Purity Rings: What Are They?

What’s The History Of Promise Rings?

If you’re in a committed relationship with someone but don’t want to take your relationship to the next level, you might choose to wear a purity ring.

This is sometimes called a chastity ring, promise ring, or abstinence ring. If you’re in a relationship and you and your partner have decided to promise purity to yourselves till marriage, you can proceed to buy one. While the purity ring band may be a good reminder, it is not the only reason that makes you stay chaste.

You must decide of your own free will and do it for the right reasons. This can be worn till you’re finally ready to get a wedding ring.


What Does Purity Ring Mean?

It’s basically a sign of the pledge that you’ve taken to remain celibate until you get married. You might wear a purity ring for yourself or you and your partner could both wear them if you’ve taken the pledge together.

Purity ring announcements are a big deal to people involved, and there are purity rings for women and men alike. While it is common among partners who have chosen to be celibate till marriage, friends who share the same beliefs can use it too.

In this way, purity rings can be a sign of commitment and saving yourself for the right person. Let’s look closer at what purity rings are all about and if they’re right for you.

Brief History Of Purity Rings

Purity rings haven’t been around for a very long time. They originated in the 1990s and were linked to politics. During the Bush administration, STD prevention was a big focus in the U.S., so abstinence came into the spotlight.

The purity ring came about as a symbol of that abstinence, but it also had ties to religion.

During that decade, a program called “That Silver Ring Thing” came about to promote living a pure life for teenagers. This program encouraged people to commit to purity, and this idea was supported by Christian groups.

That said, purity rings don’t have to have ties to religion. You might find that you want to wear a purity ring because of your own relationship and sexual choices that have nothing to do with your religious beliefs.

What Does A Purity Ring Represent?

We’ve already mentioned that a purity ring is a symbol of commitment and waiting for the right relationship, but it also has other benefits and meanings. These include the following:

1. Making a commitment to yourself

Sometimes purity rings aren’t just about your dating choices. They can be a reminder to yourself that you’re committed to looking after yourself and making the right choices for your life according to your values.

2. Having a positive reminder when faced with difficulties

Since purity rings are commonly worn by teenagers, they can help teens remember to stay strong during periods of peer pressure. Having a purity ring with positive text engraved on it can help to keep teens committed to making healthy choices for themselves.

On What Finger Do You Wear A Purity Ring?

Purity rings are usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger. This is the same finger on which you’d wear an engagement ring or rubber wedding band, so purity rings can be replaced with those at a later stage.

Some people who wear purity rings choose to give them to the person they marry while others will keep their purity rings after they have been removed, such as by wearing them on a necklace.

Even though purity rings are usually worn on the left hand, you can choose to wear a purity ring on any other finger. Sometimes people prefer doing this so that they don’t draw attention to the ring that’s on their left hand.

What Do Purity Rings Look Like?

Purity rings usually aren’t as outlandish as engagement rings as this can cause confusion between the two types of jewelry. However, these rings can be quite varied in their design, so you can find a purity ring that suits the type of jewelry you like and wear.

However, when choosing a purity ring it’s important to take time to find the right kind of ring. Since the vow you’re taking could be a long-term commitment, you want to ensure that you wear a ring you really like and which feels practical enough for daily wear without getting in the way of activities.

For women, you can find purity rings that are made of various metals. You’ll also have to choose if you want any gemstones on them, as these can form part of purity ring designs. 

For men, popular metals for purity rings include tungsten, silver, and titanium. Some rings can also have gemstones in their design.

What about promise ring inscriptions?

It’s common for purity rings to have inscriptions on them, such as “true love waits.” These can serve to make the ring feel even more meaningful.  Other people choose to engrave their purity rings with verses from the Bible.

Sometimes symbols are engraved on the purity ring, such as the Christian cross or other symbols. Purity rings for men and women can both have inscriptions. When both parties in a relationship choose to wear the same purity ring, this can make them feel closer.

Types Of Symbols You Might See On Purity Rings

Besides for crosses, you might also choose to have these symbols on your purity ring:

1. Hearts

These symbols are used on purity rings to represent the idea of true love, so they’re quite common on this type of jewelry.

2. Keys

These symbolize the sentiment “the key to my heart.” It’s basically about choosing to wait for the person you’ll marry so you decide to remain pure until that person comes along.

3. Flowers

The use of flowers on some purity ring designs give the ring a delicate and pretty appearance, but sometimes they can also be used to symbolize innocence.

On some purity rings, you’ll find more than just one symbol. Sometimes various symbols are combined, such as a heart with a cross and key, and they can be quite detailed as well as ornate.

Why Silicone Rings Make Perfect Purity Rings

When choosing the best material for a purity ring, silicone should be considered. Here’s why it’s great for people to wear as purity rings.

1. Silicone rings are cheap to buy and replace

If you’re purchasing a purity ring for your teenager, you might not like the idea of giving them an expensive piece of jewelry because it’s impractical. But even if you’re older and purchasing a purity ring for yourself, you can find many quality silicone rings that don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket.

2. They’re durable

Although they’re cheaper, silicone rings can last a long time. This is because they’re strong and can withstand extreme heat as well as very cold temperatures. This makes them perfect for active lifestyles, and their durability also makes them a great choice for people in labor-intensive jobs who work with their hands daily, such as seamstresses, firemennurses, and mechanics.

3. They’re safe

When you wear metal rings, you risk what’s known as ring avulsion. This is a serious finger injury that occurs when your ring snags on an object, pulling your weight so hard that it can break your finger or even cause it to be ripped off. To prevent it, wear silicone rings.

They are made to break if they snag on something and many silicone rings will break when they sustain weight of about 18 pounds. So, if you get caught on something, you don’t have to worry that your finger will be hurt. This makes silicone rings safe for people of all ages.

4. They’re the perfect pre-engagement jewelry

Much has been said about how purity rings don’t promise rings or engagement rings. Their design is usually quite different from those of other rings, so why not reflect that by choosing a totally unique ring material like silicone? This is a great way to make the purity ring a unique and personalized piece of jewelry.

5. They can be engraved

You can find silicone rings in a variety of colors, designs, and with various engravings, so you don’t have to feel like by choosing not to purchase a metal ring you’re missing out on being able to have the designs you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have more questions that the article didn’t address? Well, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. We hope it helps!

1. What hand do you wear a purity ring on?

A purity promise ring band is worn on any finger the people involved choose. You can wear a purity ring on the ring finger or the middle finger of the left hand. It is also not uncommon for some people to attach theirs to a chain and wear it on their neck.

2. Are Purity Rings Good?

Purity rings are not known to be of any harm to the people involved. They are symbols of love and are used to pledge loyalty and trust to those who wear them. Purity ring band for teen help them stay strong in abstaining from sexual activities, especially when feeling pressured by their peers.

3. What is the difference between a promise ring and a purity ring?

Often, a promise ring has nothing to do with sexual purity. It can be two people who are not ready for marriage pledging themselves to each other. The purity ring, on the other hand, symbolizes sexual abstinence. Promise rings usually have an engraved promise that shows a pledge. However, this is not always the case with purity rings.

4. Can a non-Virgin wear a purity ring?

Yes, a non-Virgin can wear a purity ring. While most people wear it to signify true love waits, anyone can wear them. They are readily available at various stores, so they are easily gotten, virgin or not.

5. Can I get myself a purity ring?

Yes, you can. Traditionally, it is usually exchanged by two people in a relationship. If you have decided to stay celibate till marriage, then you can get yourself a ring band.

6. Is the band Purity Ring Religious?

The band, made up of lyricist, singer Megan James, and producer Corin Roddrick actually have nothing to do with religion.

7. Can You Stop Wearing Your Purity Ring?

You don’t have to feel that you’re stuck with wearing your purity ring if you change your mind about the vow you took. People change as they grow, so if you don’t want to wear your purity ring anymore you don’t have to.

8. What Famous People Have Worn Purity Rings?

There have been quite a few celebrities who have worn purity rings in the past. These include Selena GomezMiley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, as well as the Jonas Brothers.


Purity rings are commonly worn by teenagers who want to commit to themselves and their future partners by taking a vow of abstinence. However, anyone of any age can wear a purity ring.

In this article, we’ve looked at purity rings in greater detail, such as when it comes to how they’re worn, what designs usually appear on these rings, and why someone would choose to wear a purity ring.

If you’re considering purchasing a purity ring, think about choosing a ring made of silicone. This is not only durable and budget-friendly, but also safer to wear than metal.

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