Do QALO Rings Break?

Do QALO rings break

You may be curious about how durable silicone rings are if you’re thinking about purchasing your first one. We want to break this news to you first:


Rings made of silicone can crack

However, we want you to be aware that silicone rings intentionally break before you go shopping for a metal ring at your neighborhood mall. They are also very strong. How is this even logical? Let’s look at it.

Silicone rings are robust. They are made to withstand a wide range of challenges without breaking. Whether it be extreme temperatures, potent oils and chemicals, or even potent strains. These rings won’t easily break because they are not made of paper.

If you’ve never heard of ring avulsion, trust us, and don’t look it up on Google. It’s gorgeously breakable. Your ring getting caught on something and not coming loose can result in an unsightly injury. This type of injury can, in rare circumstances, result in an unintentional finger amputation. Your finger won’t be in this kind of danger if you wear silicone rings. In order to protect your fingers, they are made to separate under intense pressure.

Rings made of silicone are not heirloom pieces of jewelry. Why does that matter? This implies that you shouldn’t buy a silicone ring with the intention of passing it down to your kids and grandkids. That’s not what a silicone ring is for. That long, is that possible? Indeed, it might. But that wasn’t what the design was aiming for.

A silicone ring might be the best option for you if you frequently lose rings or if they break. If you do need to replace a silicone ring, QALO has prices that will allow you to do so on a budget. Their layout is intended to nudge you toward getting your hands dirty and letting your fingers roam free in nature. You can easily choose a new ring if your current one isn’t quite as durable as yours. Additionally, this enables you to switch rings without regard to your mood, attire, or activity.

What is the final verdict then? How durable is your silicone ring? You are in charge of a lot of that. Rings made of silicone can be worn daily and last a very long time. Just be aware that they will break if necessary to protect your fingers (See ENSO Vs. QALO).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are silicone rings, exactly?

High-quality silicone rings are made to fit your lifestyle perfectly. They are made of thin, resilient silicone that can withstand the daily abuse your hands receive. They come in a variety of hues, patterns, and designs, and there are numerous engraving options available to make them uniquely yours. It can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to oils and solvents. To ensure that your finger is always safe, it is made to separate when put under a lot of pressure.

Is wearing a silicone ring necessary?

Silicone rings are becoming more and more popular, and the factors driving this growth are as diverse as the customers who purchase them. They are inexpensive fashion accessories, so some people choose to purchase them. Others will benefit from it because it provides a secure substitute for the typical metal band.

However, safety is one of the main benefits of wearing a silicone ring. When their rings catch on things and don’t let go, people who use their hands frequently to perform tasks and those who use their hands around uneven objects are frequently at risk of injury (learn more about the dangers of ring avulsion here). To prevent injuries, silicone rings were built with specific points where they would break.

How safe are silicone rings?

Compared to their metal counterparts, they are much safer. Silicone rings are non-conductive and won’t cause your finger to become hot or cold. When put under tremendous pressure, they will also separate. You won’t find any other silicone rings that are as resistant to gasoline, oils, and solvents. Furthermore, it’s extremely unlikely that silicone rings will itch your skin or trigger an allergic reaction.

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