Personalized Tumblers: Find The Perfect One In 5 Minutes [Or Less]

In case you haven’t noticed the trend — double-walled travel mugs and insulated custom tumblers have become wildly popular in recent years.

Custom Tumblers


Why Are Custom Tumblers So Popular Now?

Fueled by improved insulation technology (as well as great marketing by a certain well-known company that rhymes with Sweaty) manufacturers have successfully convinced people that $40+ is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a type of product that would have previously been a $10 purchase at Walmart or a souvenir store.

They’re available in dozens of finishes and in sizes ranging from 8oz up to 30oz or even 40oz. This style of insulated cup promises to keep ice frozen or coffee hot for almost a full day while being tough enough to survive getting abused.

If eco-friendly concerns matter to you, these things are durable and are likely to last for years (if not decades) to come — they won’t break or leach chemicals like ceramic or plastic mugs are prone to do, and hundreds fewer paper or foam coffee cups will end up in the landfill over their lifespan.

Their insulation means that they won’t sweat or leave a ring on your table. And you won’t burn or freeze your hand while holding them regardless of what’s inside.

We love them as gifts for groomsmen and holidays like Father’s Day because their large surfaces give plenty of room for custom engraving. And we get a nice contrasting mark when we laser them, so your engraving stands out cleanly.

Some other groomsmen gifts rank much higher on the novelty scale than on the utility scale. But custom travel mugs are the kind of practical groomsmen gifts that will see heavy use on a regular basis.Yeti Tumblers

But…What’s the Secret About Big Brand Name Tumblers?

Well, there’s about a 99% chance that a generic tumbler available for a fraction of the price of a big-name tumbler was made at the same factory in China and on the same machinery as the one that costs three or four times as much.

The only difference is usually whether the factory molds or embosses a logo onto the cup before boxing and shipping it across the Pacific.

So that means you’ll get the same performance out of a much cheaper one in terms of keeping your beer cold or your coffee warm. You just won’t have the same status symbol in case that sort of thing is important to you.

If the brand name matters to you or your groomsmen, then by all means go with Yeti or RTIC or SIC tumbler cups.

Personally, I would rather save money on the brand name and instead put my money into getting custom tumblers for whoever will be receiving them. Plus I like having enough cash left over to buy a fancy beer to fill them with.

*      *      *

With our tumbler mugs, you can choose from all sorts of personalization options for your tumblers. They include custom text in addition to monograms and center artwork, several of which are laid out in the video below.

Personalized Tumblers: Find The Perfect One In 5 Minutes [Or Less] Custom Engraved Tumblers

The monogrammed version offers you a choice of font as well as an initial, a line of text within the initial, and two lines of text at the bottom. The artwork version allows you 10 options for center artwork as well as two lines of text at the bottom in your choice of font.

We offer these two styles on ALL of our available sizes of thermal mugs.

Without further ado, here are our top-selling customized tumblers — as well as some suggestions about how to choose the appropriate one for each recipient.


10oz Custom Tumblers

 10oz Custom Whiskey Tumbler Glass10oz Whiskey Glass with Monogram


Approximately 4.5″ tall and 3.5″ diameter


Someone who expects to get dual use from it as a whiskey glass and as a coffee cup.

Despite their smaller size, these mugs have a very stable and sturdy feel to them. They can’t hold a full can of beer but they’d still be perfect for coffee at a tailgater or by a campfire. Or use them for whiskey on the rocks at the end of the day.

*     *     *

12oz Tumbler Cups

Custom 12oz TumblerCustom 12oz Tumbler


Approximately 4.5″ tall and 3″ diameter at the mouth


A connoisseur of either (a) fine wine or (b) 12oz cans of Bud Light.

These 12oz mugs are roughly the same size in your hand as the 10oz version above, but due to their flared design they hold a little more liquid. So they’ll give your wine a little room to breathe, or they’ll fit a whole can of beer.

According to the manufacturer they’re actually billed as “stemless wine glasses” rather than beer or whiskey glasses, but you’re more than welcome to ignore that suggested use.

Their smaller footprint does make them slightly less stable than the 10oz tumblers, so you will want to be careful not to knock them over.

*     *     *

20oz Custom Tumblers

20oz Custom Tumblers20oz Tumbler with Monogram and Sliding Lid


Approximately 7″ tall and 3.5″ diameter at the mouth; tapered at the bottom to fit in normal car cupholders.

Get it with a monogram + text here, or with several artwork options + text here.


Someone who loves pints (or 22oz bomber bottles) of beer at tailgaters or while fishing, as well as coffee when on the go. This one is a good in-between size for beer/coffee double-duty.

You could also use it for mixed drinks (with a healthy amount of ice, ideally) or sweet tea if that’s your thing.

 *     *     *

30oz Tumbler Cups

30oz Tumbler with Custom Artwork30oz Tumbler with monogram


Approximately 8″ tall and 4″ diameter at the mouth; tapered to fit in normal sized cupholders.

Get them with a monogram + text here, or with a few options of custom artwork + text here.


A coffee enthusiast who needs something for on-the-go caffeination.

Given my propensity for drinking 3/4 of a pot of coffee most days, I keep one of these tumblers on my desk during the workday.

And I can tote it with me if I have to run around town since the tapered bottom fits securely in my truck’s console.

Plenty of people also use these for sweet tea when driving around or fishing so I guess that’s a good secondary use for it.

Or you could always go with plain ice water in there if staying hydrated is important for whatever you’ve got going on for the day.

Despite my love of craft beer, I’m not sure if I’d carry around a near-quart of beer at my house or at a tailgater.

But I’m not here to stop you from going that route if it’s how you want to do things.


Wholesale Tumblers

Are you looking for wholesale pricing on thermal tumblers — of any size or color — for your business, sports team, school club, charity, law enforcement group, or any other organization?

Call us at 512.852.8208 to discuss bulk pricing and get your custom logo or text on our tumblers at a great price. 

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