Veterinary Wedding Bands: Silicone Rings for Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary Wedding Bands: Silicone Rings for Veterinary Technicians

While wearing a traditional metal wedding ring or another type of ring might look lovely, there are many jobs or professions where doing so isn’t practical. The fact that veterinary technicians spend their days working with animals is a good example of how many of these professions involve a lot of manual labor.

What are some of the duties performed by veterinary technicians or vet techs, and why are silicone rings the best choice for them? Here is a general overview:


Jobs as a Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Wedding Bands: Silicone Rings for Veterinary Technicians


Vet techs may be required to perform a variety of significant tasks that require the use of their hands. These comprise:

Administering drugs

It is common for veterinary technicians to administer various medications to animal patients, which necessitates wearing gloves and may also call for the use of syringes or an oral medication dispenser.

Providing injections

While some patients’ vet techs may administer subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous injections, others will only require medications to be administered orally with a pill gun. Again, using gloves, syringes, or pill guns—which are incompatible with wearing metal rings—might be necessary for this situation.

Repairing injuries

Some patients’ wounds may require daily saline solution or other cleansing agent cleanings by veterinary technicians. Additionally, they will be required to perform tasks like daily stitching or staple removal from an animal’s skin.

Performing X-rays

In order to diagnose and treat patients, a vet tech might need to take X-rays or other types of images every day.

In charge of anesthesia

A patient will frequently need to be sedated or given anesthesia before having surgery. It’s possible that veterinary technicians were in charge of administering the daily injections of the various medications needed for this procedure.

Other types of veterinary assistance

An animal care technician or veterinary assistant may need to use their hands in a variety of ways to assist their veterinarian with daily tasks as a primary resource. This could entail anything from helping with dental work or other procedures to bringing equipment into the operating room for surgery.

As you can see, there are many situations where vet techs need to be able to use their hands freely. Here are why silicone rings for healthcare workers are appropriate.

We’ll examine some of the benefits of silicone rings in the following sections for those in this profession who want to continue wearing a ring to work without any problems.

Fit and Comfort

Silicone rings are the best option for people who need to wear gloves every day, such as veterinary technicians because they fit snugly on the finger and pose no risk of snagging or scratching anything. Before donning their examination or surgical gloves, a person can just slip on their silicone ring; they can then take it off once they’re done working with animals.

Imagine trying to cover a metal ring with a stone like a diamond with plastic gloves. In many situations, it is simply impossible to do this because the stone will constantly rip the gloves, and the ring will only serve as another unnecessary distraction.

Flexibility and robustness

The robustness and flexibility of silicone rings are additional key advantages. While a traditional metal band might scratch or break if it bumps into something, silicone rings don’t have this problem. A silicone ring is extremely unlikely to sustain damage or crack just from normal use.

The only significant exception to this rule is if the ring gets caught on something; in that case, silicone rings are made to break off, allowing the wearer to remove their finger from it. Metal rings lack this ability and, in the worst case, could cut off circulation or even cause a finger to be amputated. Such protection is crucial for those who work in environments where their hands are frequently used.

Non-conductive and hypoallergenic

Vet techs should especially ensure their jewelry is not too heavy or irritating on their fingers because they frequently work in sterile environments and are required to wear gloves and spend time in operating rooms or other sterile areas. Silicone rings perfectly meet this requirement.

Both are hypoallergenic, and they only have the exterior color as a finish. This means that they are unable to pick up dirt or debris, which is ideal for people who need to protect their artificial nails or other sensitive skin issues.

Since silicone rings are entirely non-conductive, there is no chance of shocking someone by accidentally touching their finger or experiencing any electrical problems as a result of wearing them. Regardless of what they do on a daily basis, they are the ideal solution for veterinary technicians who need to keep their hands safe and free.

Given all these advantages, it is obvious that silicone rings are the best choice for anyone working in this industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you always wear a silicone ring?

You may, for personal preference, decide to take yours off at night or while engaging in certain activities. But after two years of testing, we have discovered that wearing a silicone ring every day is definitely possible.

Does wearing silicone rings stop degloving?

Degloving, also referred to as ring avulsion, is pretty darn terrifying. It denotes that your ring becomes stuck. The consequences can be anything from a minor bruise to a complete amputation. Climbers, woodworkers, and anyone who uses machinery should pay particular attention to it.

And while it’s ideal to take off all jewelry while engaging in these activities, we acknowledge that it’s not always possible. And a fantastic, secure substitute is a silicone wedding band.

How durable are silicone rings?

This can change based on the ring and your way of life. Having said that, our top pick has been on our finger for a good two years and still looks and feels brand new.

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