What Is A Promise Ring: A Final Answer

What Is A Promise Ring: A Final Answer

When your relationship is moving through all the important milestones, like your first kiss and the first time you and your partner say those three words to each other, you might feel that you’re becoming a serious couple.

You might feel that since your relationship is exclusive, official, and committed, you want to mark it with a piece of jewelry. That’s where a promise ring comes in.

What, exactly, is a promise ring?

A promise ring is a ring that symbolizes commitment in a relationship. There are many reasons why it might feel right to give or wear a promise ring, such as if you’re serious about your partner and want to be more open about this.

A promise ring can confirm that you love each other and are committed to each other, but what promise it signifies can vary.

For example, maybe you’re giving your partner a promise ring because you promise to get engaged some day or you promise to be loyal to each other. Let’s explore promise rings in greater detail so you can find out if they’re right for you and your relationship.

What’s The History Of Promise Rings?

What’s The History Of Promise Rings?

The idea of promise rings might seem like a modern one, but it actually dates back to the second century BC!

During this time, Roman brides would wear promise rings as a symbol of the promise of marriage.

While it might sound strange that brides would wear these rings, they did this because the law insisted that couples had to wait for a certain amount of time after announcing their desire to get married before they could have their wedding ceremony.

So, a promise ring was a symbol of the promise that marriage was on the way.

In the 1500s, a common and popular type of promise ring was a posy ring. It was basically a ring that was engraved with romantic words from poems or other sources.

As time went on, promise rings maintained their popularity. They just changed a little in how they were designed. Posy rings became outdated and were replaced by another type of ring. During the Georgian and Victorian eras, promise rings known as acrostic rings became trendy.

These were rings that contained gemstones in their settings, and these stones were used to spell words, like messages, for one’s partner.

They didn’t actually spell out the words but rather they produced secret messages – basically, different gemstones were combined in the design of the ring to mean different phrases or sentiments.

By seeing what types of gemstones were put together in the ring’s design, the person receiving the promise ring would be able to figure out the secret message. How romantic!

Throughout history, it’s clear to see that promise rings were always focused on being very significant in relationships. How promise rings are used today is no different. While not as major as an engagement ring, promise rings are meaningful and important.

Differences Between Promise Rings And Engagement Rings

While you know that a promise ring is not the same thing as an engagement ring, although it could be given with engagement in mind at a later stage, there are some other crucial differences between these two types of rings. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Promise rings are usually smaller than engagement rings, which can be quite large and more eye-catching. Although diamonds can be used in the design of a promise ring, these are usually aimed at being more subtle or not being present at all.
  • Promise rings usually make use of different metals. Promise rings should be more affordable than engagement rings, which is why you’ll find that popular metals for them are 10k gold or sterling silver, instead of the more expensive 14k or 18k gold or platinum that are reserved for engagement rings.
  • Promise rings can go on a different finger. While you’ll wear an engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand, a promise ring can be worn on any finger on either hand. If you want, you can wear it on your ring finger, but that’s not a requirement. This is because promise rings are a bit more casual than engagement rings.
  • Promise rings can be given when no engagement is on the cards. While some people view promise rings as items of jewelry that should be given before an engagement ring, other people don’t like the idea of marriage. When they give their partners a promise ring, it signifies their love and commitment even if they never intend on taking that step towards walking down the aisle. In this way, promise rings can be a symbol of life partnership, and this gives them even more significance in a relationship.

How Much Do Promise Rings Cost?

One of the most important things about promise rings is that they don’t have to be expensive. They will be quite a bit cheaper than engagement rings, and that’s as a result of how their designs tend to be more subtle.

The average cost of a promise ring will be a few hundred dollars at most. Of course, they can cost more, but they tend to be on the more budget-friendly side as compared to other rings.

This makes sense if you think about it: it would be a bit strange to spend a lot of money on a promise ring, especially if you’re in the early stages of your relationship.

Can You Give Your Partner A Silicone Promise Ring?

Can You Give Your Partner A Silicone Promise Ring?

Promise rings can be very diverse and unique, not just when it comes to their designs but also when it comes to the materials that are used to make them. 

Silicone promise rings are available from quality silicone ring brands such as Enso, and they have many benefits. Here’s a rundown of some of them.

  • They are perfect for a more practical solution. If you intend on giving your partner an engagement ring in the near future, you might not want to have to give them a ring that’s very similar to that one. You might want to mix it up a bit with a silicone ring, which will be more practical for them to wear on a daily basis.
  • They adjust to your lifestyle. Silicone rings are a much safer option than metal rings if you lead an active lifestyle or if you use your hands a lot in your job, such as if you’re a nurse, firefighter, or woodworker, to mention just a few careers. This is because silicone rings don’t risk getting caught onto objects in the same way that metal rings do, and this prevents your finger from being injured. They also stay out of the way while you work.
  • They’re very comfortable while being stylish. While there’s a trendy and stylish silicone ring out there to suit every type of person, and you can also have ones engraved with romantic text, silicone rings are much more comfortable to wear on any finger as compared to metal rings. When they have grooves, they are extremely breathable, and this combined with how silicone rings are soft and supple against your skin makes them very comfortable for daily wear.
  • They’re hypoallergenic. While silicone allergies can occur, they’re really rare. If your partner has a metal allergy, this will likely mean that they can’t wear all types of metal rings, and this can limit their promise ring options. Silicone promise rings can offer a safer alternative.
  • They’re cheaper. While metal rings can cost hundreds of dollars, silicone rings are much cheaper than that. Even quality promise rings will not cost you more than around $30. They therefore fit the bill of being a more practical ring to give your partner than an engagement ring while still being a very meaningful way to signify that you and your partner are committed to each other.

When Should You Get A Promise Ring?

Giving your partner a promise ring is a big deal. While it’s obviously not as exciting or nerve-wracking as giving them an engagement ring, it does signify the taking of a serious step in your relationship, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The difficulty that some people encounter is knowing at what point in their relationship to give their partner a promise ring. But, just like with an engagement ring, this really does depend on the couple as it can vary from one relationship to the next.

For example, some people might feel the need to give their partners a promise ring when they exchange “I love you” for the first time or when they move in together. There are no real rules to follow

It could be a good idea, however, to find out what your partner thinks about promise rings before giving them one as this will help you to test the waters and see if your partner is on the same page as you are. You want your promise ring to be well received, after all.

You shouldn’t just consider when to give your partner a promise ring but also how you should go about it. How you intend on giving your partner a promise ring will also vary according to the type of person they are and how you feel.

Some people like to make the moment really special because giving their partner a promise ring is an important milestone in their relationship. Other people approach giving their partner a promise ring in a more casual way, without planning any expensive or grand gestures.

Even if you prefer avoiding big gestures and keeping the event of giving your partner a promise ring more subtle, it’s always a must not to take it lightly. Giving your partner a promise ring is definitely an important milestone in your relationship.

It therefore requires you to give it lots of thought beforehand instead of viewing it as nothing more than a piece of jewelry. It’s much more than that as it signifies that you and your partner are taking a big step to commit to having a future together!

To make it even more significant, you and your partner can choose to both wear promise rings as you’ll find ones for men and women.

Related Questions

Are promise rings always romantic?

Promise rings don’t have to be reserved for couples. They can be given to friends, family members, and anyone else with whom you have a bond.

Is a promise ring the same thing as a purity ring?

No, they’re quite different. Purity rings are a commitment to being abstinent, while promise rings are a sign of commitment between people.

Sometimes, however, a ring can be both a promise ring and purity ring, such as if you’re committed to your partner and remaining abstinent until marriage.

Can you wear a promise ring after you get engaged?

You can definitely continue wearing your promise ring even after you’re engaged. Some people like to wear their promise rings on the hand where they don’t wear an engagement ring, but there are no rules.   


Promise rings are a popular way for couples to show that they’re committed to each other. In this article, we’ve looked at some important factors to consider when purchasing promise rings instead of engagement rings.

We’ve also looked at how you can purchase silicone promise rings that offer a safer, more comfortable alternative to metal promise rings.

Whatever ring you choose to give your partner as a promise ring, make sure your relationship is in the right place beforehand and make the ring mean something more than a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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