Gifts For Non-Drinkers: Our 5 Favorite Choices


Your Guide to Non Alcoholic Groomsmen Gifts

Most of our groomsmen gifts are geared towards celebrating with alcohol — products like flasks, bottle openers, and shot glasses are always popular selections.

But what about those of you with a friend (or friends) who aren’t into drinking? Where do you look for non alcoholic groomsmen gifts?

In the interest of giving good advice for groomsmen who don’t drink for religious, health, or personal reasons, here’s our list of the top groomsmen gift ideas for non-drinkers.

You’ll find products that are good fits for fitness enthusiasts, sports fans, or for everyday use.

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Kona Coffee

While this option may not appeal if your groomsmen avoid caffeine in addition to alcohol, it’s a great choice for just about everyone else.

Kona Coffee Beans

If you’ve got a little money to spend for a special occasion like a wedding, 100% Kona coffee is the gold standard. Most of it is so smooth that it’s very drinkable without any sugar or cream.

I lived in Hawaii from 2005-2008, and easy access to Kona coffee is one of the main things I miss from my time there. During trips back I was able to visit a few coffee plantations on the Kona coast and pick up beans from a handful of spots to take home.

Check out some of the 100% Kona options here, or save some cash by going with an exceptionally tasty 10% Kona blend like these choices for macadamia nut flavors.

For a non-Kona alternative, you can also check out Blue Bottle Coffee which has some great features if you need help finding the perfect blend. You can take their 10 question quiz here and get personalized coffee recommendations in a few minutes.

If you have a pretty good idea what you want, check out their most popular blends and some mixed packs here.

Or go with something like their Cold Brew Bundle which features a bottle and built-in filter and individual packs of ready-to-use coffee grounds.

Hometown Aerial Map Puzzle

Hometown Puzzle

I love this concept and how easy it is to execute through their website. Simply enter an address and they’ll create a 400-piece puzzle that covers an aerial view spanning 1 mile north/south and 1.5 miles east/west of the surroundings.

The completed puzzle will be 12″ tall by 18″ wide, a perfect size for framing and mounting.

Your options here are almost unlimited — if it’s a friend from your childhood you could go with a map of your neighborhood or your high school.

A college friend? Enter an address for the middle of your campus or for the town immediately off campus…in fact, I might have to get myself one of these for downtown Annapolis to remember my USNA days.

Or go with a mountain area that includes your favorite ski resort, the neighborhood adjacent to your favorite NFL stadium or MLB ballpark, or the waterfront town by the beach where you used to spend your spring breaks and summers.

Order your puzzle right here.

Custom Tumblers

We’ve written extensively about tumblers in this blog post, and while many people use them for beer and cocktails there are plenty of alcohol-free ways to make use of a good thermal tumbler.

Like coffee ^^, for instance.

Since these insulated tumblers can also keep drinks cold for hours, they are great options for people who like to sip on iced tea or water throughout the day without having to worry about everything getting warm.

Custom 30oz Tumbler for Groomsmen

Click here to browse through our selection of tumblers in 10oz, 12oz, 20oz, and 30oz sizes.

Personalized Wallets & Leather Goods

Every man needs a nice wallet, so this is one gift you don’t have to worry as to whether it’ll go unused.

Something like the below monogrammed bifold from Lifetime Leather is a solid choice, and they offer several different color options.

As their name implies they offer a lifetime warranty against defects or poor workmanship. Check them out here.

Monogrammed Bifold Wallet

A leather valet for your dresser or nightstand is another good option if you’re not sure what type of wallet your groomsmen prefer to carry. They pack flat for travel then snap together easily to hold a wallet, phone, keys, coins, or whatever else you want to keep in one place.

And wouldn’t you know it, Lifetime Leather carries them as well right here.

Custom Leather Valet

In Conclusion…

This was just our first stab at non-alcoholic groomsmen gifts so I’m sure there will be more to follow as new ones come to our attention.

Any suggestions? Post them to the comments and we’ll consider adding them.

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