Review of Six Shooter Shot Glasses from Bullets2Bandages

Our friends over at Bullets2Bandages pitched these Six Shooter Shot Glasses our way, so we wanted to give a rundown of their specs as well as a review of them as suitable gifts for your groomsmen and wedding party.

Our up-front take is that they’re a great fit for gifts whether you are a veteran or not, and they’re particularly good fits for shooting and hunting enthusiasts or anyone else who likes Old West-themed products. These glasses would be excellent giveaways on your wedding — they are cool and stylish and are quite easy to personalize.

You can have them custom-made with the names of your wedding party. Is your dad or your father-in-law a retired military service personnel? It does not matter because either way, they will surely fall in love with these Six Shooter Shot Glasses the moment they lay their eyes on them.


Cool Rugged Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Although not required, it is customary to have something for the groomsmen on your big day. It is a simple token to remind them that you appreciate the years of friendship.

Did we mention these are not just for weddings? Yes, you are allowed to give tokens of appreciation to your closest friends even without an occasion. These bad boys are the perfect looking-forward-to-more-drinking-nights gifts!

Six Shooter Shot Glasses Review

Review of Six Shooter Shot Glasses from Bullets2Bandages


These shot glasses are inspired by the classic Colt revolver. Bullets2Bandages patented this design to look exactly like that of the famous revolver’s cylinder. Each one of these shot glasses holds 1.25oz of your favorite liquor, and the slick design always gives you a perfect shot.

They are CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum and feature an anodized finish. They are food-grade and will not cause harm when used for drinks.

These glasses can be upgraded to add custom engraving with up to 25 unique characters per glass. Sold as pairs, you can add different engraving to each glass if desired.

These shot glasses are perfect gifts for your groomsmen, dad, dad-in-law, and even as wedding favors! This barware is a nice addition to your collection of fancy shot glasses and feels at home in your man cave.

The Pros:

  • This product comes in pairs for you and your drinking buddy.
  • It comes in elegant gift boxes which can be customized at your request.
  • It is made of food-grade aluminum with an anodized finish.
  • This shot glass accommodates 1.25oz of your favorite hard liquor.
  • Free US shipping and automatic quantity discounts when you order 4+ pairs.

The Cons:

  • These products only come in gunmetal grey (for now).
  • These are not dishwasher-safe.


Bullets2Bandages aims to provide a portion of their earnings to fund projects that will benefit veterans. This set of shot glasses is one of their most popular products and are a great gift for dads, groomsmen, or just about anyone.

They are made of anodized food-grade aluminum which will not cause harm when used to hold your favorite drink. With their unique revolver cylinder design, they will serve as a reminder of what the brave soldiers do to serve our country.

Overall, these shot glasses that come in pairs are a great buy. They are durable and do not easily break when dropped. They are perfect gifts for military men or people who are fond of military weaponry.


No other company currently offers a similar product, owing to Bullets2Bandages’ design patent for these glasses.


Whether you will be buying this set as a gift for your groomsmen, your dad, or yourself, these glasses will be enjoyed by anyone.

These shot glasses won’t break if dropped — they’re durable as well as stylish.

For Sharing

You have spent a lot of birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings, and boys-nights-out with your buddies having the times of your lives or just merely talking about life itself. Hence, drinking sessions are not all about just getting drunk and wasted. They are more about the bond that keeps getting stronger over time.

With these six shooter shot glasses, you can enjoy more of those nights only in a cooler and more stylish way. These glasses would mean so much to your buddies and will serve as a reminder of all the good times you have had. Grab a shot glass for yourself and a few for your friends!




In 2010, Cole Evans and Erik Spalding retired as Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers. Behind the scenes, they served their country well by disposing and defusing explosives in Afghanistan.

After exiting the military service, their hearts were touched, and their eyes were opened to what kind of life a veteran has. Hence, they started a small fundraiser that soon ended up as a lucrative business that reserves a hefty sum for these brave veterans.

A portion of their earning goes to projects that help improve the living condition of the veterans of war. They chose military-inspired designs for their products to raise people’s awareness about the hardships the military has to face every day to keep our country safe.

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