Can You Leave A Silicone Ring On Overnight?

Can You Leave A Silicone Ring On Overnight

Silicone engagement and wedding rings have been a hype in recent years. It’s for plenty of reasons and more. Silicone rings are also sport rings, for one thing, and they are a perfect substitute for your traditional wedding band when you’re working out or indulging in your outdoor adventures.

It is actually risky to wear metal jewelry when you’re climbing or hiking, among many other sports. Such a tendency can lead to serious injuries.

There are many benefits of using silicone wedding rings, but you might be wondering to what extent. How often should you wear this accessory, and is it safe to wear it when sleeping?


Can You Sleep With Your Ring On?

If it’s a silicone ring, the answer is “yes.” You would initially think that that adornment is only for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, but what’s even better is that it is designed for everyday use.

It’s more comfortable to wear a silicone wedding ring. You may sometimes even forget that you have it on and go to bed with it. If ever that your hand gets under pressure while dozing off, you don’t have to worry about your silicone sports ring bending or getting damaged.

Silicone rings are made of pure silicone; that’s why they are durable. They can handle temperature changes.

It is another story when it comes to metal jewelry like diamond rings. Putting one on at night (while sleeping) can potentially bend it or destroy its diamond. Unlike silicone rings, metal rings are not breathable, making you vulnerable to health conditions like ring avulsion.

Additionally, your metal jewelry can get caught on a thread in your sheet or pillow. Under serious circumstances, your finger could get detached, or its nerves can get damaged. This catastrophe is called degloving.

Steer Clear Of Bacterial Accumulation

People tend to sweat when they sleep. This scenario leads to the growth of bacteria on your pillows and beddings. The bacterial buildup can contaminate your metal band when worn for an extended period of time. As your jewelry gets dirty, so does your finger. When this happens, it could acquire a bacterial reaction that is similar to allergies.

Thus, it is essential that you must clean your ring regularly to prevent bacterial accumulation and infection. 

Considering these things, it is more apt to use a silicone wedding ring not only when you’re active but also when you’re sleeping. A silicone accessory is moisture-resistant, and it keeps away sweat and bacterial build-up. But as a means of proper care, you should clean it from time to time as well.

Let Your Fingers Breathe When Wearing Your Jewelry

Do you constantly wear a metal band or a diamond ring? Keeping it in good condition needs you to take it off when showering, working out, or sleeping. A silicone ring is fundamentally an exception to this rule. However, it’s necessary that you sometimes let your finger breathe.

Instances take place wherein a finger gets swollen, and it becomes tricky to take the ring on it off. This is the tendency if you have overworn your ring. But removing all your jewelry is cathartic, allowing you to breathe easily and banish all the stress of the day. Try buying a personalized ring dish if you have qualms about misplacing or losing them. You can place it on your bedside table or dresser so that you can easily locate them.

Why Are Silicone Rings The Best Option For All-Day, Everyday Use?

For whatever reason you want to sleep with your ring on, your best option is a silicone ring. Other than during your forty winks at night, you can sport your silicone ring when you’re hiking, climbing, working out, showering, and traveling. You can get as active as you want, especially outdoors, without worrying about any perils.

A smart alternative to a traditional engagement or wedding ring is a silicone ring because it is safe, durable, and affordable.

Your special someone might have given you a dazzling diamond engagement ring. Exquisite as it is, you can wear it only at extraordinary events. In the meantime, while you go about with your daily hustle and bustle and the excitement of your active life, you can don a silicone engagement ring to signify your commitment to your dearest.

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