Brass .50 Caliber Bullet Cufflinks Review

Comparatively speaking, men have fewer accessories than women. This makes accessories for men much more meaningful and gives guys the ability to add a sense of style with an understated accessory like cufflinks. When it comes to weddings and other formal events, the right cufflink can add an elegance and style not afforded by other accessories. In this article, discover how brass .50 caliber bullet cufflinks can add some flair to your formal attire.

If you’re the guy who loves firearms, wearing these cufflinks will definitely make a statement. These are also great for a groom and his groomsmen to show closeness and solidarity on the big day.


A Closer Look at the Cufflinks

The six-piece tuxedo is the formal attire of choice for men. It’s composed of a jacket, trousers, waistcoat, dress shirt, a tie, and an elegant pair of shoes. However, even the nicest tuxedo would look drab without a nice pair of cufflinks.

The most common type of cufflink for a dress shirt that comes directly from department store racks is the two-button barrel cuff. There are also one and three button barrel cuff shirts but these are less common. The barrel cuff shirt isn’t considered to be a formal shirt.

A nice alternative to the less-formal barrel cuff is what is referred to as a french cuff shirt. French cuff shirts must be worn with cufflinks and can be styled in several different ways including straight cut, angled cut, and the rounded cut.

Tuxedo shirts are shirts with french cuffs so they require cufflinks to properly close the shirt. The requirement of cufflinks gives you an additional opportunity to put your own personality and spin on the tuxedo or suit you wear to your wedding.

Brass .50 Caliber Bullet Cufflinks Review

Brass .50 Caliber Bullet Cufflinks Review

Bullets2Bandages upcycles spent military ammunition into guy-centric products that symbolize pride, gratitude, and healing. Started by two former Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers, the company donates 15% of profits to organizations benefiting our veterans.


Bullets2Bandages gives men wanting something a little different for their cufflinks a unique option, .50 caliber bullet cufflinks.


The cufflinks are styled after the primer of .50 caliber rounds. They have an anti-tarnish coating to help keep these cufflinks looking good everytime you use them. These cufflinks easily slide into the button holes of the cuff and hang securely in place, making wearing a french cuff shirt as painless as possible. They come in pairs and packed in an elegant velvet box.

Wearing them at a formal event will surely make you stand out. The cufflinks are also appropriate for weddings and to be given as groomsmen gifts.


•Made of brass with an anti-tarnish finish

•Durable and easily fit into the button holes of your cuffs

•Great gift idea for your groomsmen at your wedding


  • Can only be used with french cuff shirts


These cufflinks make a statement and are the perfect addition to your wedding attire. They also make unique groomsmen gifts. Having matching .50 caliber bullet cufflinks will definitely set your wedding party apart from the rest.


There are other companies that sell similar cufflinks. The difference with


Bullets2Bandages is that you are buying from a veteran-owned company that gives back to veteran organizations. Part of the proceeds goes directly back to those who currently serve or have served our country.

Presentation and quality mean everything to Bullets2Bandages which is why these beautiful cufflinks will arrive in their very own velvet box. Whether you are presenting these to your groomsmen or using them for yourself, the box will be a constant reminder of the passion and quality that Bullets2Bandages puts into every product they sell.


The .50 Caliber Bullet Cufflinks are a statement maker, conversation starter, and the perfect compliment to your formal attire. The high-quality, anti-tarnish brass cufflinks are stellar and will keep you looking dapper for years to come. Perhaps the best part of the cufflinks is that they serve as a constant reminder of our veterans.

A Salute

The mission of Bullets2Bandages is to help fellow veterans by donating part of company profits to worthy organizations who share in their mission of helping those serving our country. The social impact of organizations like Bullets2Bandages and the help they provide veterans by offering unique, quality products at competitive prices can’t be overstated.

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