Can You Wear A Silicone Ring All the Time?

Can You Wear A Silicone Ring All the Time

There has been a rise in the popularity of silicone rings in recent years. Necessity and aesthetic inclinations may have to do with it, along with the changing times.

Athletes, for instance, have chosen to wear silicone wedding bands while engaging in their favorite sports and signifying that they are married. For plenty of reasons, it’s not just safe or practical to don metal jewelry while getting active.

So whether you are an outdoor adventurer, working out in the gym, or have a risky job, your best bet is to sport a silicone wedding ring instead of your traditional wedding band.

Yes, it is smart, safe, and comfortable to wear silicone rings, but for how often? Can a silicone ring be worn all the time?


Do You Always Have To Wear Your Silicone Ring?

There goes the question- can you wear a silicone ring all the time?

Well, generally, the answer to that is “yes.” After all, such an accessory is made of a soft rubber material- pure silicone- which is undoubtedly safe. You can simply put it on and forget that it wraps the inner of your ring finger. 

You can go climbing, hiking, biking, fishing, and do any sport you like without worrying about your ring getting caught on something. In case that happens, your silicone ring is designed to adapt by breaking or snapping. It means you’ll prevent being a victim of the terrible ring avulsion that can potentially sever or amputate your finger. One hundred fifty thousand people in the US suffer from it every year.

Silicone Ring For Everyday Fashion

By all means, silicone rings are an exciting fashion trend, too. This makes these adornments ideal for everyday use.

You can purchase silicone rings for an affordable price, and thus, you can get heaps of them for yourself. Choose from among different colors and styles, and it’s super that you can have them customized. If you want silicone engagement rings, you can have your name and your spouse’s names engraved on them. The same goes for unique sayings, along with metallics and other decorations. There’s more you can do with silicone engagement or wedding bands than traditional jewelry of these sorts. Nonetheless, you can use your silicone accessory as a substitute for the real thing that you can keep at home while you get engrossed in the mundane.

But Let Your Ring and Your Finger Breathe Sometimes

It’s great news to know that you can wear your silicone ring all the time, but that’s merely hypothetically. Getting real, you actually have to take off your accessory from time to time. Or on a regular basis, preferably.

For example, you have to take your silicone ring off when showering. Otherwise, it will become moist if it gets wet, making it prone to bacterial accumulation. This causes your ring to get discolored and possibly give off an unpleasant odor. It can infect your finger as well.

Sweating is likely to do the same, so remove your silicone ring after a heavy workout or activity to let it breathe and dry, and most especially before going to bed. 

You can choose to buy a premium quality silicone ring that has internal breathing chambers that allows it to be more breathable. Then again, for hygienic and safety reasons, it’s best to take your ring off every now and then for some time.

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How To Wear Your Silicone Ring Safely

In the same way that you care for your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, you have to take proper care of your silicone ring. The following are some tips about how to use your silicone adornment safely:

1. Check if you are allergic to silicone

Certain reports have indicated that people have allergic reactions to silicone. Nevertheless, it is mainly due to the resulting irritation from moist silicone rings. The primary cause is, of course, sweating. Should this apply to you, it’s best to check with a doctor prior to getting a silicone ring.

2. Regularly wash your silicone ring

Keep your accessory clean, especially when sweat has stuck to it. You basically want to avoid getting a skin rash from a dirty ring, so keep it hygienic by boiling it in hot water and scrubbing it with a good brush.

3. Remove your ring when showering and sleeping

Rashes can develop on your finger if you wear your silicone ring in the shower. The build-up of soap and bacteria over it can cause irritation. Likewise, take off your accessory before going to bed to allow better circulation on your hand and finger when sleeping.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of wearing silicone rings, from fashion to affordability, practicality, function, and affection. If you’re considering purchasing one or a few of these accessories, do so from a reputable brand to guarantee your safety and the premier quality of the product.

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