Guide to Figuring Out International Sizing for Silicone Rings

Guide to Figuring Out International Sizing for Silicone Rings

Your ring size can easily be determined.

In the same way, some people can recite their phone numbers off-hand, but not all people can recall their ring sizes. Many female customers only select bands based on which ring fits their finger in the store because they have never had their rings properly measured. In order to find a ring that fits, you pick one up, try it on, pick up another if it doesn’t, and so on.

However, when purchasing online, you cannot get away with that. When making an online purchase, it’s very risky to guess your ring size. You can never be sure that the sizes listed on the website correspond to the sizes you believe your finger to be, even if you are aware of this information.

Thankfully, you’ve arrived at the appropriate location if you’re unsure how to size a silicone ring.


Your home has everything you need to determine your ring size

We are here to assist you in eliminating guesswork from the ring sizing process. There aren’t any difficult steps or odd hoops to clear, so don’t worry. To use our silicone ring sizer in the convenience of your own home, you don’t need to be an expert.

Our silicone ring size guide is foolproof and incredibly simple to use. All you need are some common household items that you can find in your junk drawer: a pen or pencil, a ruler, and some string or paper. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, simply follow the instructions to determine your ring size and begin shopping.

For expert advice, choose the precise finger that will wear your new silicone ring. This guarantees that the finger will fit as comfortably as possible. Although it might be a little challenging, it’s also suggested that you use the same hand. Your dominant hand’s fingers typically have a slight size advantage and a more defined muscular structure due to how frequently you use them, even if you can’t see the difference.

The unique sizing requirements for silicone

The material used to make silicone rings is unique. It is an extremely malleable material that can be stretched and bent with your fingers. This makes it ideal for rings because it gives you complete mobility. Without having to worry about metal bands catching on something or digging into your fingers, you can easily bend your fingers and do everything you love.

It is advised to select a size smaller than your typical ring size when wearing silicone jewelry because of how flexible it is. First, don’t worry about the tight fit. Your band will stretch after a few days of use to perfectly fit the shape of your finger.

Your ring has been sized; now add some glitz

It’s time to let your creativity run wild after using our sizing guide to determine which item will fit your finger the best (and after taking silicone’s different sizing into account).

Discover a world of magnificent rings by browsing through silicone band collections. If you’re looking for epic styles, browse through our collection. Check out our clearance rings if you want great deals on our budget-friendly bands.

Custom silicone rings are a great option if you want to give your ring a little more personality while still getting the ideal fit and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a ruler to measure ring size?

Although it isn’t the most convenient method, measuring your ring size with a ruler is still possible.

Choosing a starting point on your finger as point 0 is necessary when using a ruler to measure your ring size.

Next, rotate the ruler around your finger while keeping it always in contact with your skin.

You will have your measurement after fully rotating the ruler around your finger and back to point 0.

How to take an online ring size measurement?

Place the ring you currently wear over the circles until you find a match to determine the size. Whenever you are unsure, order the larger size.

Since the string method isn’t an exact science, it’s best to double-check the engagement ring size using this guide before heading out to buy one.

How to measure the size of a ring in millimeters and centimeters?

Use our global ring size chart without hesitation. Simply select the closest measurement to determine the corresponding size after measuring the finger using the methods described above.

You will need to use this to determine your ideal ring size because diamonds are a global trade good and the majority of nations that deal in diamonds use the metric system.

It will be simple to use our table if you are measuring in millimeters (mm). Use this easy formula to convert between mm and inches: 1 inch equals 25.4 mm. Simply divide the value in millimeters (mm) by ten to convert it to centimeters (cm).

How to use a tape measure to determine the ring size?

The string method and this measure are somewhat similar, but this measure does not require measurement.

Since tape measures are much thicker than string, you must be very careful when placing them when measuring.

The key is to avoid being either too tight or too loose.

While pressing firmly against your skin, the string shouldn’t pierce it. The most comfortable size results from this.

How can you measure her ring size secretly?

There are two surefire ways to determine a woman’s ring size without her knowledge if you’re wondering how to measure ring size from a ring.

Pay attention to a favorite ring that fits her snugly in both instances.

Prepare a bar of soap (or even playdough if it’s more convenient) in advance, and press the ring into it to create a mold when she takes it off.

Option B is to put it on your pinky finger and make a mark where it fits if you don’t have the luxury of having that much time.

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