Meteorite Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings from Manly Bands: Choose The Perfect One

Manly Bands Wedding Rings

How Did We Find Out About Manly Bands?

Our blog post about the best silicone rings had already been getting a lot of interest from our audience. So I got to wondering what other unique options might be out there for wedding rings. And voila, we learned about Manly Bands and their one-of-a-kind mens wedding bands.

I first saw an ad from Manly Bands pop up in my Instagram feed a month or so ago. While I can’t recall which particular wedding rings I saw, I remember thinking that it was very unique without being too flashy.

I checked out their site and was blown away by the options they have when it comes to wedding bands for men (a meteorite ring?!).

Meteorite Wedding Ring

They do offer a few standard materials like gold. But you’re more likely to see tungsten, damascus steel, carbon fiber, koa wood, turquoise, or deer antler in their wedding rings.

I thought they’d be perfect for a groom-to-be who’s looking for something out of the ordinary to mark his marriage.

They truly have a wedding band that will fit any wedding budget. Since many of them do not use precious metals like gold or platinum, you’ll see several options that are more affordable than a standard gold band. You can also spend quite a bit more if extremely rare materials are more your style.

I wanted to find out more about the Manly Bands brand and their wedding rings, so I did a Q&A with CEO/Founder Johnathan Ruggiero. 

Read on to see what he had to say about making their rings part of your wedding planning process. My questions are in bold and Johnathan’s answers are in italics.

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Q: What inspired you to start making rings with the materials and designs that you use?

A: When I was getting married, the choices I had for my own wedding ring were pretty boring. I remember only having a few different traditional styles to choose from. I saw how excited my future wife was when choosing her ring. There were so many different styles for her to choose from. I wanted that experience, and so did most of the guys I spoke to. So we were inspired to change that so guys could get just as excited about the wedding band they were going to wear.

Q: What kind of customers tend to gravitate towards a non-traditional wedding ring from Manly Bands?

A: I think that guys nowadays want something that not only signifies their commitment, but also matches their personality. They also don’t want to break the bank. That’s why we offer over 200 unique styles that guys can actually afford.

Q: Why should someone buy one of your rings rather than a “normal” gold band?

A: If you’re a guy who wants to wear a wedding band that inspires you, reminds you of the type of man you want to be or that simply clicks with your personality, get something unique to you. With over 200 awesome styles to choose from, at Manly Bands we have a ring that will match every type of man (or woman!)

Q: What would you say is the most unique material and/or design you’ve ever used?

A: We recently created a solid rose gold, antler, and meteorite ring that was truly stunning. It encompassed all the elements that were important to the owner and really matched his personality. We were very proud of that one. Our wedding bands made from dinosaur bone are also one of a kind.

Q: What are a few of your best sellers at Manly Bands?

A: Our most popular Manly Bands are the Instigator, the Rockstar, the Cowboy, and the Journeyman.

Journeyman from Manly Bands

[Editor’s note: I’m also a big fan of their line of Damascus Steel rings, which are surprisingly affordable given their distinctive look].

Q: If someone is looking to spend $100-200 on a ring, what rings would you suggest for them?

A: We offer a number of sub-$100 rings (although most are in the $200-$300 range). If you are on a budget and still want something amazingly unique and cool, I’d suggest looking at the Hound Dog (T=tungsten and Koa wood ring with deer antler) The Mountain Man (tungsten and zebra wood) or one of our silicone rings.
[Editor’s note: Read more on that subject with our comprehensive breakdown of silicone ring options].

Q: What kinds of designs do you have that resemble a traditional ring but still have subtle enhancements to them?

A: Some of our best sellers at Manly Bands come from traditional roots, but are still subtly unique. Check out the Rockstar (gunmetal tungsten carbide ring with a black interior), the Model (grey tungsten carbide exterior with a bold blue anodized interior) or the Overlord (silver tungsten wedding band with carbon fiber inlay) which you can see below.

Manly Bands Wedding Ring
[Editor’s note: Their line of titanium wedding bands also fits the bill of looking traditional but still retaining unique characteristics. The Minimalist as shown below is a great example].
Titanium Wedding Bands

Q: How do you ensure quality and fit on a customized design?

A: Good question. Generally speaking, most guys haven’t worn jewelry before and have no idea what size they are (myself included). To help mitigate sizing issues, we send out a free ring sizer tool with every custom design order. The customer can then wear it around the house and spend a few days figuring out what size is most comfortable. This resolves 99% of our sizing problems.

Q: What’s your return policy like if a ring doesn’t come out just the way someone wanted?

A: We want our Manly Bands customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If they aren’t, then we as a company have failed. We take pride in taking care of our customers and will often go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. If a customer gets a ring in the wrong size, or would rather a different style, we will gladly prepare a free shipping label to help them do an exchange. If they simply want to return the ring, we will happily refund them and do charge a small restocking fee to cover our free shipping and manufacturing costs (and since we don’t want to resell your now used ring to someone else. This is their wedding ring after all!

Q: What materials would be on your wishlist for future ring designs?

A: We’re working very hard to secure more hard to find and unique materials such as historically significant wood and steel from artifacts such as old ships and muskets. Who wouldn’t want a unique piece of history on their hand to remind them that their own story is just as unique?! We are very excited to see what we can come up with!

Manly Bands: In Conclusion…

Big thanks to the Manly Bands team for taking the time to give us these detailed answers. I recommend checking out what they’ve got to offer for one of a kind mens wedding bands.

Got any out-there dream materials you’d like to seem them make a ring from? Post to the comments and we’ll pass the suggestions along.