Qalo vs Enso Ring – The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Silicone Ring

Enso Vs. Qalo Rings: How To Make The Right Choice

Two of the biggest silicone ring brands in the world go head-to-head as we find out who really has the better product, customer service, warranties, and all that good stuff.

It’s not a clear choice unless you take a deep dive. After all, we are looking at two great brands, and I want to state that very clearly before we get into any nuances surrounding them.

Enso vs Qalo rings – it’s a Sox and Yankees kind of thing. You’re probably going to identify with one brand and their designs, builds, and platform more than the other, and that’s okay. That’s what we’re here to figure out for you. Let’s get to it.



So this is a tricky spot for these brands to compete for. On the one hand, you want your rings to be unique and offer a different look for the people that want to buy them.

On the other hand, you don’t want a bunch of grooves and slits in the ring’s surface that can be exploited, since we’re talking about silicone here.

Qalo tries to add some different exterior textures to their bands, but to me, I see a lot of spots for dust and crud to get stuck. Enso ends up with a better series of style, because they don’t have to do much other than make domed edges to make their rings stand out and look excellent.

When you really pair them up against one another, I would say that Enso comes up with some of the better designs.

You only have so much leeway when designing a silicone ring, and you don’t have too much that you need to change in the shape (I mean, it’s supposed to be worn like a ring, you know?).


The real test of a silicone ring’s worth is going to lie in its durability. Luckily – and I hate to spoil the end of this guide – both of these brands are completely matched in terms of durability.

While we can’t get into their manufacturing facilities and see exactly how it’s done, they can undergo similar max pressures, and operate in a similar fashion when they’re on your fingers. It’s just very hard to pick them apart in this category.

Since silicone rings are designed to be durable and long-lasting, they’re made from a single mold of silicone.

Metal bands have to be pressed, heated, and bent to join in a full circle and be soldered together. That creates an Achilles heel in every metal band, unless it’s custom-made for one specific size.

Silicone rings don’t have that problem, and we believe that Enso and Qalo have both mastered the art of crafting them in a near-perfect fashion. Either way, if you need a durable silicone ring, you’re in safe hands no matter which side you choose.

Color Choices

Color Choices

It’s easier to color silicone during construction than it is to alter the color of a metal. We fellow silicone ring users have a lot of options and styles to choose from, which is pretty awesome for us. That being said, sometimes you get overloaded with choices.

Enso comes up with more color choices from what we’ve been able to find, but they’re not better than the color choices that Qalo offers. A larger quantity, but less quality.

Some Enso rings look fairly generic when they have a basic, widely overused color. If you didn’t know they were Enso rings, then from a distance, they might look like cheap knock-offs to you.

In bundle packs, which both of these brands end up offering, you get a wide variety of colors in your pack. Enso offers a better span of colors in these bundle buys, but Qalo’s still manage to stick out and really capture your attention.

Qalos’ going to take the cake here. You know when you see a color and even though you can sort of place it, it’s a hue that you never knew you needed in your life? That’s what Qalo is best at; they make those vibrant rings that just really pop in the best ways.


Neither brand uses domed edges in all of their designs, which is basically what defines comfort in a silicone band. Both of these companies make comfortable silicone rings sizes that fit and size out similarly, making them pretty flipping comfortable overall.

Silicone isn’t sharp, but if your hands are wet or were recently dried, silicone can irritate your skin.

This can happen for just about anybody. Domed edges slip onto your fingers easier and make that transition more comfortable, and when your skin is wet, it doesn’t rub against it as harshly as a flat edge.

Flat edges are part of a lot of first designs. You’ll notice that these brands went to domed edges after not too long, since they also end up providing much better air flow underneath your ring. 


Enso puts up a good fight here and nearly wins, but they just don’t catch your eye the way their competitor does. Qalo takes the cake here. If you’re getting a ring just for a fashion statement, that’s totally cool, and Qalo will stick out just a bit more.

This is through a blend of the impressions they put on the outside to their color schemes that we’ve already talked about, and there’s just this secret element to them that makes them pop and noticeable.



Enso offers a lifetime warranty on your rings, and that’s a no-matter-what kind of warranty. It gets damaged and torn? Enso has you covered. Didn’t hold up to your expectations or the description like you wanted? Enso’s on the case.

A lifetime warranty usually comes with the word “limited

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