Practical Groomsmen Gifts That They’ll Love: 16 Great Options

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Custom .50 Caliber Bottle Openers

Brass .50 caliber bottle openers


If your groomsmen like their beer, then chances are they’ll need a reliable way to open those bottles. Guaranteed for life, these are made from once-fired military brass casings and come standard with up to 3 lines of engraving on each one.

our favorite

30oz Monogrammed Custom Tumbler

Custom 30oz Tumblers

I don’t have a fancy study to back this claim up, but my guess is that 87% of men would end up using one of these tumblers nearly every day. With vacuum insulation, they can pull double-duty for both hot coffee or iced tea…or frosty beer during tailgating season.

all around most useful

Leatherman Multitool

Multi-Tool from Leatherman

Is there anything that you can’t do with a tool like this? Ok, maybe they aren’t ideal for heavy carpentry work, but you can’t beat the convenience of having dozens of gadgets in the palm of your hand. Many are available with engraving, so you can personalize them for each groomsman

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There is a reason why you have asked someone to be a groomsman at your wedding. Most likely, it’s because he holds a significant place in your life.

groomsmen gifts

Some groomsmen-to-be would love to get something decorative, ornamental, or commemorative.

Many others, though, would prefer to receive useful and practical groomsmen gifts.

Give them something that’s fancy-looking and it’ll just sit in a drawer or closet for years.

In most cases, having something personalized — and versatile — for your best buds is the way to go.

That’s where our recommendations for groomsmen gifts with true utility will help you out.

So, in this article, we have listed some of the top groomsmen gifts that we can say with certainty that your groomsmen will love — and use.

Practical Groomsmen Gifts: The Top Picks

Dopp Kit

Let’s face it. If any man says he doesn’t believe in having a dopp kit when he is traveling, he is definitely lying.

It is the 21st century, and men have a ton of essentials that need to be carried around. Having a Dopp kit helps the situation.

Dopp kit for groomsmen gifts

The kits you order up for your groomsmen can be customized however you would like. For instance, get them branded with their name or initials on it.

You can also choose different colors or textures for each of your groomsmen.

And it should go without saying, but a quality dopp kit is made of leather. Period.

We’re fans of small-batch workshops like Duvall Leatherwork, who offers these dopp kits which are made of bison leather and will probably last long enough for your groomsmen to pass on to their sons.

Want to go a step further? Stuff your dopp kits with an old-school double-edged razor or some fancy shaving cream and a shave brush.

We recommend checking out this new blog post we published which covers the reasons you should switch to an old-school double edge safety razor.

Leatherman Multi-ToolMulti-Tool from Leatherman


With a quality Leatherman Multi-Tool you (or your friend) can have dozens of useful tools on hand in your everyday carry lineup.

You’ll be able to cut, saw, pry, unscrew, file, crimp, or open just about anything with a Leatherman that’s not much larger than a normal pocketknife. And they offer custom engraving on most of their products so you can personalize them for your best man and groomsmen.

Their 25 year warranty proves how strongly they stand behind their products.

Beer Cooler

Most men love beer; there is no denying that. They bring bottles and cans of beer wherever they go, even if it is hiking or camping.

But keeping them chilled (and unbroken) is no small task. That is why giving your best man a portable cooler makes sense.

If you want to get matching coolers for your wedding party you could opt for a cooler like this one from DiscountMugs which features a screen-printed logo on each one, or you could go all-out with something like a Yeti cooler that you then have embroidered, airbrushed, or painted by a local shop.

For a further personal touch, you could also add personalized labels to the beer bottles that you put inside or get a custom engraved growler that can be filled at your local craft brewery.

Aside from capacity and cooling ability, choose one with enough padding to protect the contents while still keeping it manageable to carry around.

Custom .50 Caliber Bottle Openers

Brass .50 caliber bottle openers

If you’re already handing out beer coolers, it only makes sense to add bottle openers.

We are not speaking about some boring church key bottle openers, either.

Choose something that has a unique shape and design — for instance, a .50 caliber bottle opener. Your groomsmen will love it.

For a simpler option, go with something like our monogrammed credit card bottle openers.

They have the added bonus of slipping easily into your wallet for around the clock access.

(They’re also less likely to attract unwanted attention from TSA agents).

Credit Card bottle openers


Personalized Beer Mug

    Beer Mug

If we have spoken about beer coolers and bottle openers, it only makes sense that you also gift your groomsmen a beer mug, right? But apparently, you can’t just be gifting a regular beer mug. You have to go all out by choosing a unique mug. For instance, gunmetal beer mugs are quite popular, and men seem to love it. You can have each of your groomsmen’s name engraved on it to customize it.

If you are wanting something more classic, then choose a classic beer mug and have their names or initials laser etched on the glass. This way whenever they drink beer from the mug, they will always think of you. Whatever kind of glass you choose, make sure that it is sufficiently big. It should be capable of holding at least a pint’s worth of beer.

Whiskey Tumbler

10oz Whiskey Tumbler

Men don’t just like drinking beer, they also like drinking whiskey. However, you always want to savor the most expensive whiskeys out there, not only for flavor but because of the financial investment.

As such, you can’t water down the whiskey with ice cubes. A whiskey tumbler is thus your best bet for enjoying a nice, expensive glass of whiskey.

That’s why you should get your best man a whiskey tumbler. It’s not only the smartest choice to drink whiskey in, but can be used for more than just liquor. This tumbler will keep your morning coffee hot for hours too.

Best of all, you can choose from several artwork options and add 1-2 lines of personal text to each tumbler to clearly mark it for the recipient.

General Use Tumbler

Custom 30oz Tumblers

While we’ve focused on items that help people who like to drink beer and whiskey, a 30 oz insulated tumbler is perfect for a friend who doesn’t like to drink that much.

Or, it can help rehydrate a friend who does like to drink a lot.

He can keep his water, lemonade, or soda cool (or coffee hot) for hours.

Modern thermal tumblers are incredibly durable, made from double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulation so you know it’ll last for years.

Most will fit easily in a cupholder, backpack, or outdoor chair cupholder, meaning your pal can take his insulated drink anywhere he goes.

It’s a great gift you can make even better by customizing the matte black coating with a personalized message or monogram.

Leather Watch Case

Many men also obsess over watches. While giving your groomsman a watch will definitely burn a hole in your wallet, giving a customized leather watch case isn’t such a bad idea.

leather watch box

If your best pal has a ton of watches, then this gift makes perfect sense. Choose a watch case with a glass top or metal plate so you can customize it with a personal message.

Additionally, make sure that the inside has removable velvet watch cushions. These are best to keep the watches safe and also make it look luxurious. We recommend that the box be capable of holding at least three or four watches.

BBQ Tool Set

No man will ever object to receiving a BBQ tool set. A majority of men love to grill, and sometimes they lack tools that are necessary for a perfect BBQ session.

A BBQ Tool Set would make a great gift. If you choose this, ensure it consists of several tools, such as a spatula, bottle openers, silicone basting brush and the likes that will help elevate the whole barbecuing experience. We highly recommend considering this gift for your pal.

Hip FlasksPractical Groomsmen Gifts That They’ll Love: 16 Great Options

A hip flask is a very common yet perfect gift that you could give your groomsmen. They serve their purpose well. In most cases, you will find that your groomsmen already have a flask. So, to stand out, choose something that not only looks good but something you can also customize. You could choose to engrave your pals name on the flask to make it more memorable.

Personal Care Travel Set

During travel to your wedding, basic essentials such as soap, razor, moisturizer, and the like often tend to go missing.

Gifting a personal care travel set will undoubtedly help your pal in their time of need.

In fact, you will find a ton of personal grooming items for men online that would certainly prove to be beneficial for your groomsmen. We highly recommend you check them out, particularly if you’re looking for something to complement the aforementioned dopp kits.

Men’s Accessories


You can never go wrong giving men some accessories. These will be great for your groomsmen and fathers especially if they can use it on the day of the wedding.

Plus, putting everyone in matching accessories will look great in the wedding photos.

Some grooms give their groomsmen cufflinks, ties, kerchiefs, or pocket squares that go along with their planned wedding-day attire. Other accessories you may consider are money clips and watches.

If you’re planning to give accessories to your groomsmen, make them customized to make your gifts more sentimental for them. Most of these types of products can be personalized with a subtle monogram or initials.

Miniature Items

Miniature or “everyday carry” items are things that can easily fit in your pocket and be used in multiple situations. They include things like pocket knives, nail clippers, fishing lures and key chains with bottle openers attached.

Even a customized fountain pen may be a good idea if your friend isn’t the type to lose things easily. These gift items are pretty inexpensive, so you can give useful gifts that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

You may get them packaged in really nice gift boxes, so all you have to do is put them in a gift bag or add a bow to it to make it look classy. Whatever item you choose, you should try to get it customized. Customization should not cost you that much.

Something Alcoholic or Tobacco-Related

If the men in your life have no aversions to alcohol or tobacco, you can consider getting them some aged whiskey, beer or even Cuban cigars. The whiskey may be a bit expensive, so it’s a perfect choice if your budget allows for more expensive gifts.

A bottle of good beer is also a good gift idea. But if you are planning to give a bottle of beer, then you should look for a product that your groomsmen will surely love. Cigars are also a good gift, but you should, of course, make sure that the people who will receive this gift are actually okay with smoking.

Make Your Own Kit

If you can’t choose just one item to get your friend, you can combine multiple items from this list in a box and give it as a set. You can mix and match any of the items to make a kit ideal for him.

Typically, you’ll want to go for a hip flask with an included shot glass, maybe a cigar and a few mugs.

Then you can add some more gifts like cufflinks, a bottle opener, and a pen. If you want to go above and beyond, you can create a theme for your kit with something your friend likes, such as sports, gaming, hunting, or whatever you think will make him happy. We think he’ll appreciate the extra effort in making his present that much better.


We get it: it is not too easy to come up with an excellent and unique gift for your groomsmen. We hope that the gift items we have listed in this article are helpful in your search for the perfect groomsmen gift. No matter what you choose, make sure that you buy something that your groomsmen will love and use.

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