Do Silicone Rings Break?

Do Silicone Rings Break

If you’re looking for an accessory that’s fashionable, affordable, and practical, you can go for silicone rings. Silicone rings are trendy, and you can have yours customized to suit your style and preferences.

There are many reasons why people buy silicone rings. Athletes, in particular, use them as substitutes for their metal wedding rings when they engage in their sports. After all, it would be disappointing if someone leaves their metal wedding ring at home when they want to get active. It’s just so darling of a thing to wear a wedding ring to signify your commitment all the time.

It’s mainly for safety purposes that athletes and outdoor adventurers don silicone wedding rings. The same goes for those who do risky and precarious jobs. Why?

Wearing a metal ring while climbing, hiking, biking, or working out in the gym, among other activities, can be dangerous. Consider that such a ring, which is made of hard metal, does not break when it gets caught on something. A tragic injury can take place wherein the ring finger gets amputated or severed, also known as ring avulsion. This happens to over 150,000 people in the US every year.

Therefore, you might be wondering about the durability of a silicone ring and if it actually breaks.

On its own, when worn properly and spared from hazardous situations, silicone rings don’t snap. However, there are instances when that accessory will break, and that’s as a safety response. If ever you are climbing and your silicone ring gets caught on a protruding rock or branch, it will basically break to save you. Otherwise, it would be your finger that incurs the damage. Your digit could break, and its skin can be removed if your ring doesn’t break as it accidentally gets stuck on something.

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So you see, a silicone ring can break, and you’ll be grateful that it does.


What Are Silicone Rings Made Of?

Silicone wedding rings are made of synthetic material. It means that it is comprised of a mixture of various materials, mainly natural occurring elements that include:

  • Silicone (a material derived from silica or sand)
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon

Silicone is different from rubber which is made from a rubber tree that is also used to produce latex. If it’s rubber or any of its kind, it is apt to be man-made.

Silicone is fundamentally more expensive than latex rubber because it requires several steps to create. The flexibility and durability of silicone are mainly due to the sturdy silicone-oxygen bond that’s incorporated during its manufacturing process. This material can withstand extreme temperatures of -75 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Are Silicone Rings Safe?

The elastic properties of silicone are attributed to its synthetic elastomer nature. In other words, this material is capable of stretching. Then again, with sufficient force, this element can break. Under certain circumstances, it is an essential property.

Think of a catastrophe that can ensue if you wear a metal ring on your outdoor adventure. Metal, as a material, doesn’t break. Should it get caught on something, it will remain intact while your finger gets damaged. It can potentially break or become degloved.

Numerous workplaces do not allow their employees to wear any metal jewelry, especially in the fields of mechanic shops, construction sites, heavy machinery operations, and the law enforcement and the military. These agencies take the necessary precautions to keep their workers safe, particularly their hands and their fingers.

Silicone Wedding Rings As Substitutes For Metal Wedding Rings

Whether you are engaged or married, and you’re an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or if your work is risky, you can leave your original metal wedding ring at home and sport a silicone ring in the meantime. This way, you keep safe while being true to your honey.

What about if your silicone ring breaks? No worries because it is easy to replace. It’s quite affordable so you can buy another one anytime. Or, if it’s under warranty, your online provider can send you a replacement for free. What’s even fantastic is that you can select a new silicone ring that’s more stylish, and you can have yours personalized by having your name or unique sayings printed on it. One-of-a-kind symbols or metallics can be infused into its design, too.

How Long Does A Silicone Ring Last?

It tends to vary according to several factors, but silicone rings can last for decades. Nevertheless, you have to be wary of the conditions to which your accessory is exposed.

The longevity of your silicone adornment is likewise affected by the quality of its brand and material. A premium silicone elastomer grade is apt to make your ring endure in the same way.

If your silicone ring always encounters the elements such as direct sunlight, water, or too much heat, it will impact its sturdiness. For this particular scenario, your silicone ring can be in your keeping for 1 to 5 years.

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