How To Ask Groomsmen: Try These 9 Great Gift Ideas


Choosing the Perfect Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

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While most people think of groomsmen gifts as something that you give out at the rehearsal dinner or reception, offering “groomsmen proposal gifts” is the perfect way to formalize the process of asking your best friends and family members to be part of your wedding.

Making sure everything will fall into place on your wedding day depends a lot on the type of friends you choose to stand by your side. Selecting the right groomsmen is essential in order to have a successful wedding. 

Now don’t laugh — “proposing” to your groomsmen is a thing these days, and you definitely don’t want to overlook the details of how to ask groomsmen to be part of your wedding.

After you’ve mentally chosen the right guys following the steps that we cover below (as well as here) and that The Knot covers here, you want to make sure you get a resounding “yes” from your newly minted groomsmen.

First, Think About Who To Ask To Be Your Groomsmen

You have friends from school, family, work, the military, sports, and your future wife’s family and friends to select from. Determining who you want to ask to be your groomsmen is an important decision that might take a bit of thought.  

Choose friends who are reliable. This isn’t the day for the friend who tends not to show up on time or who you don’t feel will take the day seriously. If you feel someone might get their feelings hurt, consider making them an honorary groomsman in title, but who doesn’t have many responsibilities.

Choose groomsmen who are happy for you. You might have a friend or two who aren’t too keen on you getting hitched in general, or hitched specifically to the woman you’ve chosen to marry.

Maybe they want to keep you in their circle of bachelor friends or they try to get you to postpone your date. You don’t want or need any negativity so, again, maybe these friends get an honorable mention. Check our groomsmen gifts for non-drinkers.

Then, Pick Out Your Groomsmen Gifts

Once you have your list of groomsmen, it’s time to determine your groomsmen proposal gifts. The good news here is that you don’t need to look for gifts that are specific to a “groomsman proposal” — you can simply shop from any website or store that offers personalized gifts for men.

The only difference here is that you may want to modify the customization slightly to reflect the fact that you are asking them to be in your wedding party, rather than going ahead and putting name, “Groomsman,” and wedding date on there.

Groomsmen proposal gifts -- custom flask

These can be the same for all of your friends, or you can select individual gifts for each. It completely depends on your friends and their interests. Check out these trendy ideas and choose what works for you.

And don’t forget about asking someone to officiate your wedding. This blog post has some great ideas for handling that situation.

Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

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