Can You Wear A Silicone Ring As An Engagement Ring?

can You Wear A Silicone Ring As An Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a special and meaningful event. On average, a couple usually buys a diamond ring that costs $6,000 to signify how precious it is. It’s an absolutely wonderful thing to do if you can afford it and also if you know how to take proper care of your engagement jewelry.

However, there are instances when wearing your diamond engagement ring isn’t safe, such as when you are active outdoors, working out in the gym, or if your job is risky. These are situations wherein your diamond ring is best left at home. You wouldn’t want to risk losing or damaging it and, most of all, injuring your finger. In this case, you can opt to buy a silicone engagement ring or a silicone diamond engagement ring as a substitute.


A Silicone Ring As An Engagement Ring: It’s Safe, Affordable, and Practical

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Silicone rings are the trend nowadays for a variety of reasons. They’re suitable for style and fashion and can be used as substitutes for engagement and wedding rings.

You’ll see people everywhere- at the mall, workplace, church, or even in restaurants- wearing silicone rings as engagement rings. Apparently, a good number of folks favor these rubber rings to embody their engaged status.

Silicone engagement or wedding bands represent a contract between two people- a couple that loves each other and is ready to make their lifelong commitment.

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The Story Behind An Engagement

In some parts of the world, the dowry system still prevails. It is not common in the US nowadays, but many years ago, the bride’s family pays a dowry to the groom and his family prior to getting married.

The bride’s family supposedly takes care of her while she lives with them, and this so-called “burden” is lifted off from the former when the groom agrees to marry her (the bride). The bride’s family pays this turn-over of responsibility to the groom in the form of a dowry.

So when the groom and the bride do get married, the latter stays in the home of the former to serve him and possibly his family as well.

This tradition no longer exists in the present time, and for the most part, the giving of a diamond engagement ring prevails as the popular convention.

The man typically asks the woman to marry him, after which he offers her an engagement ring. If the woman agrees, she accepts the ring and then wears it.

If the engagement is broken, the ring is most likely to be taken back by the man unless he gives it to his fiancee on Valentine’s day, her birthday, or any special occasion, which is considered a gift.

The significance of a diamond engagement ring is that it conveys social status. In many situations, a groom might even go deeply into debt to provide for the whims of the bride for a big diamond ring.

Silicone Rings As Functional Engagement Bands

Silicone Rings As Functional Engagement Bands

Nevertheless, a huge number of couples have done away with that expensive tradition, and they have chosen silicone engagement rings or silicone wedding rings. What are the benefits of these accessories?

They are affordable

Buying a silicone engagement/wedding ring will literally save you thousands of dollars. You can purchase and personalize them for an economical price by having your names or unique symbols and sayings engraved over them. 

You can add fancy trimmings on them, too. So instead of deeming them as “cheap,” you can customize these adornments as a special symbol of your commitment. And the money you save? Use it as a down payment for a new house, a new car, an expensive wedding, an expensive wedding bands, or even to pay off your debt.

Buying these accessories promotes social responsibility

You steer clear of supporting and buying blood diamonds that are mined in Africa. These precious stones are obtained via forced labor, and the profit garnered from them is used to fund wars.

They embody your faithfulness to your significant other

In place of wearing your metal wedding ring, you can wear your silicone ring to stay true to your commitment, especially when your work or sports prohibits you from wearing your original metal wedding band. Silicone rings are safer to use than metal jewelry because they break or snap when caught on something, consequently saving your finger. Otherwise, your digit can get severed or be amputated if you don a gold, silver, or platinum ring that stays intact when stuck on a protruding object.

They are convenient and can keep you away from trouble

Some single women wear silicone rings to repel overtures from men. This tends to be typical in certain professions, such as bartending, dancing, and waitressing. As a matter of fact, some of the uncommitted fairer sex put silicone wedding rings on to deter men from approaching them.

What to Look for in a Silicone Ring?

What to Look for in a Silicone Ring

Why would I choose a silicone ring over a conventional metal one?

Many people decide to get a silicone wedding band to wear when they are on the road, working out, or engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or spending the day at the beach.

Some people, particularly those who work in the construction industry, even feel better at ease wearing them to work.

What shades of colour are offered for silicone rings? You can choose one that reflects your personality and have fun doing it. You can go with a colour that resembles platinum, yellow gold, or silver, or you can go with something more vibrant and enjoyable.

Can I still get a traditional metal ring?

Of course! You could always use your silicon ring when you’re hiking or playing sports and your metal ring the rest if the day.

How to Care for Silicone Rings?

To take care of your silicone ring, you need to make sure that it does not come in contact with water. It should also be cleaned regularly using soap and warm water. Make sure that you dry it thoroughly before storing it.

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A wedding ring set is a great way to show your love for each other

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can wear a silicone ring as an engagement ring– as a genuine embodiment of your committed status or as a decoy to drive rude people away.

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