How to Clean a Silicone Ring – Step by Step Instructions

How To Clean Your Silicone Ring: Eight Maintenance Tips

You love your silicone ring.

It’s stylish, practical, and easy to maintain, and you can wear it on a daily basis because it’s both comfortable and strong enough to handle whatever’s thrown at it, such as heat or water.

But, there are some important things you need to know about maintaining your silicone ring so that you extend its lifespan and keep it looking as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

How often should you clean your loved silicone wedding ring?

A simple cleaning process of hot water and a few drops of dish soap every few days or so is usually enough to keep your silicone ring clean and hygienic.

But that’s not all you need to know – there are some important tips you need to follow when cleaning and maintaining your silicone ring, as well as some deep-cleaning hacks you should know about for when your ring’s a grime fest.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your silicone ring will make you feel confident when wearing it, so let’s jump into eight important tips to keep your silicone ring looking eye-catching for all the right reasons.


How to clean your silicone ring

How you treat your silicone ring on a daily basis or whenever you wear it really helps to keep it clean, and this should be your first method of caring for it. Here are some basic rules you should always follow when wearing your ring.

Step #1

When you step into the shower, remove your silicone ring. This will prevent soap from accumulating underneath your ring and spreading germs.

Step #2

Remove your ring if you’re going to get your hands dirty. Putting oil in your car? Doing a bit of gardening? Remove your silicone ring! Why give yourself the work of having to clean dirt and grease from it later? Some people think that just because silicone is strong, you can get it really grimy, but do you want to wear it in such a state? Save yourself the hassle and put it away until after you’ve finished the messy jobs you have to do.

Step #3

Wash your ring if you’ve sweated a lot. If you wear your silicone ring when taking part in outdoor activities or going to the gym, make sure you always get into the habit of cleaning it afterwards. This will remove sweat that can lead to skin irritation.

If you find that wearing your silicone ring regularly is leaving skin irritation on your finger, that could point to the ring being dirty, even if it’s just from sweat. That’s why it’s always a good idea to clean it regularly.

Make Sure You Follow Good Hygiene

Make Sure You Follow Good Hygiene

Basic hygiene goes a long way to maintaining the quality of your jewelry, no matter what kind of jewelry you own.

Final thoughts

Note: sometimes skin irritation from silicone can be as a result of other things, such as if your ring is too tight for your finger and it’s creating a sweat and bacteria trap, or if you’re allergic to silicone. To find out more about silicone allergies, read “Everything You Should Know About Silicone Allergy.

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