Wedding Etiquette: Do Groomsmen Get Gifts?

When it comes to weddings and sorting out details, things can get a little confusing and out of hand. Usually, the bride handles everything about the wedding, even the smallest detail. And while the groom may have a little say about his wedding, one thing he has the liberty to do on his own is picking his groomsmen. Brides get their bridesmaids gifts, do groomsmen get gifts too? And would the male entourage it especially since more grooms are gifting their groomsmen?

Answering that question is a bit complicated and will depend on several factors. Gift giving is not a big deal for men. Usually, if they do give a gift to someone, it usually goes to the important women in their lives, or someone they have a crush for. They do it because occasion and society dictate that they do. So, if a groomsman does get a gift, it could be because the wedding planner or the bride insisted that the groom give gifts as a token of thanks. Why is it necessary for the groom to give gifts and what should be considered in gift giving?

Some people think entourage gift giving is just a trend that people do because it’s what they see in the modern world, but the truth is it is a way of showing gratitude, it just so happens that there are lots of awesome material gifts that couples can buy now to include in their thank-you-cards. Below are some factors to consider when deciding on whether to give a gift or not.

Things to Consider

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