Best Silicone Rings for Women in 2022






Best Silicone Rings for Women in 2022

BEST OVERALL - ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Rings For Women


Best Silicone Rings for Women in 2022

RUNNER UP - Egnaro Inner Arc Breathable Silicone Rings For Women


Best Silicone Rings for Women in 2022

ROQ Four Pack Of Silicone And Tungsten Wedding Rings

Best Silicone Rings for Women in 2022

Groove Life Silicone Wedding Ring For Women


Best Silicone Rings for Women in 2022

ROQ Silicone And Rubber Rings For Women

Taking marriage into the depths of the 21st century means adopting new ideals, and one of those is keeping an open mind when it comes to selecting your band.

Metal rings are conductive, uncomfortable, and expensive; it’s time to look at the way silicone can fit into your marriage-making decisions. If you’re looking to settle on saving money and go with durable, long-lasting silicone bands instead, then this is what you need to know.

These silicone rings for women are designed to replace your existing wedding band, or be the bands that you and your soon-to-be choose when you tie the knot.

We’re going to describe all the ins and outs of using silicone bands over traditional metal rings, show you the best of the best, and answer your questions on the topic so you can finally decide if silicone is right for you.

ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Rings for Women


ThunderFit also appeared on our list of the best silicone rings for men, because they simply know what they’re doing. Silicone bands are meant to be built tough, but a lot of dollar-store brands end up making rippable silicone that really doesn’t do you any favors.

ThunderFit is all about making their bands durable through everything in your days: working out, fixing your home, bringing the kids home, or whatever it is you have on your list. It holds up.

Up until now, many silicone rings womens brands end up missing the point and going for aesthetics over durability and function. ThunderFit has done both.

They not only offer durable silicone, but over twenty different designs in a non-patronizing range of tones. You have lighter peach and pink colors, but also gray, metallic, marble, black, gold, and plenty of others. They’ve done a great job of making a good spread.

It takes 43 lbs of pressure to break one of these bands, which is nearly five times the amount of pressure it takes to break your nose – these are built to last.

But just in case you hit a snag and they don’t last like you wanted them to, ThunderFit wants to know. They want to extend their warranty and cover you against everything, ensuring that you’re taken care of no matter what.

Their customer service team does a bang-up job at replying quickly and offering aid, so you won’t have to wait around just to get an answer and a quick solution. You can keep it cheap with ThunderFit, and get one of the best versatile silicone rings on the market for women at the same time.

Dimensions: 2.3

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.8 oz

Colors Available: 20 +



Engaro just understands what needs to be done for silicone bands. While they have less color options available, the main draw here is how functional and comfortable they are.

The number one issue with most silicone bands is bacterial growth. You wash your hands, water gets trapped between your fingers, and then it develops an odor after not that much time has passed. Engaro is the solution.

These silicone women rings come with grooves under the surface of the band to promote airflow, and reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

These still need to be rinsed off the same way that any silicone band would, you’re just not going to get punched in the face with that odor or become a health risk because of it.

That being said, Engaro still has some pretty great colors to choose from. You have over fourteen options at the helm, from red to pink, mint green to purple, and more.

They offer a fantastic size chart on their sales page as well, so if you aren’t sure what your silicone ring size is, they’re able to show you.

One more thing that’s definitely worth mentioning is Engaro’s lifetime warranty on all their silicone rings. If you’re having a problem with your ring, just contact their customer support. Whether it’s a replacement or simply guiding you on how to fix it, they’ll be there every step of the way.

Dimensions: 2.7” x 3” x 0.7”

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.4 oz

Colors Available: 14 +



ROQ gives you a little bit of everything here, because this discount pack of rings comes with three silicone rings, and one tungsten carbide.

Ideally, this would be best if your spouse wanted a tungsten carbide ring, but you had your heart set on silicone. One of the many reasons people buy packs like these is if they’re on board with silicone, but their partner prefers traditional bands.

You can use your silicone band at work, while using the tungsten at home if it’s what makes the other person happy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s effective.

The three silicone rings for women come in two separate packs, each with a pink band to match the tungsten. One comes with silver and gold, the other with black and marble bands.

There’s a very specific dome shape to the band that helps with air flow against your skin, and it’s one of the reasons that ROQ is one of the top brands out there.

It fits comfortably right around the center of the band, while the rest glides on your fingers, making it easier to put on and allow more air to naturally reduce any trapped moisture.

For the tungsten band, it’s completely scratch-resistant, and a bit thicker than the silicone rings.

ROQ offers you a lifetime warranty on all four rings in the pack, so if you run into any snags with workmanship or problems at all, you can contact them for a full replacement. Their customer service is fairly reachable, it just might take 2-3 days to hear a proper response.

Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 0.8”

Frame Material: Tungsten, silicone

Weight: 1.4 oz, 0.7 oz

Colors Available: 6



Groove Life has all those funny commercials you see on YouTube from time to time, but apart from their comedic appeal, they actually make one hell of a great silicone ring.

They skip the cut-and-dry method that most people end up wearing; there’s no sharp silicone edges here, no abrasive texture, just a dome-edged band that makes it nice and comfortable to slip on.

Dome-shaped band edges help with reducing sweat and moisture buildup like we talked about before, so you aren’t susceptible to bacterial buildup underneath your band.

Groove Life also makes some excellent designs, but they admittedly don’t have as many to choose from as other silicone band manufacturers out there. You have a few camo options to choose from, and the more favored aqua blacktip design.

Apart from having the right fit and plenty of ring sizes to choose from, they make these from injection-molded, medical grade silicone.

These are designed to use for work, as well as in the gym when you’re putting your hands through the ringer on dumbbells and machinery. These rings are built to last.

Last but not least, these silicone wedding rings for women come with a 100% lifetime guarantee, straight from Groove Life themselves.

That means no third-party warranty companies like Asurion to deal with: you talk to their representatives, and get a solution in an extremely short amount of time. While you hopefully won’t need to call on that warranty, they’ll make sure it’s a pleasant experience to do so.

Dimensions: 5” x 2.9” x 1.5”

Frame Material: Silicone

Weight: 0.5 oz

Colors Available: 4



One more mention of ROQ, because they made these simple bands too perfect to ignore. Apart from being super lightweight on your hands, these can be used as wedding bands if that’s what you’re here for, or they can be used simply for style; your choice.

There’s a color change from the interior of the band as it reaches the exterior, giving some contrast as a little bit peaks out around the edge of the ring.

As silicone wedding rings for women, these are inexpensive and work great. For men, we have another list for that, but with plenty of similar bands that align with ROQ’s designs as you see here.

These are also available in four packs or single purchases, so you can get matching bands for you and a daughter, sister, or friend if you wish.

As always, ROQ’s extensive warranty covers all of their silicone rings, including this lot. You have well over twenty different designs to choose from, between single and multipack purchases, all sporting the ROQ logo along the interior of that band.

These aren’t the best for sweat-wicking, but as long as you move your band and keep it clean (as you should even with Groove Life rings), you’ll be A-okay.

Dimensions: 3.2” x 3” x 0.3”

Frame Material: Silicone, rubber

Weight: 0.6 oz

Colors Available: 20 +

Silicone Women’s Rings Buying Guide And FAQ



This is where we run into a couple of issues, because men’s silicone bands end up having more quality designs, while women’s bands have more quantity to them.

From these silicone bands, you can expect some camo patterns, but mostly solid-color designs with unique hues and shades.

The beautiful thing is, custom silicone rings exist. You can get just about any design you want made into a silicone ring, so if there’s something you really have your heart set on, you can make it happen (while still saving money compared to metal wedding rings).

Many women’s silicone band designs are intended to be vibrant, but low-profile on thinner bands. This allows you to double up on your rings and stack them on top of each other, or simply keep everything hidden from view with flesh-colored bands if you wish.


We know that women’s sizes and men’s sizes are often separate, and it’s true with rings as well. However, silicone rings usually just come in a “size” that isn’t specific to one gender. That’s actually a big up when it comes time to shop for a ring.

You’ll see this as a recommendation by many manufacturers – just go one size down, or one-and-a-half sizes down, and you’re good to go. This works for both men’s and women’s bands, no matter what brand you’re buying from.

Silicone is going to stretch just a little bit. Whether you want it to or not, it’s going to happen.

For this reason, manufacturers recommend sizing down so that the silicone perfectly stretches to the size of your finger. Once it stretches, it does so in the perfect contour for you and your hands. This applies to each finger.

Proper sizing is absolutely critical. When you get a metal band, a jeweler measures your finger, and then makes the ring after it. That metal band fits snugly, no matter what, every single time that you wear it.

Silicone bands do come with a slight disadvantage in this department. If your ring is cast to size, it’s not going to have enough air around your fingers to let the band catch on something.

If you don’t listen to the guidelines of silicone ring sizing and the ring ends up being too big, that can catch on machinery or items while you’re working, and cause an accident. Size your silicone rings properly.



You absolutely can, but silicone bands are all about breaking tradition. You don’t have to get stuck with expensive gold bands anymore, so why should you have to match on top of it?

Technically, millions of gold wedding rings match with each other, stripping away the uniqueness of them. But you could do something different: you could get the same engraved phrases or words on your ring as your husband’s ring, but have two different ring designs.

They would likely be the only pair of rings in the world with those designs and those engravings.

That being said, this is a matter that you should discuss with your soon-to-be spouse. See if it’s something they’re comfortable with, and consult what they feel about this. It’s an opportunity to be unique for sure.

Not all silicone bands are going to have a matching option, either. We have separate guides for women’s silicone rings and for men’s silicone rings for a reason: they’re designed differently.

Typically, manufacturers will make men’s bands just a little bit thicker and with different designs, but some that are similar to the ones you’re thinking of from this list. You could go with an atypical, somewhat matching pair with the same color schemes, and get those engraved with the same words.


If you’re going to wear a ring during CrossFit, it had better be a silicone one.

Metal bands can put unnecessary restrictions on your blood flow, and while one or two little fingers don’t sound like they impact that blood flow, consider that it’s part of the supply your hand is using while you exercise.

You want to give your hands clear blood flow, no matter what. Not only will a metal band cause blood flow issues, but a silicone band can actually feel comfortable during CrossFit.

The one thing you do have to keep your eye on is over-stretching. While your silicone band is designed to contour to your fingers, the stress of exercise from using machines to picking up weights can all stretch out the band a little bit more.

All that increased blood pressure in your hands distends your fingers, gently stretching out that silicone bit by bit. It’s nothing major to think about, but you just might have to do a silicone shrinking trick more often if you’re a fit person that exercises regularly.


One of the biggest attractions to gold is its value, which is why it’s been a staple for marriages up until this point. It was always, “If you value your marriage, you value what you put on your wife’s finger”, which is a pretty materialistic way of looking at it. Gold gets noticed, but not always by the right sort.

Gold shines and catches the eyes of admirers, but also thieves. While nobody wants to have this conversation, it’s more likely for a woman to be assaulted for her jewelry than a man, and we all know that true and well.

Wearing a black wedding band takes all that unwanted attention away from you. You don’t mind what your wedding band looks like, so why not make it low-profile?

Wandering eyes aren’t going to look at it and assume value, even though it’s personally valuable to you. It either tells them that it’s silicone, or it’s something relatively inexpensive and not worth their time, like tungsten carbide (which is beautiful and durable, just not very monetarily valuable).

This is also a tactic that a lot of police officers use for their wedding bands.



The running joke/phrase is “As long as your marriage does.” In truth, silicone bands aren’t a permanent, forever material. Then again, it still takes 500 years just for food-grade silicone to break down on its own, let alone medical grade which could take even longer.

So long as there is no hardcore tearing or excessive pressure (basically, if you aren’t trying to do this on purpose), a silicone ring can easily last you for a hundred years. They’re long-term solutions, so long as they’re treated properly.

A silicone ring’s durability will be lessened if you regularly use it in seriously rough applications. If you’re gardening, rocks and dirt scraping against it on a constant basis can be a cause for concern.

If you’re working in your wood shop for eight hours a day, consistent brushing with the tools and rugged environment may lessen its lifespan.

In the end, it’s more likely that you’ll have your silicone band for a long time, unless you tear it. It takes over 40 lbs of pressure to snap most silicone bands, so as long as you’re not putting it through its paces on purpose, you should be good to go.


No, they cannot. Not unless you really force a too-small silicone band on your finger and immediately try to create the symptoms of ring avulsion.

It can happen by accident with a metal band, but with your silicone band, it’s more likely to stretch and give some resistance, indicating you of a problem before you actually get hurt.

Ring avulsion is when you basically pull your finger out of place with extreme force to your ring. Jimmy Fallon famously made this issue known to the world when he appeared on The Tonight Show with a cast on his finger, and a rather lengthy story about what happened.

He had a six-hour surgery, a vein removed from his foot to help reattach his finger, and was lucky enough to save it. Silicone bands stretch before they cause ring avulsion, so even if you fall and catch your ring on your countertop like Jimmy did, it shouldn’t happen to you.

What is the purpose of a silicone ring for women?

Silicone rings are very popular because they’re comfortable and easy to wear. They’re also hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Are silicone rings safe?

Yes! Silicone has been used in medical devices for years, and it’s considered safe by the FDA. It’s non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick from wearing one.

What if I have a metal allergy? Can I still wear a silicone ring?

If you have a metal allergy, we recommend wearing one of our titanium rings instead of a gold or silver ring. Titanium doesn’t contain nickel like gold does—so it won’t cause an allergic reaction if you’re sensitive to that metal.

Can I wear my silicone ring with my women’s watch?

Yes, you absolutely can. The silicone ring is soft enough to not scratch or damage your watch. In fact, we recommend it!

What are popular silicone rings?

You need to check out Qalo and Enso. We actually have a guide on Qalo versus Enso.

Silicone Is Your Most Affordable Option

At the end of the day, most people get silicone bands as a replacement for wedding rings, but they’re also excellent for aesthetic purposes.

If you’re working in a dangerous field, this could be the perfect replacement for your pre-existing wedding bands. There are a lot of applications for silicone, but now it’s time to ask yourself the question: is it the right pick for you?

We’d argue that it is.