.

Best Georgia Wedding Venue

Georgia Wedding Venue
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Georgia Aquarium

There is plenty of fish in the sea and you can get married in the middle of some of them at the Georgia Aquarium. Your guest definitely won’t get bored as they surround themselves with some of the most beautiful fish in the world and even sharks. Having your wedding here will ensure it’s a whale of a good time.

Best Hawaii Wedding Venue

Hawaii Wedding Venue

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Like California, there is no shortage of great wedding venues in Hawaii.

If you think this area looks awfully similar to the backdrops you saw in the original Jurassic Park movie — you’re not wrong as part of the movie was filmed there. With a location midway between the beach town of Kailua and Oahu’s northernmost tip that marks the start of the North Shore, we selected Kualoa based on its awesome views of everything that is Hawaii.

Choose from their beach, garden, or ranch settings — this wedding venue has it all, even a 125-acre ancient Hawaiian fish pond.

Best Idaho Wedding Venue

Idaho Wedding Venue

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Moose Creek Ranch

Idaho to us means enjoying the beautiful outdoors and moose, so we combined both of these into our choice for a wedding venue in Idaho. Moose Creek Ranch has it all including cabins, horseback riding, a barn with a dance floor and mountains. It even gives you the chance to get married in the snow. Not quite a glacier but still cool.

Best Illinois Wedding Venue

Illinois Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of LK Events

The Field Museum

Chicago is home to the most pre-historic wedding venue on our list with The Field Museum. The elegance of the museum along with the intimidation of some of the exhibits is like the sweet and sour of chocolate covered bacon (which is great by the way). It just works but we can’t really explain it. This is an awesome wedding venue in an Indiana Jones kind of way.

Best Indiana Wedding Venue

Indiana Wedding Venue

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Fountain Square Theatre

The historic Fountain Square Theatre was built in 1928 as a 1500 seat motion picture theatre. After extensive restoration efforts in 1994, the once home of vaudeville is ready to play the starring role in your wedding. From ceiling to the floor this is a great wedding venue located in Indianapolis that guarantees your name will be in lights.

Best Iowa Wedding Venue

Iowa Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Principal Park

Principal Park

Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa — but getting married at the home of Iowa Cubs is as close to heaven as you can get for a wedding venue. Lace up your cleats and hit it out of the park with everything that Principal Park has to offer for weddings. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…

Best Kansas Wedding Venue

Kansas Wedding Venue

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The Oread

It seems fitting that we include The Oread if for no other reason than its proximity to Allen Fieldhouse which has been a fixture in the history of Kansas more so than a witch and ruby red slippers. Take wedding photos in and around the home of Rock Chalk then enjoy the big day in style at this popular game day locale.

Best Kentucky Wedding Venue

Kentucky Wedding Venue

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Getting lucky in Kentucky. Seems like any wedding in the Blue Grass State needs to involve horse racing and it would be difficult to get away from the sport at Keeneland. This Lexington wedding venue is full of the history and beauty that makes Kentucky such a unique place, especially for a wedding.

Best Louisiana Wedding Venue

Louisiana Wedding Venue

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Nottoway Plantation

How can you not get married on a plantation if you are tying the knot in Louisiana? The Nottoway Plantation has the beauty and elegance that she wants and makes you look like a baller to all your groomsmen. This is the wedding venue that dreams are made of, both hers and yours.

Best Maine Wedding Venue

Maine Wedding Venue

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The Bradley Inn

Maine is famous for lobsters and lighthouses and with this venue you can incorporate both into your wedding. It provides exceptional backgrounds for wedding pictures and lobster fit for a king. Be a king for a day at The Bradley Inn.

Best Maryland Wedding Venue

Maryland Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Sarah Murray Photography

The George Peabody Library

You don’t need to be a bookworm to enjoy this wedding venue. This is simply a magnificent wedding venue that will instantly make you look smarter even if you don’t pick up a single book. 

Best Massachusetts Wedding Venue

Boston Wedding Venue

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State Room

The State Room in Boston is the best urban setting for a wedding on our list. The unparalleled view of Boston Harbor through the 50 ft wide and 20 ft high glass wall exudes awesome wedding venue without having to say a word.


Best Michigan Wedding Venue

Michigan Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of The Knot

The Henry Ford Museum

If there is a person in history that has meant more to a state or an industry we can’t think of it. Henry Ford is Michigan so it’s only appropriate that our wedding venue for Michigan involves the automotive icon. What the Model T lacked in features the Henry Ford Museum more than makes up for. This wedding venue in Michigan will definitely get your marriage moving in the right direction.

Best Minnesota Wedding Venue

Minnesota Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Wedding Wire

The Van Dusen Mansion

The name kind of rolls of the tongue and looks as good as it sounds. The Van Dusen Mansion is a wedding venue worthy of the Great Gatsby. It’s the epitome of cool and so will you if you opt for the Van Dusen Mansion.

Best Mississippi Wedding Venue

Mississippi Wedding Venue

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Stanton Hall

We are fans of plantation weddings in the south in case you haven’t noticed. Stanton Hall would be an incredible wedding venue in the south, north, east, or west. Its southern hospitality, romance, and charm in one beautiful building. Want some history to go along with this unique wedding venue? How about that most of it remains unfinished to this day because of rising tensions from the Civil War. Not to worry — what is finished is spectacular.

Best Missouri Wedding Venue

St. Louis Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch

When you say Budweiser you say it all and when you say “I do” in St. Louis why not do it right where they make the beer? Having your wedding here will definitely set the standard for any bachelor in attendance and also make your bride look even better. Not to mention it cuts down on the time for a beer run by one of your groomsmen.

Best Montana Wedding Venue

Montana Wedding Venue

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Spruce Lodge at Flathead Lake

Not really sure it could get any better than Spruce Lodge at Flathead Lake with the lake, boats, and your closest family and friends. If you like the outdoors then this is probably the best wedding venue on our list.

Best Nebraska Wedding Venue

Nebraska Wedding Venue

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Lied Lodge

This place is cool…Nebraska cool and if you embrace all that is the Cornhusker State than this wedding venue has to be on your list. You aren’t confined to a barn because Lied Lodge actually has several great venues so there is something for every groom and bride.

Best Nevada Wedding Venue

Vegas Wedding Venue

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Caesars Palace

You had to know we would pick a wedding venue in Vegas. Caesars Palace is where legends are born and your wolfpack will definitely enjoy your wedding at one of the three wedding chapels at Caesars Palace. There is no phone bank but you can definitely bank on a great wedding in Vegas.

Best New Hampshire Wedding Venue

New Hampshire Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Wedding Spot

The Wentworth

The Wentworth just sounds elegant and this exclusive club in New England is everything the name implies. Elegance and romance abound at The Wentworth.


Best New Jersey Wedding Venue

New Jersey Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Del Rio Yachts

Del Rio Yachts

Your wedding party and guests will be on a boat at this wedding venue on water. How cool is to say “I do” to your lady with Lady Liberty in the background? This is an epic wedding venue if there ever was one.

Best New Mexico Wedding Venue

New Mexico Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of El Monte Sagrado

El Monte Sagrado

You and your bride will step inside the Sacred Circle to exchange vows. Even better than the Trust Tree, this wedding venue is everything you would expect from the Land of Enchantment.

Best New York Wedding Venue

New York Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Sands Point Preserve

Sands Point Preserve

This may be the wedding venue to end all wedding venues and is definitely on the wedding crashers top 10 list. This venue on Long Island lacks nothing. It’s beautiful from the architecture to the blue skies and water and will make you legendary.

Best North Carolina Wedding Venue

North Carolina Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Junebug Weddings

Bay 7

Bay 7 is located in the American Tobacco District in Durham so getting a fresh cigar to celebrate your nuptials shouldn’t be an issue. Imagine how cool you will look puffing on a stooge in this urban chic setting. There. We said it. You are now urban chic. Given that Bay 7 is operated by The Angus Barn, you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on some top-quality steaks for the reception, as well.

Best North Dakota Wedding Venue

North Dakota Wedding Venue

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We know what you are thinking but a place named the Boondocks is a great wedding venue. North Dakota is fortunate to have such an establishment much the same way you are fortunate to have met your future wife.

Best Ohio Wedding Venue

Ohio Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Inside the Star

Pro Football Hall of Fame

If you can pull this one off with your bride to be then she deserves the golden jacket of a football hall of famer. This would mark an almost unprecedented ask in the world of wedding venues but you can do it. More importantly, you have to do it for all your groomsmen who will live vicariously through you.

Best Oklahoma Wedding Venue

Oklahoma Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of The Caliber Museum

The Caliber Museum

There aren’t many wedding venues up to the caliber of this wedding venue. We know that was a bad pun but The Caliber Museum is anything but bad. It’s actually better than OK.

Best Oregon Wedding Venue

Oregon Wedding Venue

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Jacobsen Salt

This might be the only venue on our list that can provide wedding favors and a great wedding venue all in one. They bill themselves as offering America’s greatest sea salt, and who are we to argue? The sea salt and locally harvested honey mean the food at your reception will likely be better than anything you or your guests have ever eaten. Dig in at this special wedding venue in Oregon.

Best Pennsylvania Wedding Venue

Pennsylvania Wedding Venue

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Camp Timber Tops

Getting married at camp sounds like a crazy idea. Crazy good that is because Camp Timber Tops in the Pocono Mountains is just the right amount of adult with a mix of adolescence that we can’t get enough of. Like a John Hughes film from the ‘80s, your wedding will be an instant classic.

Best Rhode Island Wedding Venue

Rhode Island Wedding Venue

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Mount Hope Farm

Mount Hope Farm is actually two different venues but one incredible location. There are the rustic Barn and the Cove Cabin on the edge of the water. Both are cool wedding venues and definitely up your wedding game.

Best South Carolina Wedding Venue

South Carolina Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Southern Weddings

Wavering Place

Wavering Place provides a beautiful backdrop for your life-changing event. It’s equal parts history, elegance, and ambiance. As their website says, this wedding venue is more than a venue, it’s an experience.

Best South Dakota Wedding Venue

South Dakota Wedding Venue

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Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort

We’d be extremely disappointed if any wedding venue with “gaming” in the name didn’t promote a shotgun wedding. You and your guests will be anything but disappointed if the Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort is your wedding venue of choice.

Best Tennessee Wedding Venue

Tennessee Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Music Hall of Fame

This is the second hall of fame on our list but the Country Music Hall of Fame is second to none when it comes to wedding venues in Tennessee. There shouldn’t be an issue with selecting your wedding music and they can help with unique wedding favors.

Best Texas Wedding Venue

Texas Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Wedding Wire


While you may not need a mechanical bull at your wedding — would you turn one down if available, especially when you’re getting married in Texas? Find out who can ride a bull and do the two-step in this legendary Dallas wedding venue that is truly Texas chic.

Best Utah Wedding Venue

Utah Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Ben Green Photography

Zion National Park

The natural beauty of Utah needs to be a part of any wedding. The remarkable landscape makes for unforgettable photos and an unforgettable wedding. This jewel of our nation is an outstanding backdrop for one of the biggest moments of your life.

Best Vermont Wedding Venue

Vermont Wedding Venue

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Basin Harbor

Basin Harbor is multiple wedding venues in one location. From a boat to the Wedding Arch you will have no trouble finding the setting of your wedding dreams. There’s golf as well so you can get nine holes in before the ceremony.

Best Virginia Wedding Venue

Virginia Wedding Venue

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Chrysler Museum of Art

Virginia is for lovers and the Chrysler Museum of Art is built for weddings. It’s a beautiful venue that is awe-inspiring. This wedding venue in Virginia is both class and sophistication.

Best Washington Wedding Venue

Washington Wedding Venue

photo courtesy of Married to Adventure

TreeHouse Point

Not many couples can say they got married in a tree house and who didn’t want a tree house growing up? You can finally have your tree house and get married at the same time. Tree House Point might be the coolest wedding venue on our list.

Best West Virginia Wedding Venue

West Virginia Wedding Venue

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Berkeley Springs Castle

This the last castle or mansion on our list and it’s in West Virginia. This could be the best venue on our list of top wedding venues in all 50 states. It’s that good, that awesome, and it has cannons. That’s plenty of firepower for your wedding.

Best Wisconsin Wedding Venue

Wisconsin Wedding Venue

Whistling Straits

Sure we could have gone with something to do with a farm as a great wedding venue in Wisconsin but not when you have Whistling Straits. Yes, the same Whistling Straits of Ryder Cup fame. Any fan of golf needs to get married here. If not for you then for your groomsmen who can probably get a full 18 in before suiting up for your wedding.

Best Wyoming Wedding Venue

Wyoming Wedding Venue

Grand Targhee Resort

Last but not least is your chance to get hitched in the Grand Tetons. Over the river and through the woods from Jackson Hole you will find the wedding venue of your dreams. This has everything you would ever want in an outdoor wedding.