Can Silicone Rings be Engraved?

Can Silicone Rings Be Engraved?


Can You Engrave Your Silicone Rings?

Silicone bands are commonly used as wedding rubber bands, and these rings are a great opportunity to put a meaningful, lifelong message underneath the band that remain private for the wearer.

It’s also a common trait that people want to see in personalized gifts for big events and milestones.

While engraving is a wonderful sentiment, can you actually get away with engraving silicone rings, or will they just break?

We’re here to shed light on all of that, show you what you need to know, and talk about the caveats that you don’t hear of anywhere else.

How to Engrave Your Silicone Ring?

How To Engrave Your Silicone Ring?

You have to send your silicone ring out to be engraved. It’s not something that’s advised to do on your own for the risk of destroying or altering the structural integrity of the band. You’re not going to destroy the thing, but you’re also not going to do it any favors at the same time.

Utilizing homemade tools is a possibility, but ill-advised for multiple reasons. Let’s go over some of the reasons that at-home silicone band engraving is not a good idea.


Using the wrong tool can simply tear a sliver in your silicone ring, which can lead to a complete  split where the silicone severs. This isn’t something that you can just send in to the manufacturer.

Tearing is one of the biggest concerns with engraving a silicone ring. There’s a reason that they use specialty micro engraving equipment to carry out the task.

Inconsistent Results

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