Best Men’s Wedding Rings in 2022

Looking for best silicone rings for men?

I have you covered with a complete list of the best wedding bands this year.






Best Men's Wedding Rings in 2022

BEST OVERALL – KAUAI Artist-Designed Silicone Wedding Rings


Best Men's Wedding Rings in 2022

RUNNER UP – Engaro Silicone Wedding Rings For Workouts


Best Men's Wedding Rings in 2022

Enso Ultralite Silicone Fashion Ring

Best Men's Wedding Rings in 2022

ThunderFit Silicone Rings For Men


Best Men's Wedding Rings in 2022

King Will Basic Silicone Rings For Men

Metal rings can really suck.

They’re conductive, uncomfortable, and can get caught in pretty horrific ways. If you’re currently wearing one and trying to make the switch over to silicone, have I got some news for you.

You’re not only making a smart decision, but you’re also saving a ton of money for the future, even if you ever need to replace your silicone band, you’ll still be paying a fraction of what traditional wedding bands cost.

So we’ve done it – we’ve found the best men’s silicone rings available (also see our guide on the best women’s silicone rings), given them a proper round of reviews, and answered your questions surrounding silicone bands replacing your traditional metal wedding ring.

It’s a bit of a leap, but if you’re willing to take it, you’ll be able to start with the cream of the crop right here.

KAUAI Artist-Designed Silicone Wedding Rings for Men


On top of the list of the best silicone ring companies out there, we have KAUAI – a little-known, highly durable and reputable brand that tends to stand in the shadow of Groove and Enso.

These rings come with an excellent, unique finish to them with designs crafted by authentic artists, giving a one-of-a-kind appeal that you can’t find anywhere else.

As the best silicone wedding rings, they come in a variety of colors, from the traditional gold-colored (in this case, desert sand), to more vibrant shades of pinks and blues.

You can still have matching band designs but go with different colors if that’s what you want to do. Darker colors such as slate gray and pitch black are also available.

Now let’s talk about the technical specs here, because KAUAI packs in some seriously powerful features.

For one, your silicone is protected up to 400°F, which is a temperature that’s never even going to be near your hands without you instinctively pulling them away. That’s food-grade safety right there.

Apart from the stellar designs and the heat resistance, you also have a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days after your purchase, as well as a lifetime replacement warranty that’s provided straight from the manufacturer – not from Asurion, the Amazon warranty company.

You deal directly with them from start to finish, and their only goal is to make sure you have a reliable silicone ring that’s future-proof.

Dimensions: 3” x 2” x 0.7”

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.3 oz

Colors Available: 12



Engaro really stole our hearts with one simple concept that you’ll see in competitors like Groove – lines on the inside of the ring to help with airflow.

It’s insane how quickly bacteria can multiply between your finger and your ring, whether it’s metal or silicone. It happens so fast, and it can occur just from washing your hands and a little bit of moisture slips in there. These grooves help prevent that.

Apart from that function, you also have a grooved shelf along the edges that helps give an aesthetic appeal, while giving flexibility.

If you lift weights or do anything strenuous while wearing these silicone bands, the silicone stretches with you without putting too much tension on the band. Silicone isn’t invincible, but with the right design like this, it’s incredibly durable.

Because we’re no longer confined to basic gold, silicone wedding rings for men offer a way to get something vibrant that you actually want to wear, and make it look good. There’s gold, silver, gray, and other darker shades to choose from as well; Engaro gives you eight options in total.

These bands tend to run from about sixe eight up to thirteen, so while it’s in a more limited space than some other silicone brands, it should get the job done.

Much like some of the other top-tier brands we’re going to be discussing today, you get a lifetime warranty with Engaro, where you deal directly with them instead of a third-party warranty provider.

Dimensions: 4.4” x 3” x 0.4”

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.4 oz

Colors Available: 8


Enso Rings Women's & Men's Ultralite Silicone Ring

Enso remains as one of the top silicone ring brands out there. They’re practically the first thing that you find whenever you search for silicone rings.

The reason they’ve stayed on top for so long is because of their simple designs that withstand the test of time, and how well they work with a fitness lifestyle.

Whatever Enso does to their silicone, it’s the secret to their success. On the sales page for this ring, they show photos of someone lifting a heavy kettlebell with their Enso ring on, and it perfectly showcases just what these rings can do.

Because of how they can stretch, when you’re working out and applying pressure to your hands for various exercises, your Enso ring works with you. It’s very flexible.

Mens silicone rings often come in disappointing colors. We don’t just want basic black; we want some vibrancy, too. Enso comes with seven colors from lightning green to ultraviolet purple, and a few other unique shades as well.

Everything is made with medical grade silicone, ensuring it withstands the stresses of your day-to-day operations no matter what.

Last but not least, Enso is one of the few brands in this space that offer a lifetime warranty, and how can you not love that?

All you have to do is contact their customer support center, and they’ll get back to you generally within 48 hours with a solution. When you buy Enso, you’re basically buying for life (which is a good thing for a wedding band, isn’t it?).

Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 0.4”

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.3 oz

Colors Available: 7


ThunderFit Silicone Rings for Men

If you’ve ever owned silicone rings before, then I think we can all attest to the fact that the edges of the band are one of the most difficult things to deal with.

Some silicone rings leave a harsher edge there that chafes your skin, especially if it gets wet from washing your hands on a day-to-day basis. It rubs against it and leaves you feeling raw.

ThunderFit solves that issue and keeps you in good hands. If you look closely, there’s a very nice, smooth finish to the edges of this band.

It feels like it glides right on your finger like Cinderella and her slipper, but then the underside still has some traction to your finger, which helps it stay in place and prevent moisture from seeping in.

As one of the best mens silicone rings, you’re getting durability from a solid company, but nothing is perfect. Eventually, silicone rings stretch out just a little bit, so the traction on the underside of that band I was talking about won’t last forever.

We have a guide on how to shrink silicone rings back to their original size which can help you with that.

If a dark charcoal color isn’t what you want for your wedding band, you’ll be happy to know that ThunderFit offers a wide variety of colors to give some vibrancy to your bands, from light blue and blue camo, to green camo and burgundy red—there’s something for everyone.

Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 0.4”

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.3 oz

Colors Available: 10 +


King Will Basic 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Men Wedding Black Tungsten Ring


While this made the list for the best silicone wedding ring for men, this is a double feature: you get one silicone ring, but you also get a tungsten carbide version of the same ring (design-wise) along with it.

We’re all about silicone rings here, and prefer to avoid metal, but hear me out: what if your spouse doesn’t like the idea of a silicone ring? What if they want something more traditional?

King Will settles the dispute for you. Get matching engravings and use the silicone band while at work for safety purposes, and the tungsten carbide one when you get home.

Your loved one doesn’t have to worry about you not having a ring on, and you don’t have to worry about the many, many dangers that metal rings have in various professions across the world.

There are a hundred bundles like this online, so why did we go with King Will?

They offer a lifetime warranty on their rings, granting you the peace of mind that you’re always after any time you buy something personal.

The only difficulty here is knowing your ring size for silicone versus metal bands, which can impact your order. That’s not necessarily the fault of the manufacturer, it’s just tricky for individuals to provide the right ring sizes for both.

If getting both of them isn’t your style, that’s okay: we still have four other options on this list for you.

While this is the first silicone ring that King Will has designed, it’s also currently the only one, so there aren’t any other brand-specific options here. At the end of the day, it’s a good bundle to appease both sides of the metal vs. silicone debate, and that’s where it’s strengths lie.

Dimensions: 2.9” x 2.8” x 2.5”

Frame Material: Tungsten, silicone

Weight: 1.2 oz, 0.4 oz

Colors Available: 1

Silicone Ring for Men Buying Guide And FAQ

Silicone Ring For Men Buying Guide And FAQ


In many instances, people will opt for silicone bands in lieu of gold, silver, and even tungsten carbide rings. There are more reasons that people use silicone bands than just one. Let’s go over a few of them now.


Some professions simply do not allow you to wear rings. It’s not just about safety, but more about policy. It’s the same reason that if you have hand tattoos, you can’t get a job as a caterer (in many cases).

Jobs will have a dress code, and many of them do not allow for rings in any capacity. You can take your ring off before you punch in, and then put it back on when you go to leave after you’re off the clock, and that’s usually where it ends.

Silicone bands are easier to keep a hold of and put on than metal bands and run a smaller monetary loss if you happen to misplace them.


Safety is another big issue. For carpenters, nurses, dentists, X-ray technicians, electricians, and more: it can be a conductor, snag on equipment, or run a risk of falling off and causing a brand-new problem where one didn’t exist before.

In important and potentially hazardous jobs, it’s critical that guidelines like these are followed to a tee. Silicone bands don’t pose nearly the same number of risks that metal bands do.

No electricity is going to pass through them; if they get snagged on something powerful, the band will tear under about 40-45 lbs of pressure and keep your finger safe.


Silicone bands tend to be more comfortable for most people. Metal can make your skin feel irritated and itchy, causing an uncomfortable sensation while wearing it. Eventually, you get used to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

Silicone bands provide more immediate comfort right away. The exception here is that some people with skin conditions, such as eczema, might not have the best time with silicone (however, these people also have issues with chafing and skin cracking around the edges of metal bands, too).


Did you know that you can technically be allergic to gold? It can cause rashes and irritation on your skin. Gold bands are the most popular form of wedding bands available today and throughout history, but a small number of people simply can’t wear them.

Silicone can also be an allergen for people, but it’s unlikely to be allergic to gold and silicone simultaneously. It makes silicone the best alternative.


Some “gold” bands can be disguised under less precious metals and force your skin to turn green under some conditions. This can take a long time to go away, or permanently damage the hue of your skin if the conditions aren’t remedied quickly.


This is undoubtedly the biggest reason people have made the switch over to silicone rings instead of semi-precious metals: the damn price. Who has the money to spend on metal bands anymore? Who has the money to replace them?

The rich keep getting richer, and the last thing we need to do is expel our resources on silver and gold.

Instead, spending a fraction of the cost on silicone bands allows us to still have that physical symbol and sentiment of matrimony, but frees us up to use the remaining hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of dollars on things that actually benefit a new marriage. Initial cost, replacement cost; silicone is just cheaper, every single time.


Yes, silicone rings can break. While silicone is superior to gold and silver in many instances, this is one place where there are some checks and balances when compared to those semi-precious metals.

Gold rings are fairly tough, when they’re made right. You’ll get options to choose a millimeter depth when selecting your rings, and if you go for thinner rings due to cost reasons, they end up being a lot weaker.

There’s no set number on what it takes for gold bands to break, because we don’t know the carat, the underlying metal, band thickness and such: there’s a lot of variables here.

But we do know that these bands can break, it just takes a lot of pressure. Before they break, they’ll bend. The only weak spot on a gold band is going to be the solder line, where the metal was brought together and attached. This is like the Achilles heel of a gold wedding ring.

Now, about silicone: it’s soft, so it’s not going to have any crush protection like a gold ring would. That much is true. Most silicone bands can resist up to about 40-45 lbs of pressure in total, but just for some context here, it takes just 9 lbs of pressure to break your nose.

That means the average silicone band could have up to five times that level of resistance, which is pretty wicked when you think about it.

If that pressure is met, they will snap. It’s not designed to act like gold in any way. That’s why you’ll often see medical-grade silicone used in the construction of these rings, because it’s far more resilient and durable than standard food-grade silicone.



By what standards? In terms of cost, or in durability? What is good for you that really sticks out against traditional metal bands?

For the most part, people opt for silicone rings through a heavy veil of skepticism, because they think of the silicone used on their weird and slippery oven mitts, or a silicone spatula that tears on the edges after too many cycles in the dishwasher.

Silicone bands are good, because they’re made slightly differently from the silicone that you use in your home. Silicone comes in different grades for a reason, and the silicone used in these rings is either food-grade (still a step up from silicone spatulas), or medical grade, which is what you really want.

Medical grade silicone offers some astounding benefits, and it’s called medical grade for a reason. Here’s what it’s used for.


From breast implants to contraception rings, silicone is actually used as implantable devices in the body because of how durable it truly is. This doesn’t mean a whole lot for a ring since you wear it on the outside, but rather, it’s simply a testament to its strength


Silicone is a BPA-free material, which is why you will often find it being used for the nipples on store-bought baby bottles. Medical grade silicone doesn’t break down like food grade silicone does, so it works well for long-term solutions like this.


With silicone, you can use it to make a watertight seal if you have the right mold for it. Because silicone is waterproof, it can’t be permeated the way other materials can. Water will simply run off it.


Silicone doesn’t hold onto bacteria as it grows. Even through all this talk of water getting trapped between your finger and a silicone ring, it’s never harbored on the ring; it’s harbored on your skin.

Because of this, silicone is used to create antibacterial doorknob covers and medical gear used in hospitals and doctor’s offices all over the world.

This is classified as Class IV silicone, so if you run into this in the fine details of any silicone ring manufacturer’s website or papers included with a ring purchase, you know that they’re using top-of-the-line silicone.



I see no reason why you couldn’t. One of the things that metal ring manufacturers talk about when downplaying how silicone is taking over is skin irritation.

They claim that metal doesn’t irritate the skin (even though it very well can) and discuss silicone bands being difficult to wear every single day.

Yet, I still sleep with my silicone ring on every day, wear it in the shower, to and from work, and I don’t remember the last time I’ve taken it off for more than ten seconds to clean it. There’s almost nothing prohibiting you from wearing silicone rings every single day unless you have a skin condition.

I’ll say right now that if you have serious eczema, you can be bothered by just about any ring, which includes silicone. It’s possible that daily silicone ring wearing can upset your skin, but it isn’t due to the silicone or how it’s created, it’s due to the skin condition.

Some users may experience a better time with silicone rings once they extend to fit your finger and don’t clamp down on it so much, so if you have a skin condition, consider wearing a silicone ring for a week before casting your judgment on it.


Yes, silicone rings are in fact waterproof, which is one of the best things about them. With any type of metal rings, water can get trapped underneath the band between itself and your finger and create bacterial growth.

While silicone bands aren’t exempt from this happening, the silicone itself is waterproof, so it repels a good amount of water instantly.

That’s why you’ll find so many silicone rings with grooves on the inside of the band. This helps with air drying, or allowing air flow to travel inside of the grooves and reduce that moisture buildup. As a little caveat, though, this isn’t something you’ll experience on the first day you wear your silicone band.

As we’re going to explain in a minute, manufacturers recommend you size down when you buy bands because they’re a little tighter for the first few days.

This can restrict the air flow from those grooves, so don’t count your silicone ring out just yet if you’re experiencing water retention after washing your hands. Just give it a little bit of time.


Yes, they can. It can be in small increments that eventually lead to your ring loosening, but it can definitely happen. This is why you’re often told by just about every major silicone ring manufacturer out there to get a ring that fits snugly, not one that’s going to be too loose.

It’s actually recommended to get between one and one-and-a-half sizes smaller than your actual metal ring size because of how it will stretch.

Once it contours to the shape and size of your hand, the rest is considerably easy. Stretching will occur in accordance with the amount of stress you put on the ring. At this point, it will already be used to your fingers, so it won’t likely change by any drastic amount.

If it does, you don’t have to get a new ring just because your current one is a bit loose – we have a guide on how to shrink your silicone rings right back down to size.

It’s unavoidable, and while it’s one thing that people often use to pit metal and silicone rings against each other, a stretched silicone ring isn’t a death sentence; it’s something that can be fixed, but you’ll often find naysayers overlooking that fact.

Silicone Is The Ring Material Of The Future

Now that you know what the power of silicone has in store for you, what do you say? Which band are you going to grab, and is your spouse on board with a matching band?

If not, we also have a guide for women’s silicone rings that you can take a look at. Silicone is cheaper than metal bands, it’s durable, and you can get some fantastic designs you’ll be proud to show off—there’s no downside. It’s time to make the switch today.

The Best Silicone Wedding Bands: What You Should Look for


You probably gave your conventional wedding band a lot of time and consideration, if you even bought one. Width, design, colour, and substance. The best silicone wedding bands should be treated the same as all other critical factors. It should resemble the style and design of your original planned ring, even though it might not be your genuine ring.


Traditional wedding rings don’t exactly have a reputation for having unusual colour combinations or elevating your personality. Therefore, rest assured that the best silicone wedding bands offer countless style and colour possibilities for you to pick from if expressing yourself (yes, even via your ring finger) is a priority.

Size and Thickness

All different sizes and shapes of silicone wedding bands are available. You won’t have any trouble locating a variety of widths if your goal is to precisely replicate the thickness of your non-silicone band. The same holds true if you want your band to be almost undetectable. No matter what your preference, there is a choice for you.