Do QALO Rings Stretch Over Time?

Do QALO rings stretch over time

Wearing accessories designed for activity is necessary if you live an active lifestyle. You should be able to wear your accessories throughout any activity you engage in, whether it be weightlifting or rock climbing in the Grand Canyon.

We always suggest purchasing a sturdy silicone ring as an alternative band to wear for anyone who works as a first responder or construction worker, regularly exercises at a nearby gym, or spends a lot of time outdoors. This will prevent their more pricey and delicate gold and diamond rings from being harmed during everyday activities.

Even so, it’s crucial that the ring you buy fits you properly. There are numerous methods for determining the ideal degree of compression for a wedding band, whether it be made of metal or silicone. Many of our customers inquire as to whether silicone rings lose their shape or stretch out. This comprehensive guide we have created should assist you in learning more about silicone rings and how they change over time.


What size should your ring be?

You should make sure it fits properly, just like with any ring. You want to make sure that it will remain on your finger and won’t slide off with a bit of resistance. When you take off your ring, there shouldn’t be any red marks or a swell around it.

Our silicone wedding bands for men are typically made pretty wide so that they might fit a little more snugly than a thinner band. Considering this is yet another crucial aspect. However, your ring must still fit snugly!

If your ring is too tight

Attempting to extend it yourself won’t work! Silicone rings are not intended to stretch out; rather, they are made to maintain their shape while still being removable if they get caught on something or if you need to take them off.

You should buy a new ring and resize your current one if it is too tight. Even though it might seem like an extra expense, it’s still preferable than to break it while trying to stretch it yourself or losing circulation to your finger as a result of your stubborn decision to wear it.

When your ring is excessively loose

You’ll once more need to buy a new one that fits you better! There is nothing more frustrating than dropping your ring while climbing, running, or walking. Because rings are small, they can easily fall into cracks and be hidden, making them difficult to locate.

You could also stack your rings or put them on a wider finger, like your thumb, middle finger, or pointer finger, as an alternative. Because they are thin, our silicone wedding bands for women are ideal for layering.

Depending on your and your spouse’s birthdays, anniversaries, or preferred colors, you can mix and match various colors. Your bands will stay on your fingers if you stack them. To prevent the larger band from slipping down, place it at the bottom of the stack, followed by the smaller bands.

Why, then, was your ring stretched?

When you purchase a ring from us, you can be confident that it has been made with excellence at the forefront because other companies don’t always make their rings with that idea in mind.

Surprisingly, some businesses don’t make their silicone rings entirely from silicone. We take great pride in using durable silicone and no other material. Other silicone brands can easily lose shape when combined with other elastic materials. It won’t last as long and will quickly stretch out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep your ring from resizing?

You’ll need to know how tight the silicone ring needs to be before you even buy one. If you don’t know how snug your ring should or shouldn’t fit on your finger, you run the risk of later experiencing more problems with the rings you buy. Although our rings are made of sturdy, high-quality silicone, if you don’t take the time to choose the right size, you might feel disappointed with your purchase.

How to determine if your ring needs to be resized?

Before determining whether you need to resize your ring, see if any of the following apply to you:

It slides off your finger once you’ve finished exercising. After a vigorous cardio workout that lasted at least 30 minutes, if your ring is still slipping off your finger, it may be too large.

You cannot turn or twist it with your finger.

In the cold, your ring doesn’t slide off your finger. When it is cold outside, your fingers shrink. It shouldn’t, however, be too loose. Your ring is too big if it continues to fall off even after you enter the house and your fingers acclimate to the room temperature.

Why do silicone rings exist?

High-quality silicone rings made for your hand are called silicone rings. They are made of thin, resilient silicone that can withstand your hands’ daily activities. They come in a variety of patterns and styles, are vividly colored, and offer engraving options for customization. A silicone ring is made to break away under extreme pressure and is resistant to oils and solvents, protecting your finger.

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