Fun Wedding Reception Games to Keep Your Guests Entertained

Beer Pong

Playing games at wedding receptions have been a popular topic since it was revealed that tennis star Serena Williams dominated the beer pong game at the reception for the most recent royal wedding. If the Queen of England can be at a wedding reception where there is beer pong being played then whose to say that playing games at your wedding reception would be inappropriate?

If you want your wedding day to be memorable, your reception needs to be as incredible as your ceremony. Sharing your celebrations with family and friends is a wonderful feeling and hosting a fun reception will leave your guests with memories they can treasure forever. If you’re searching for inspiration to keep your loved ones enthralled, take a look at these fun wedding reception games.


How to Incorporate Games into Your Wedding Reception

Ideally, you want to create a balance between fun wedding reception games and the downright silly. The type of games you incorporate into your reception will depend on your theme and venue. Games are an excellent way to break the ice between guests, while ensuring your wedding photos are something to talk about. If you’re struggling for ideas, consider our list of awesome wedding reception games.

Fun Wedding Reception Game Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Games


In beautiful weather, you can take advantage of the great outdoors with a few lawn games. Revisit your younger days by playing giant connect four or giant checkers – you can always spray the pieces in the same shades as your wedding theme.

You can also use other childhood games, including giant Jenga or snakes and ladders. These games are suitable for your younger guests too.

If you and your spouse are sporty, why not include cornhole, washers, or horseshoes? The great thing about hosting your wedding reception outdoors is that there are many options to consider.

If you’re hosting a large wedding, playing games will really ensure your guests have fun. To entertain your younger guests, try playing frisbee, catch with a baseball or football, or set out on a scavenger hunt.

Both beach and garden weddings can enjoy DIY twister, bowling, water balloons (especially if it’s a hot day), mini golf, potato sack races, or a piñata. Most of these ideas are highly affordable so even small celebrations and those on a budget can create DIY options.

Indoor Wedding Games

Wedding photo booth

If you’re planning a winter wedding or holding an indoor reception, you may assume that you’ll be limited on wedding games. Thankfully, there are varying options you can choose from. No matter if you’re having an extensive celebration or intimate affair, there is something for every couple to enjoy.

Beer pong is always a great choice for some indoor fun at your wedding reception, especially if many guests aren’t far past college age. Other well-known drinking games include flip cup and “never have I ever.”

You could also play a game with other couples to see who knows each other best. It could make for some great entertainment.

If your guests love getting creative, have a drinks table where your loved ones can learn how to make their own cocktails. Giving prizes for the best cocktail will bring out their competitive streak.

Board games are another popular choice for indoor wedding receptions. These are lots of fun for both young and old — you could place different board games on a range of tables and give out small prizes to the winners to make it extra enjoyable.

For children, you can host a Lego station, coloring station or creative station where kids can make their own fun and games. It’ll keep them entertained for hours and allow your adult guests to sit back and relax.

Wedding Bingo

Group games are a great way to break the ice between guests. A favorite of many is the shoe game. In this game, the bride and groom sit back to back, each holding a shoe of their own and one of their spouses.

Using a member of the wedding party as a host, the bride and groom answer questions by holding up the corresponding shoe. If you’re feeling brave, you can also include a few cheeky questions in there. It’s bound to bring a few laughs.

Let your guests give you wedding advice by creating a wedding couples Mad Libs style sheet. Guests can fill these sheets out alone or in groups for more fun. Another great idea is to create wedding bingo sheets for guests to pick up as they arrive at the reception. Have prizes ready for those who get bingo — you can go with something from our selection of groomsmen gifts but engrave it as “WINNER!

Your adult guests will adore a wheel of fun – a spinning wheel of tasks that can be spun throughout the evening. ‘Choose a couple to kiss’ or ‘give your date a peck’ – there is a bundle of cute options you can include to keep your guests interacting with each other.

Planning a luxurious wedding reception? Set up a poker table and hire a card dealer for the night. Additional casino games like roulette tables will enhance the tone of your evening. If you’re planning a more casual celebration, retro arcade games will bring the entertainment factor.

If you’re hosting a large wedding and have space, a balloon wall pop with messages inside each balloon, as well as prizes, will make your wedding reception more interesting. Bring a competitive edge to your celebrations with a best photo booth contest, offering prizes for the most creative photos.

If you’re hiring a traditional DJ, host a “name that tune” contest. The DJ plays a few seconds of each song and each table has to see how many they can guess correctly.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re hosting a big celebration or an intimate wedding, your wedding reception games can ignite the fun. Guests young and old will enjoy a selection of games so choose carefully, but remember to consider your own personalities and preferences when deciding on your evening’s festivities.

Did we forget any? Post your suggestions to the comments.

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