Best Wedding Venues Near Me: Our Top Choice For Each State

We realize that weddings are made for the bride. From the diamond ring to the beautiful dress to walking down the aisle, it’s easy to see the wedding as an event more for the bride than the groom.

The reception (and even the ceremony) doesn’t have to be that way. Despite the popularity and the seeming proliferation of wineries, you aren’t obligated to celebrate your nuptials in a vineyard. There are other options that are equally beautiful yet more groom-friendly.

The Groomsmen Central list of 50 unique wedding venues in 50 states includes castles, barns, baseball fields, halls of fame, glaciers, and a ghost town.

It also includes an aquarium, museum, and a library so there’s something for every type of groom. Let us take you from sea to shining sea, one cool wedding venue at a time.


Best Alabama Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue Alabama

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The Sterling Castle

Our list is in alphabetical order by state but the Sterling Castle would be at the top our list regardless. What girl didn’t grow up dreaming about being married in a castle? Make that fairytale come true with the awe-inspiring Sterling Castle.

Best Alaska Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue Alaska

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Pearson’s Pond

Wants something different as a wedding venue? Maybe something distinctly Alaska? Then try getting married on a glacier. It’s a real thing and really cool. Your wedding day starts in Juneau with a helicopter ride and suiting up in glacier gear.

Best Arizona Wedding Venue

Grand Canyon Wedding

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Grand Canyon Wedding

People generally think of cactus and the Grand Canyon when they think of Arizona so why not incorporate one of these on your wedding day? Getting married on top of a cactus isn’t really a good idea but you can get married at the Grand Canyon.

In the words of Ron Swanson: “Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon” so you may not have too hard of a time convincing the bride-to-be that the Grand Canyon is an appropriate backdrop for your wedding.

Best Arkansas Wedding Venue

Arkansas Wedding Venue

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Mulberry Mountain

This state is referred to as the Natural State and our choice of wedding venue reflects the natural beauty of Arkansas. It’s definitely a great wedding venue idea for the couple who enjoys the outdoors, offering the happy couple and their guests plenty to do before during and after the ceremony.

Best California Wedding Venue

Los Angeles Wedding Venue

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Dodger Stadium

Let’s get this out of the way before we give our choice for our wedding venue in California. There are plenty of cool and unique wedding venues in the Golden State but we wanted to include one that is distinctly southern California. Giving grooms the opportunity to take batting practice before hitting a home run on their wedding day at Dodger Stadium is something we just couldn’t ignore. Take us out to the ball game!

Best Colorado Wedding Venue

Colorado Wedding Venue


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Ashcroft Ghost Town

Very few wedding venues can offer the intrigue of a ghost town. Your wedding will definitely be an event that nobody forgets and will leave your guests awed and enraptured. If there is an opposite to getting married at a winery or having a reception in a grand ballroom this is it.

Best Connecticut Wedding Venue

Connecticut Wedding Venue

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Mystic Seaport

This is actually a few different wedding venues at one location and all uniquely Connecticut. Tall ships, fresh air, and beautiful water views provide the backdrop for your big day. Did we mention the lighthouse?

Best Delaware Wedding Venue

Delaware Wedding Venue

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Hagley Soda House

The Soda House was built in 1888 and while it doesn’t involve sports, hunting, fishing, or a helicopter ride, there was something inherently cool about this wedding venue. There may be no better place on our list for wedding photos than the Hagley Soda House.

Best Florida Wedding Venue

Florida Wedding Venue

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The Don Cesar

“I’m getting married at The Don Cesar.

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