Can You Climb With A Silicone Ring?

Can You Climb With A Silicone Ring

Are you active outdoors? Do you stay in shape by going to the gym, biking, or hiking? Perhaps you’re into rock climbing for a real adrenaline rush.

A sporty and athletic lifestyle is exciting. However, there are certain safety and precautionary measures that you have to take into account. For one thing, if you’re into climbing, you must not wear any jewelry. Why? It is very dangerous to do so, especially if you’re wearing metal ones.

Then again, if you’re married, your spouse might not like the idea of you leaving your wedding ring behind.

In that case, you have to look for an alternative to metal wedding ring. You ought to put something on your finger to be able to signify your commitment. This is when a silicone wedding ring comes to the rescue.

You’ll find a good range of options for silicone wedding bands as substitutes for your traditional wedding ring whenever you get into the action in the great outdoors.


Why Silicone Wedding Rings Are Safe For Climbing

As a climber or hiker, you must be aware of the necessary precautions when doing your outdoor deed. One of them is to avoid wearing any jewelry while you’re busily engaged in your sport. An oversight in this aspect can have serious repercussions.

For starters, your metal wedding ring can get damaged as you rub your hands against the rope and the rocks. What’s worse is that your finger could get caught on the edge of these, consequently injuring or even amputating it.

So if you do happen to get engrossed in your favorite outdoor activity (such as climbing), wear a silicone wedding band instead.

A major perk of a silicone sport ring is that it is soft and flexible. It bends as you move. If by any chance, it gets caught on to something, it easily breaks away. These qualities make silicone wedding rings safe for climbing, mainly because they have been designed to ward off finger injuries.

Silicone Sport Rings Are Flexible, Comfortable, and Breathable

Working up a sweat in the woods or mountains requires you to gear up with comfortable and fitting equipment. You should mainly ensure that you have sufficient airflow while wearing it.

A silicone sport ring renders you that, aside from the fact that it fits accordingly and moves with you at the same time. It is breathable even when you sweat and doesn’t get loose when your finger gets sweaty.

Silicone wedding rings are unmatched in comfort and are indeed an apt and valuable accessory for the serious (committed) rock climber, hiker, and adventurer in general.

Silicone Wedding Bands Are Sturdy and Easy To Clean

After a long day of climbing or hiking, you’re likely to come home grimy. You might not care about that, but your sport ring needs some good loving to withstand another day of outdoor action. That’s why you need to clean and take good care of it properly.

No worries pertaining to this because your silicone accessory is built for durability. Hard use isn’t likely to wear it out, and all you have to do is give it a quick wash to be refreshed.

There’s No Need To Fret For A Replacement

Whether it’s gold, silver, or platinum, your wedding band is priceless. It symbolizes your eternal love for your spouse. You wouldn’t want to compromise it by tagging it with you on your mountainous climb or forested hike. It could get lost, or somebody might steal it. Thus, you must keep your original wedding ring safe and secure, and that’s back home, where it rests securely and snugly.

On the other hand, as a temporary replacement for your metal wedding ring, you can buy a silicone sport ring to take with you while you’re getting outdoorsy active. It costs much less, and you wouldn’t really get upset if it gets lost or broken. Nobody would likely be interested in stealing it, either. Take something flexible with you as you venture into the wild.

Silicone Sport Rings To Represent Your Adventurous Side

You tend to go off the beaten path as an explorer and like living life to the fullest. But there’s something that you have to hold on to when you do so. Your wedding band is something worth taking with you wherever you go, and in the meantime, while you’re in the mountains, the trails, the gym, or the jungle, you can- in the form of a silicone wedding ring.

Silicone sport rings are suited for active individuals who stay true to their spouses. Made for this purpose, they’re flexible, durable, and comfortable, yet at the same time customizable. Go ahead and personalize your silicone wedding rings with metallics, names, or unique sayings, among many others, to make them as special as possible.

A sporty and active lifestyle takes on more safety and meaning when you’re wearing a silicone wedding ring.

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