Groomsmen Gift Shopping On A Budget: Your Seasonal Guide

Thinking of what gifts to get your groomsmen can be overwhelming especially with all the other wedding planning aspects you need to attend to. You want to give your groomsmen, the most important and influential men in your life, special gifts that are both personal and practical, but you also do not want to burn a hole in your bank account while doing so.Being a savvy consumer will help you save big, and program assistants at the Utah State University Extension Program share that being frugal means knowing what you’re going to buy and when the best time to buy it is. That means taking advantage of season and holiday sales and not buying things at their regular price. To help you buy smart, here’s a quick seasonal shopping guide for groomsmen gifts.Spring – March to May

Skis for gifts

If you and your groomsmen are big sports fans, spring may be the best time for you to shop for gifts. Marcus states that March is the best time to buy golf and ski equipment, as most of these items are part of the sale shuffle. In other words, as March marks the end of the skiing season, most stores are looking to clear these particular items – hence the sale. Indeed, even though end-of-season sales start as early as February, most retailers make the final push to clear sports equipment by spring, so discounts on sports equipment and accessories may go up to 80%. Additionally, spring also has two holidays: Easter and Memorial Day, which means weekend sales. You can score fashionable spring clothing like suede loafers or slim fit blazers for your buddies during these sales.Summer – June to August

Clothing for Men

If you’re having a summer or beach wedding, the start and end of summer bring about huge sales for summer clothes and accessories that you can buy for your groomsmen — from breathable Oxford shirts, to classic wayfarer sunglasses.Two holidays in summer also bring in major sales, namely: Father’s Day and Fourth of July. Father’s Day sales fall in June, and a lot of possible awesome groomsmen gifts may be on sale then, such as grilling tools for your foodie buddies and gadgets for your techie friends. The Fourth of July, on the other hand, offers discounts on practically everything.

Fall – September to November

Accessories for men

Are your groomsmen wine connoisseurs? If so, then fall is the best time to get them good wine for a good price, with Forbes reporting that most vineyards offer their latest vintages and the best selections during the fall harvest season.Fall is also the best time to buy electronics, with Black Friday sales falling in November. During these sales, you can get your buddies the newest earphones or game consoles at the lowest prices.

Winter – December to February

Gifts for men

Winter offers a number of sales, such as the Christmas holiday sale, end-of-season sale, and New Year’s sale. This means that it is the best time to get you and your groomsmen matching sleek sweaters or hoodies. Another great buy during winter is fitness gear, with retailers knowing that health and wellness will be a priority for most and offering huge markdowns. A fitness tracker or gym bag would be a great groomsmen gift for your buddies who love to go the gym.You can also opt to buy electronics during winter. That’s because stores often mark items down during this season to make room for new merchandise from the International Consumer Electronics show, which is held on the first week of January. When are groomsmen gifts given? Your groomsmen are an important part of not just your wedding, but also your life. And therefore giving them thoughtful groomsmen gifts at the right time is very important. Our previous article on when to give groomsmen gifts lists several options, from as early as months before the wedding to after the ceremony itself.

Traditionally, the groom presents the gifts to his groomsmen after the wedding as a sign of appreciation. But this tradition has changed and nowadays, groomsmen gift giving is a lot less structured. So don’t feel constrained by when your wedding is — use our advice here to buy and present gifts at their optimal times.

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