Is It Okay to Not Wear a Wedding Ring?

Is It Okay To Not Wear A Wedding Ring?

Have you and your spouse agreed to not wear wedding rings? Do you trust each other enough and have that level of comfort in one another?

If it’s because of cost or the dangers that metal rings can possess, I’ve got news for you: you can still wear a wedding ring, it just won’t be made out of silver or gold.

Not wearing wedding rings is actually becoming a trend that a lot of people are doing. In these times, money is tight, and the economy isn’t looking to get back on track anytime soon.

You can still have a physical set of wedding rings to show your love for one another, they’ll just be made out of silicone instead.

What Professionals Shouldn’t Wear a Ring on the Job?

Believe it or not, there are some professions that simply just shouldn’t wear rings. Yes, a wedding ring is a symbol that should never be taken off, but safety is more important. And this does all come down to safety.

  • Electricians: Working with a highly conductive ring in an electrical area is seriously not a good idea. Whether you want to keep your ring on or not, it’s arguably the most dangerous profession to keep a metal ring on. The best for this profession are safe wedding bands for electricians.
  • Carpenters: There are so many different ways you can endure ring avulsion here, and apart from that, you’re working with power tools, open electrical panels (or you’re at least around them), and plenty of hazards that you really don’t want to get your ring stuck on.
  • Mechanics: Ever been under the hood of a car? Your engine is one of the most treacherous areas to get your finger stuck in. While the engine might be off and moving parts disabled, ring avulsion could be a huge problem here.

If you want to see a complete list of all the professions that really shouldn’t be wearing metal rings, we have a post on them here.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Your Ring

You know we’re all about silicone rings here, so I implore you to do your own independent research to verify all of this if you wish.

Metal rings have become outdated because of many reasons, one of those being price, but that’s not the only thing wrong here. There are a few good reasons that you shouldn’t wear your metal wedding ring.

  • Some Women Find Married Men More Attractive: It’s messed up, it’s not okay, and for some of us, it ends up being tempting. You can find evidence of this online all over the place: some women (notice I am not generalizing here) just love married men. Why put that target on your finger for everyone to see?
  • It’s a Telltale: It gives a lot away. It immediately gives someone a preconceived notion of you. I was once interviewing a man for a job, and noticed his wedding ring. When we talked about his work hours, he threw out the phrase, and I kid you not, “Happy wife, happy life,

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