Can I Use Hand Sanitizer With Silicone Ring?

Can I use hand sanitizer with silicone ring

If you wear silicone rings, your ability to wear them in a variety of settings may have been one of the factors that led you to abandon metal rings. Silicone rings are an excellent choice for comfort and safety, especially for professionals who work in industries where they must keep their hands clean to protect themselves and others, such as healthcare, hospitality, or food service.

But one of the frequent queries is whether using hand sanitizer will affect your silicone ring by causing the substance to dissolve or deteriorate over time.


What is silicone?

Silicone is a substance created artificially, not naturally, by combining elements already present in nature. The shape that silicone rubber takes is that of an elastomer, a type of polymer that is stretchy. Because of that stretch, millions of people prefer silicone wedding rings to metal ones.

Since most silicone rings are made of medical-grade silicone, they are biocompatible and won’t trigger an allergic reaction when they come into contact with the skin. Medical-grade silicone is also made to be easily sterilized without deteriorating or breaking down the substance.

Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, the most widely used component in hand sanitizers, has been shown to eliminate bacteria and germs on surfaces (including your hands). Since this alcohol is liquid at room temperature, it won’t cause your silicone ring to melt.

Synthetic silicone rings won’t dissolve when in contact with isopropyl alcohol because they are polymers. In some cases, it will temporarily absorb the alcohol (swell), but once the alcohol has evaporated from the ring, it will return to its original size and shape without causing any structural harm.

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Keeping Your Silicone Ring Clean

The good news is that medical-grade rubber does not support the growth of bacteria, but occasionally other things that can adhere to the rubber may do so. You can clean it using a few different techniques in addition to sanitizing it with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Most bacteria or contaminants can be removed using soap and warm water. Items that are difficult to remove with soap and water can be taken off by boiling your rings for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also use soap and very hot water to clean and sanitize your silicone ring by running it through a dishwasher cycle.

Boiling silicone or running it through the dishwasher won’t harm it in any way because silicone is waterproof and can withstand extremely high temperatures (over 500 degrees Fahrenheit).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hand sanitizer damage silicone rings?

You recently got engaged, and the ring you are wearing is stunning. It shines in the sunlight and appears gorgeous in all of your pictures. However, given the ongoing pandemic, you might be concerned that overzealous hand-washing and sanitizing will damage your ring.

It’s a legitimate query, particularly for couples looking for engagement rings to fit their active lifestyles. You’re in luck because silicone rings are an alternative to your shiny ring that can protect it from any damaging elements.

Will hand sanitizer damage my metal or diamond ring?

Your wedding bands or your high school class ring won’t be ruined by soap and water or hand sanitizer right away. However, prolonged exposure to the abrasive chemicals in rubbing alcohol and other cleaning solutions can weaken or discolor the metal. If you soak your gold ring in bleach for too long, it will eventually dissolve completely.

What can I do to prevent damage to my metal ring?

Your rings matter, especially if they are made of metal and cost more than a thousand dollars. For many years to come, you’ll want to keep them safe and in perfect condition. Experts always advise purchasing a set of silicone rings, especially if you work with harsh chemicals frequently or are a first responder.

How can I prevent my silicone ring from ruining?

One of their best benefits is that silicone rings are less likely to corrode from harsh chemicals than metal ones. In contrast to other rings, our rings are designed to withstand pressure, heat, and cleaning agents. Silicone rings are ideal for your lifestyle, whether you’re a firefighter putting out flames in commercial buildings or a professional rock climber setting world records.

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