Custom Groomsmen Gift Bundles

Preparing for your own wedding has always been a stressful task. One has to take care of a number of different things and one of them is to purchase a gift for the groomsmen. When they are going to play an important role in your wedding, be it for the preparations of the big day or even while looking after the arrangements on the wedding day, everybody wants to purchase a unique yet affordable gift for their best friend.

It is imperative that one should always select such a gift for their groomsmen which is suitable as per their personality. You wouldn’t want your gift to sit in a closer for the rest of its life. Therefore, keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the other person for which you are making this purchase.

If you are about to get married in the near future and are looking to purchase a gift which can fill your best friend with pride, check out the Groomsmen Gift Bundle with “Silver Bullet” Bottle Opener. This is a fully customizable gift which means that regardless of the personality of your close relative, it can be given to everyone with full confidence.

Seems Interesting? Have a look at a comprehensive review of the Groomsmen Gift Bundle.


Groomsmen Gift Bundle

Custom Groomsmen Gift Bundles

The Groomsmen Gift Bundle is basically designed by an American-based enterprise known as Bullets2Bandages. Apart from their key chains, bottle openers and tap handles, this company is famous for their services to the veterans of the Afghan war. All their products are made from once-fired ammunition and they donate 15% of their total revenue to the veteran charities all across the US.


  • “Silver Bullet” .50 Caliber Bottle Opener [Also Available in Brass or Matte Black]

As evident from its name, the Groomsmen Gift Bundle incorporates a complete package of gifts and one of them is a silver bullet. This is a premium bottle opener crafted from a once-fired .50 caliber casing and an M33 ball projectile.

This bullet features nickel-plating which comes handy in a number of different ways. First of all, it increases the bullet’s resistance towards outside corrosion which allows it to retain its shape for a considerable duration of time. And second, it enhances the overall strength of this bottle opener so your best friend can use it for years to come.

Another thing which is quite impressive about this bullet-shaped bottle opener is the fact that it comes with the option of customized engraving. In simple words, you can ask the manufacturer to write your groomsmen’ names and your wedding date on top of this bullet so that your best friend can cherish this gift for the rest of his life.

  • Keychain Bottle Opener

Yet another product made from a casing which was once fired on a military training range, this keychain is carefully crafted from 7.62mm brass. It comes in a stylish golden design with a keychain carefully pierced through the tip of the bullet.

Even though the size of this bullet is small as compared to the “big brother” .50 Caliber Bottle Opener, you can still engrave your groomsmen names on the backside of the casing.

At about 3″ in length and an ounce in weight, you’ll barely notice it alongside your car keys until you’re ready to use it.

  • Shot Glasses

Everyone wants to have a bit of fun on the wedding day. So why not opt for a gift which can be used, practically, for the same purpose on your big day?

The shot glasses which come included in the Groomsmen Gift Bundle allow you to drink small measures of alcohol or any other beverage. This package includes two of them and just like the aforementioned products, both of them comes with the option of custom engraving.

  • Gift Box

It doesn’t matter how costly your gift is, but as long as it isn’t packed in a beautiful gift box, there is a grim chance that it can impress the other person. In order to make sure that you don’t have to face any such embarrassment in front of your groomsmen, the Groomsmen Gift Bundle comes packed in a stylish wooden box.

The gift box uses an ergonomically designed foam insert for holding all the accessories in place. Such kind of design not only prevent these gifts from coming in contact with each other but at the same time, it ensures that all these accessories can retain their best of physical shapes.

Finally, this is quite a large box as you can write up to four lines of text on top of it. The manufacturer allows you to choose from a number of different font sizes which eventually makes it a personalized gift box.

Notable Highlights

  • Features custom engraving
  • Comes packed in a stylish wooden box
  • Ideal gift for people with military background

Minor Drawback

  • Not ideal to travel with on international flights


The Groomsmen Gift Bundles are designed for customers who are looking for a unique wedding gift for their groomsmen. It consists of a nickel-plated bullet opener along with keychain bullet opener as both of them are designed on used ammunition.

Also present in this gift bundle are a couple of shot glasses and the manufacturer is also offering a stylish wooden box with this purchase.  You can write your name, your groomsmen name or even your wedding date on top of these products as all of them features the option of custom engravings.


Apart from the Groomsmen Gift Bundle, the Groomsmen Beer Mugs from Crystal Imagery Engraved Glass Gifts be another fitting tribute to your best friend. Check out some of its key features.

Groomsmen Beer Mugs

Available in a pack of two, the Groomsmen Beer Mugs can be purchased at quite an affordable price range. The overall height of these mugs is no less than six-inches so your friends can actually use them as beer glasses. Both these products incorporate dishwasher-safe design and thanks to their stylish exterior, they will look stunning on any occasion.

Just like the Groomsmen Gift Bundle, these mugs come with the option of custom engravings. You can write your best friend’s name, along with his title, in your wedding and it will definitely look spectacular on the exterior of these mugs.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to purchase a unique gift for your groomsmen, the Groomsmen Gift Bundle can be your ideal choice. This product incorporates three-different military-themed products and all of them come enclosed in a stylish wooden box

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